What does taro taste like? 4 Amazing facts about taro

One such root vegetable of particular interest is taro. However, one major thing to consider before eating one is whether or not the taste is one you would like. What does taro taste like? Can it really be anything more than just a vegetable? Continue reading to find out what makes this vegetable a unique addition to your dishes.

Vegetables can actually be very interesting. Vegetables can be leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, or root vegetables, among others. They come in many shapes and sizes. The variety in which you can choose a side dish to go with your dinner meal or any other type of dish is as endless as the sea’s horizon.

Root vegetables, in particular, grow underground which allows them to readily absorb all the nutrients present in the soil. These differ from other types of vegetables that grow above ground but still contain a lot health benefits.

1. Quick Facts About Taro

Taro originally grew on the soils of Asia, but has since been distributed around the world. Its exterior is a mix of light and dark brown colors, and looks similar to the skin of Ginger. Though majority of its exterior is brown, some purple specks can be seen throughout its skin. It is a tropical plant. Which means that it grows best in countries that are closer to the equator with ample heat and rain.

Taro also has a lot of nutritional benefits. Taro contains a vast number of vitamins and minerals. Such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Potassium, and Phosphorus, to name a few. Because of all these, those who eat Taro may experience healthier levels of blood sugar. Lower risks of heart disease.

But what does Taro taste like as a vegetable?

Alone, the taste of Taro most closely resembles that of sweet potato or plain potatoes. Like sweet or plain potatoes, its taste is not as distinct as other vegetables, which makes it very susceptible to absorbing the tastes of surrounding flavors and spices. This vegetable works well with a lot of dishes, and has even been added to other types of food like ice cream or milk tea!

2. Taro in food – what does taro ice cream taste like

Ice cream is one of the most (if not the most) loved dessert of all time. The cold, delectable and refreshing dessert that – quite literally and figuratively – melts in your mouth is a dessert that everyone has definitely heard of at some point in their life. From chocolate and vanilla to out-of-this-world flavors like black sesame and barley, ice cream has been growing in diversity over the years.

One unique and significant ice cream flavor that seems to be a healthy alternative to regular flavors like chocolate and vanilla is Taro ice cream. Does it really exist? What does taro ice cream taste like? Is it even good?

Taro ice cream is definitely real and it definitely exists. Some have had the opportunity to try Taro ice cream, and describe its taste that is similar to ube but not quite the same. It has a nutty, sweet, and starchy flavor to it, and is definitely a unique eating experience. Taro ice cream can come in different shades of purple or pink, which makes it look almost like ube ice cream.

3. Taro in food – what does taro mochi taste like

Taro can be added a lot of different food, and can be processed in a way that produces well-loved desserts or dishes. One such dessert is the famous Japanese rice cake called Mochi. Mochi is created by combining short-grain glutinous rice with other ingredients like water, sugar and cornstarch, and pounding it until it becomes a paste that can easily be formed. What does taro mochi taste like?

Like ice cream, Mochi comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors – even colors! Taro Mochi is one wherein the exterior still consists of regular short-grain glutinous rice, but the interior is filled with Taro-flavoured filling. The end result is peppered with a dash of powdered sugar to add to the dessert’s sweetness.

4. Taro in food – what does taro tea taste like

Tea is one of the more versatile drinks available. It is a well-loved drink by many because of the number of flavors and health benefits it offers. One variety in which tea has been used is the creation of milk tea. Milk tea is also a popular drink among the younger generation, and is considered to be a bit sweeter than the original tea drink. It utilizes a mix of certain amounts of milk, sugar, and a type of tea chosen. Different types of food may be added to milk tea, such as taro. What does taro tea taste like?

Since the milk tea itself is already sweet, and because taro is known to be a mild-tasting root vegetable, taro tea itself tastes sweet. When you drink it, hints of the starchy and potato-like taste of taro makes the taro milk tea a very distinctive flavor. Being able to choose a variety of flavors while getting the health benefits of certain vegetables like taro is definitely a hug plus when it comes to trying out drinks like milk tea.


To answer questions like “What does taro taste like?” Or even its variations such as ice cream or tea really depends on the familiarity with certain flavors like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Getting curious about flavors and tastes of certain root vegetables is a good idea for those who want to stay healthy and fit. Eating taro has a lot of benefits, since it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Because the taste of taro is also very mild and sweet, this vegetable goes well with a lot of types of food, especially sweet drinks or desserts. The taro vegetable can readily absorb the taste that other ingredients may add, though the final product will still contain traces of sweetness and starchiness. Taro can even be added to specific types of desserts like mochi, to create a unique mix of flavors and to spice things up for a lot of people.

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