What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon

In this article, we are going to enumerate what to serve with Beef Bourguignon.

Beef Bourguignon is not just your ordinary beef stew, as others who might not be familiar with the dish might attempt to dismiss it as a fancy way of saying beef stew.

It is a French approach to what is seemingly an ordinary dish by incorporating stock, herbs, some vegetables, and red wine all braised. Mixed with beef meat, all situated in levels of deliciousness.

More than a main course, Beef Bourguignon is a masterpiece of a dish in its own right if done to perfection.

Therefore, it must be paired with equally fancy side dishes not only to give it justice as a main course.

But to further complement and amplify the eating experience as well as the taste that will linger on within the mouths of those who would eat the meals that you are going to serve.

Choosing the perfect side dish for Beef Bourguignon should not be difficult. Neither must you be complacent in going forward with this endeavour.

There are many factors that you must consider in choosing the right side dish for Beef Bourguignon.

Which are: taste, aroma, looks and aesthetics and an overall consideration of how the flavours, whether they clash or amplify, amalgamate and produce a distinctively noticeable taste. That would vibe well for you and those who you would be serving these meals to.

With this in mind, we highly encourage you to have an open mind when perusing this page for we are going to discuss dishes that we think will go well, and without further ado:

First on the list should be some Baguettes. Crusty, toasty, and fresh Baguettes.

Beef Bourguignon is in all respects to the French cuisine, a classic French dish in its own right, and what better way to complement one French classic is to pair it with another French classic: Baguettes!

Oh, won’t anyone love that sensation of you just getting your hands on a loaf of baguette, breaking it apart and just having it run over some beef sauce and eat it? Of course, you do!

Baguettes have a distinctly fresh and gentle taste, and when complemented with the richness of the flavour that Beef Bourguignon has, it will in more ways than one provide an overall fulfilling experience when eating Beef Bourguignon with baguettes as a side dish.

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Another Side Dish For Beef Bourguignon: Sautéed Green Beans!

Beans that are green, beautiful and bright go along quite perfectly with Beef Bourguignon. Green beans when sautéed have a distinctive crisp and crunch to them that goes perfectly with the stewed Beef Bourguignon’s rather moist and squishy texture, providing not just an exquisitely wonderful eating experience but a mix of flavour that seems to differentiate from one another yet complements at the same time.

Another Leafy Side Dish: Winter Kale Salad

Tasty on its own, has a rather distinct taste that would enable anyone to differentiate vegetable from meat, yet the contrasting texture and flavour seem to blend well when eaten altogether. Winter Kale Salad in this case would be a good addition as a side dish to your Beef Bourguignon, and a beckoning welcome at that.

Whether it is to be served as it is or with coleslaw as an addition, Winter Kale Salad is not only a distinctively flavourful side dish worth considering, but a healthy option at that, too!

Green Bean Potato Salad

We have discussed about green beans being a good addition by themselves for Beef Bourguignon, but what about including a more earthy flavour to further augment what can initially be offered by green beans alone?


Ah yes, just throw in some balsamic vinegar or some Dijon and toss these bad boys around, and you would have concocted green bean potato salad which in no doubt will pair well with your Beef Bourguignon.

Scalloped Potatoes with Garlic Parmesan

Beef Bourguignon is elegant not just in terms of flavour, but it is rustic, too! What better way to complement such a distinct taste but to pair it with the same standards of elegance and rustic-ness taste-wise but with scalloped potatoes with cheese?

Brussels sprouts! Roasting them, too?

Why, yes! Brussels sprouts as a vegetable side dish is an ideal pair for Beef Bourguignon, not to mention how the aftermath of you eating it with it would provide a pleasant experience… That is, if you cook it correctly!

Brussels sprouts have been a bane for many children all throughout the generations, for most of them have only eaten Brussels sprouts either steamed, boiled or worse: microwaved.

But these brussels sprouts do not need to be done so unpalatably. What you might need to amend with how you are going to approach in cooking this very delectable and healthy vegetable would be the way to cooking it: roasting.

That’s right! With just a few dashes of salt, a few teaspoons of olive oil, or even canola oil and lastly with your brussels sprouts removed of all the yellows and browns, tossed, mixed thoroughly in a salad bowl. Let them roast in a preheated oven and as it turns brown, you can immediately serve them alongside Beef Bourguignon! Honestly, it should be as easy as that.

In closing, we have discussed a couple of dishes to answer the query on what to serve with Beef Bourguignon.

We have enumerated a number of different, unique and an odd consideration of side dishes that range from baguettes, green beans, green beans with potato salad to even brussels sprouts, all of which possess qualities that are able to not only complement the elegant, rustic, wholesome and overall wonderful taste that Beef Bourguignon by itself has to offer, but simply amplify the experience of having a main course and side dish simply go hand in hand in providing flavours that simply just go well with one another.

We hope that after you have read and considered the side dishes we have mentioned, you would have come to a consensus on what you are going to serve with you Beef Bourguignon.

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