What does tofu taste like? Tips to Make it Delicious!

What does tofu taste like? Here, we will share everything we know so far about tofu, from its health benefits to lesser-known ways of cooking it.

Tofu is one of the easy to make soybean products. You will only need dry soybeans, water, and your choice of coagulant to make one from home. Traditionally, it’s made by combining the diluted coagulant like gypsum to boiled soybeans until it curdles. The soybeans are soaked overnight to expand before boiling them.

If there’s one food that’s often part of vegan dishes, it’s tofu. This is one of the best plant-based sources of protein, not to mention that it contains many vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s so easy to incorporate in any dish.

You might have tasted it before since it’s ordinary food and you can easily find it in groceries. But for people who haven’t tried it yet, tofu can be intriguing. Like, what’s with that spongy food that people love adding it into almost every dish?

Decoding the Taste and Texture of Tofu

The flavor of plain tofu is bland. Because it’s tasteless, many people don’t find it interesting. If you want to make it tasty, you have to add sauces and spices to it. There are also a few cooking techniques you can follow to take it up a notch. For example, you can press it before cooking to get rid of the excess water, allowing any flavor to be absorbed in it.

How to make tofu taste like chicken or pork? If you want to use it in place of meat, the key is to buy extra-firm tofu because its texture is close to meat. You can fry it or bake it.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering what does tofu feel like? Like what we already mentioned, it’s supposed to have a spongy feel to it. But also keep in mind that not all tofu is created equal. There are extra firm tofus made by adding less water in it.

Benefits of Eating Tofu

Now that you know what does tofu taste like, you would like to know what are the benefits of eating it? Consuming tofu regularly will help boost your protein. It’s ideal for people who want to get their protein from a plant-based diet. That’s why tofu is certified vegan food. Not only that, but tofu also boasts high amounts of dietary fiber and phytonutrients.

Compared to meat like pork and beef, tofu contains fewer amounts of fats. Pork has the most amounts of fat at 24 grams for every 4 ounces of serving. For the same amount of serving, tofu only contains 6 grams of fat.

Tofu isn’t only beneficial for cardiovascular health. It is a cheap but wholesome source of minerals. It can help in strengthening the bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Tofu can also boost immunity and lessen the chances of having high blood pressure.

Frying tofu is the easiest way to cook it. Marinating it is one way to give it extra flavor. Searching for tofu recipes you can make even when you’re on the go? if you want to be a bit more creative, here are other ways you can cook it:

Easy and Tasty Tofu Recipes

  • Baked- baking it is a healthy way to cook tofu. If you want to go vegan but want to take away fried dishes in your diet, baking your food is the best way to go. The best part about baked dishes is you don’t need to worry about the excess oil.
  • Stir-fry – for this recipe, it’s best to use firm or extra-firm tofu. Mix it with vegetables, such as broccoli, mushroom, and bell peppers. Make it a little more special by making your sauce, like sweet and chili sauce or peanut sauce.
  • Tofu sticks- craving for a crispy treat? Coat extra firm tofu in your batter, which is a mixture of flour, seasonings, and plant-based milk before rolling them in breadcrumbs. Bake it for 25 minutes at around 350F.
  • Pan-fried cakes- create a ball out of your tofu mixture, which is tofu combined with carrots and potatoes. Then fry it until you get a golden brown result. Dip it in your homemade version of spicy bean sauce.
  • Curry  – You might think tofu is boring until you try butter tofu, a dish made special by adding a lot of spices like curry powder, cayenne powder, and garlic cloves.
  • Smoothie – for a more wholesome approach of using tofu, consider adding it into smoothies. For this, it’s best to use silken type because you will get a creamy result with it.
  • Desserts – if you’re curious what does tofu taste like when you add it into sweet treats, you may want to start with tofu pudding. For this recipe, it’s best to use sullen tofu. Or if you want to take it up a notch, make your own silken tofu chocolate mousse.
  • Skewered – the secret to making this recipe delicious is in the marinade. Mix sriracha sauce with peanut butter, soy sauce, and maple syrup. Then use it to coat your sliced tofu. Firm tofu is good for grilling.


Tofu is an extremely versatile food. Although it’s bland, you can spice it up and give it the kind of flavor you desire. Just a tip, don’t forget to press your tofu before cooking it. You may also want to be particular in terms of texture, depending on your recipe. Some tofu recipes require soft while some others have a better outcome when you use a firm one.     

For those who simply enjoy tofu as it is, good for you because this soybean product is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. It’s free from cholesterol, especially if you only use a small amount of oil when cooking and it’s also low in sodium.

If you want to know how to make tofu taste like chicken or other meats, consider picking extra firm ones over the soft ones. The thing with firm tofu is it’s easy to coat and deep-fry. There are many ways to enjoy tofu, all it entails is just a bit of creativity!

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