What does tequila taste like

What Does Tequila Taste Like? Doctors Actually Recommended It In 1918!

Did you know that tequila was a doctor’s recommendation against the Spanish flu in 1918? Yes, tequila was actually used as a treatment for flu symptoms during those times. People love tequila for many of its characteristic. It is popular since, for example, if you do not open the bottle, it can be saved for many years. 

The tequila beverage comes from the blue agave plant which cultivates mainly in Guadalajara. Tequila is the main city for producing the plant of blue agave. The plant that is needed for producing tequila loves the environments of volcanoes and the soil near volcanoes. 

Interestingly enough, tequila has a patent on the term and it can only be applied to beverages produced in the county of Mexico and 51% of it is composed of blue agave. Some tequilas do not contain this exact amount of blue agave which is manifested in their cheaper prices. Since it is based on a plant, what does tequila taste like? Let’s look at some key facts on tequila and see the way it tastes.

Everything About Tequila In 4 Points

Benefits of Tequila

Although it may sound unbelievable, tequila has a lot of great benefits for our body. Of course, its consumption is recommended only to those who drink alcoholic beverages. In the past, people have used tequila for anti-inflammatory purposes to protect themselves from viruses, diseases and illnesses. For example, a case like this was during the Spanish Flu when doctors and medicine experts advised the consumption of tequila to remain safe during the challenging times. 

Tequila, since it is created from agave plant, has components of agave tequilana that improves the health of our bones. It does this through helping the absorption of many vitamins that strengthened bones such as magnesium and calcium. It also has high levels of insulin which aids in a healthy digestive system. Tequila can also have a strengthening effect on our immune system since it has large amounts of probiotics. Additionally, it has a relaxing effect for our body that can help someone with insomnia. People, however, must be careful to not become dependent on it. 

In the very past, when people went to wars, they used to treat injuries with tequila since it helped maintain the hygiene of the injury. So, if someone drinks alcoholic beverages and asks what does tequila taste like?, they should try it since they will receive many benefits. 

What does agave taste like?

We must understand the components, before we understand the whole product, right? Since half of the tequila beverage is made of agave plant, we should take a look at the taste of agave. I am sure that once you see an image of the agave plant, you will remember it forever since its leaves open sharply and in a fleshy way. The leaves are dark green and the whole plant is a lover of hot temperatures. 

Agave is not only used for tequila but also as a nectar or syrup. This happens due to its very sweet taste which reminds you of honey. The texture of agave syrup or nectar is thin and it can be used for different purposes such as in coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages and so on. It is very surprising that such an aggressive-looking plant can have such a sweet taste, right? Well, whenever someone will ask, “What does agave taste like?”, they will find it impossible that this plants tastes sweet. 

You should be careful in using the agave as a sweetener in different drinks. Although it is healthier than regular sugar, it can cause injuries to your oral health. 

What does tequila smell like?

A lot of people like to smell something before they try it. This gives a sign to them whether their body will accept it or not. Before trying it, you should be aware of many risks. Some people are prone to form addictions to alcoholic beverages so you have to be careful when consuming tequila. Those who can and want to drink tequila might ask: what does tequila smell like? Well, they do not have to wonder for long since the smell of tequila can be felt even from a longer distance. 

The smell of tequila has three categories such as the primary, secondary, and tertiary smell. The first one refers to the smell that originates from the agave plant used in tequila production. The second one refers to smells that arise from the preparation process which is rather fruity and sweet. The third one refers to the smells that come from the storing process which can be described as spicy and sweet. So, the smell of tequila is a mix of all of these. 

How to drink tequila?

The taste of tequila will depend on the place the plant was grown and its type. We differentiate three main tequila types, namely blanco, joven, reposado, anejo and extra anejo. All of these has a sweet taste coupled with a fruity one but they differ on the way they are produced. Now that you know everything about tequila, you might be wondering how to drink tequila. 

There are many ways in which you can drink tequila. You can drink it purely, from the bottle. Since the taste of it is very strong, you might have to wait for longer time to be able to finish the drink. Another way to drink tequila is to purchase older tequilas. You can also drink it coupled with other drinks such as sangrita in Spain. You can also take tequila shots coupled with salt and lemon. 


Tequila has been around for a long time. People used tequila for different purposes in the past, especially for reducing inflammation and protecting themselves from viruses and bacteria. Even doctors and medical experts advised citizens to drink the beverage to keep their immunity strong. Tequila is made of the agave plant which is grown in many regions of Mexico. Although its look seems aggressive, the plant itself has a very sweet taste.

Whenever someone asks, “what does tequila taste like?”, they should remember that the sweet taste of the plant is passed onto the beverage too. Other factors that determine its taste are the place the agave plant is from, the type of tequila and the years it spent on storage. Besides its taste, tequila has many benefits in its nutritional value which contributes to our overall health. It is still considered to be a popular alcoholic beverage which is consumed in many ways. 

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