What does moonshine taste like

What Does Moonshine Taste Like?

You may think that moonshine whisky was initially a legally distilled spirit when you hear of its name; others say moonshine drink has a possibility of causing blindness if taken. All these beliefs are not right at all.

Nowadays, many people use moonshine as whiskey. You can add moonshine to other drinks for flavors that suit your preference and taste. Why is moonshine illegal? It’s because it has high alcoholic content. That’s why it is illegal to drink in many countries until recently; the drink has turned tables to become a popular drink.

So what is the story behind moonshine drink?

Moonshine is a drink many people do at home, and it has a transparent color. What does moonshine taste like? Moonshine is a highly alcoholic drink with a corn base. There are many beliefs surrounding moonshine. People believed that moonshine causes death, paralysis, or loss of vision some years back. Nevertheless, whisky has turned into a favorite liquor for many people around the world, and governments levied taxes on its production because many people drink.

In the US, moonshine was introduced by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Its demand has skyrocketed, making moonshine a good source of revenue for governments.  Its popularity is attributed to many governments in the world legalizing it for commercial brewing. The government’s actions made it more famous, and now you can find moonshine whiskey in homestead than in the markets.

You now find moonshine in bar and alcohol outlets because it is now a legal drink, but some outlets restrict or rations the amount sold to an individual.  It is enshrined in the law the maximum limit sold to an individual. And manufacturers must meet minimum standards to manufacture moonshine. That is why moonshine drinks are often quality and high-end. 

What does moonshine taste like?

You will find moonshine lately in whiskey bottles, while the homemade option is in the corned base bottle. The homemade moonshine whiskey has high alcoholic content similar to that of 151 rums. So you are wondering,  what does moonshine taste like, really? If you have tasted the rum before, what do you think moonshine taste like? What does illegal moonshine taste like? If you know how these taste, you have a rough idea of how moonshine whiskey tastes like most moonshine made traditionally have earthly flavors.

If you are lucky to have tasted different moonshine whiskey varieties, you know not all flavors are the same. Every company tries its best to outdo the other in quality, taste, and flavors. 

The most popular moonshine whiskey includes:

  • Tim smiths climax moonshine distilled from rye, malted barley, and corn. The whisky tastes smooth because of the mixture of spicy and sweet flavors.
  • Midnight moon moonshine whiskey, how to make moonshine whiskey, use corn, have its flavor not such intense, but it tastes like vodka.
  • When making it, Hudson New York corn whiskey uses york corn; hence its flavor will be rich in corn taste.
  • Kings country distillery moonshine, its taste is very savory, and it contains a corn flavor taste.

Best ways to drink moonshine

You can take moonshine with vodka, cocktail, and Jack Daniels because moonshine whiskey is highly versatile. These ways include:

Lemonade: Addicts can enjoy moonshine more comfortably with lemonade because of the strong taste flavor of moonshine; hence it neutralizes the flavor; you can also make a summer drink by mixing moonshine in ice cubes with lemonade.

Coke: moonshine contains cola taste; hence you can enjoy it as a coke whiskey.

Pickle juice: If you are a fan of drinking moonshine, you may find it suitable to take a sip of pickle juice; this helps to neutralize the burn which is caused by the moonshine whiskey; this is most favorable for the first learners to whiskey drinks.

Sweet Vermont: You can mix Vermont with your moonshine if you want to have a more potent drink. 

Benefits of drinking moonshine

  • If you drink moonshine whiskey in the right quantity, it is the best since it has no fat content.
  • Drinking moonshine whiskey decreases cancer chances because whiskey contains antioxidants that destroy malignant cells that cause cancer.
  • Drinking moonshine leads to fewer calorie intake because it has low amounts of calories than beers; this makes it the best drink for people who want to reduce weight but still want to enjoy alcohol.
  • If you drink moonshine whisky, your body benefits with energy. The reason is; whisky contains a certain amount of carbohydrates in a low quantity.
  • Drinking moonshine whiskey will decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body, reducing the chances of suffering from stroke and getting dementia. It reduces the chances diabetes and reduces blood clots in the bloodstream.

Dangers of moonshine whiskey

You may not determine whether your moonshine drink contains methanol substances with your first sip; it is until methanol metabolize, leading to permanent damage to the optic nerve, and you may go blind. If you take moonshine whisky in less quantity, you experience hangovers.

If you have initially suffered from an alcoholic disorder and your doctor advises you to avoid alcoholic based drinks, then taking moonshine whiskey is dangerous too.


What does moonshine taste like? The moonshine whiskey’s taste differs from one company to another due to competition for market share and popularity. Every company ups their game to remain on top; hence high-quality whiskey with tasty flavors is produced.

What does illegal moonshine taste like? Do you notice that homemade moonshine whiskey has an earthly flavor and a high burn?

You may think that moonshine is a legal drink why moonshine is illegal for your information, despite its popularity because most don’t follow the procedures required to have the mandate to manufacture the moonshine whiskey. If you want to make moonshine, it is upon you to search for what suits you among the varieties. And remember, they have different alcoholic content.

You can drink moonshine whiskey in different ways, choose the best way you love among the following; drink with lemonade,  pickle juice, coke, or sweet Vermont to reduce the high burn of the moonshine whisky.

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