What Does Red Bull Taste Like – The 4 Things You Need to Know About Red Bull

What does red bull taste like? One essential activity that most people take for granted and never really think about. Is the fact that we need to drink water to quench our thirst everyday. In fact, feeling thirsty and quenching that thirst is a constant state that we all experience as living, breathing humans. But what happens when water won’t cut it?

Energy drinks are a favorite alternative to those who need just that: ENERGY. They provide both mental and physical stimulation, and come in a variety of tastes. A good example of an energy drink which has been gaining popularity is Red Bull. Red Bull is an energy drink that provides the stimulation that busy workers – or even athletes – need at certain moments in time. But one major question that needs to be answered is: what does red bull taste like? Is it sweet, bitter, or too hard to identify? Read on to find out!

4 Tastes of Red Bull – Does it really taste like cough syrup?

1. It sounds like an alcoholic drink – does red bull taste like alcohol?

Energy drinks like Red Bull are usually purchased. Consumed by those who would want to quench their thirst with something other than water. Sometimes, it feels good to chug down a good and energy-packed drink. That gives you the energy you need to get on with a dreary day. Most people who have never tried Red Bull would ask, does Red Bull taste like alcohol?

The answer to that question has been answered by some Red Bull drinkers with a resounding “YES!” One might wonder whether the alcohol that the energy drinkers were referring to was the hand-rubbing alcohol or alcohol in alcoholic drinks. It’s probably safe to consider that they were thinking about alcohol in alcoholic drinks. After all, drinking hand-rubbing alcohol doesn’t seem like the best idea.

But does it really taste like alcohol? It seems like a radical idea since even the smell of hand-rubbing alcohol is potent in itself. Though having that kind of comparison may explain why energy drinks like Red Bull. Can really pack a punch when it comes to mental and physical stimulation.

2. It looks like beer, but does Red Bull taste like beer?

Beer is one of the most popular drinks consumed by man since time immemorial. It is also one of the oldest drinks ever invented, with its origins beginning in drinks created by farmers who harvested barley. The most distinct flavor of beers is its bitterness. Aside from coffee, beer is known to be a drink that gets better with time, despite the strong taste it leaves in your mouth. If Red Bull looks like beer, then does Red Bull taste like beer?

Red Bull is an energy drink that closely resembles beer in terms of the way it looks and feels. It has the same shade of yellow or brown colored liquid that beer has, and it is also similarly carbonated. When the can is opened, it also lets out the same fizzled sound that beer cans make when they are opened.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to most that Red Bull would be most likened to beer when describing its taste. It looks the same, sounds the same, and feels the same, so it must taste like beer, right? In any case, this would be good news for all the beer-lovers out there looking to have the same energy that beer brings about, without the drunken effects of alcohol and having a bottle too many.  

3. From Sweet tarts to Cough Syrup

For those who don’t know what beer and alcohol taste like, the question still remains: what does Red Bull taste like? Aside from the descriptions and comparisons to alcoholic drinks, those who have tasted Red Bull would describe it using a range of other common household food and drinks – even medicine!

One of the dishes used to describe the taste of Red Bull are sweet tarts. Sweet tarts are common dinner party desserts that are baked and formed with a variety of tastes. Some of the tastes include chocolate tarts, lemon tarts, or just plain sweet tarts. Drinks have also been created to mimic the taste of sweet tarts, and have a tangy mix of sweet and sour. This dessert is a balance of flavors, which is why some would use it to describe the taste of Red Bull.

Cough syrup, on the other hand, is open to numerous interpretations. Cough syrup can be sweet, delicious, or bitter and disgusting to drink. It really depends on the type of cough syrup chosen by the person down with the flu, but in most instances, common cough syrups are known to be more sweet than sour, though the sourness might still be present. Similar to sweet tarts, some people would use cough syrup to describe what Red Bull tastes like since cough syrup is a balance between tastes.

4. Does it have sugar? What does sugar free red bull taste like?

In today’s age where most people are conscious about their health, some people would ask: what does sugar free Red Bull taste like? Red Bull does have a sugar-free option, but the original Red Bull drink contains sugar, making it a sweet and sour drink that tastes like beer, sweet tarts, and cough syrup.

Since sugar is known to balance out the sweet and bitter tastes of the Red Bull drink, a sugar-free Red Bull drink might be less sweet than its original predecessor. This isn’t to say that it won’t be as distinct as the original-flavored Red Bull, but having less sugar does mean less sweetness. For those looking for a healthier alternative, drinking a sugar-free Red Bull would definitely be the better choice. 


Everyone needs their fair share of drinks to tide over the thirst of certain rigorous activities. When water won’t be enough to quench one’s thirst, people turn to Energy drinks such as Red Bull. However, first-time drinkers will always want to ask: what does Red Bull taste like? Is it sweet? Is it sour? Does it really taste like cough syrup? The answer to that question can be made in multiple ways, such as using beer, sweet tarts or even something as distinct as cough syrup, to describe it. No one size fits all, since describing the taste of such a potent drink is subject to the abilities of the describer to compare one taste from another. One fact is for certain: Red Bull’s taste is definitely not monotonous. Drinking it will bring about more than any single flavor. It’s no wonder why some drinkers prefer energy drinks over water.

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