What does jicama taste like

What Does Jicama Taste Like? Did You Know It Is Very Similar To Potato?

For those people who live outside the Americas may find it difficult to know that jicama is at all. Jicama is a vegetable that forms in the root of the plants. It originates from Mexico and its main production country is Mexico to this day. Although their main species grows in Mexico, other species can occur across the Americas as well. The plants itself grows beautiful white or blue flowers which can be seen just above the soil. 

The jicama plant usually form vines which can reach heights up to 16 feet. The only thing jicama does not like is frost so they cultivate only in warm areas. However, if you cannot produce jicama, you can buy them throughout the year in the supermarkets which are most probably imported from South America. So, for all of those who do not have the chance to taste it, are you wondering what does jicama taste like? Well, let’s see the way jicama tastes and other key information regarding this vegetable

What Do We Need To Know About Jicama? 

Benefits of Jicama

Why do we eat jicama? Does it provide any benefits for our body? Yes, it does. Its nutritional value is very high which can help our health in many ways. It contains large amounts of fiber which helps our body get rid of toxins and other harmful agents. Additionally, jicama has a lot of water in it which together with fiber helps maintain the weight you desire if you are on a diet. 

Jicama has large amount of vitamin C which contributes to a strong immune system, protecting us from viruses and bacteria. It is also very rich in antioxidants which help reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases in our body. It also helps us reduce the symptoms of stress which protects our cardiovascular system from deteriorating. 

Potassium is present in jicama that helps us maintain a normal level of blood pressure, helping us to feel energetic and healthy. Jicama also helps our digestive system to function properly and in a healthy way. So, next time you ask what does jicama taste like, think about all of its benefits as well. It is very worth to include it in our diet.  

What does jicama look like?

For those of us who have never seen or eaten jicama, it is very hard to imagine the way they look. Our imagination most likely imagines a never-seen form of a vegetable. So, when we ask, “What does jicama look like?” we rarely think that jicama actually looks exactly like a potato. It has a brown skin on the exterior while on the interior the meat of the vegetable is actually whiter instead of yellow. The texture of the jicama also resembles that of potatoes since it is crunchy. 

How to eat jicama?

I know there are people who do not like to cook. They would rather eat out or order from restaurants. They might also like veggies or fruits that can be prepared easily so that they save time but get a lot of nutrients into their body. So, how to eat jicama without spending too much time and energy?

I have some good news. You can eat raw jicama without adding anything to it or cooking it in any way. Additionally, you can eat it with sauces or spices, based on your preferences. The easiest way to eat it is to just remove the skin off of it, cut it into slices or stick, and eat it. If you are about to eat it this way, you might ask what does jicama taste like? It actually is similar to potato’s crunchy texture but it has two other flavors mixed into it: sweetness and nuttiness. There are people who feel like jicama is just a mix of a peach and potato, with all its crunchiness and juiciness. 

An important thing to know is that raw jicama contains all of the above-mentioned benefits for our body. So, it is highly recommended to eat it this way. 

Why does my jicama taste sour?

Many people, after getting a lot of courage, decide to try jicama. They bought the vegetable for cheap price in a supermarket and they thought they would give it a try. As soon as they try it, they notice a sour aftertaste in their mouth and they get disgusted from it. So, they decide to forget about jicama forever. This, however, should not make the person generalize for all of jicamas. You might ask, “Why does my jicama taste sour?” Well, there is an answer to this. 

Jicama’s taste is sweet thus if you do not feel this, you should know that jicama has probably gone bad. This might have happened if you bought it in a store since they sell these at lower prices. It might also happen due you storing it for more than two weeks since jicama goes bad after that many weeks. 

Other signs of bad jicama might be the smell of it. Even without eating it, you can feel a vinegar-like smell coming out of it which is a sign of a bad jicama. Additionally, the look of it might also reveal if jicama is bad. For example, if you see mold spots on it, you should throw it away. 


Although jicama might be unknown to many European countries, it is widely used in the Americas. The reason is that jicama loves warm temperatures and it cultivates only in warm soil. Even if jicama does not grow at your country or city, you might ask, “What does jicama taste like?” The unique characteristic of jicama is that it is a sweet vegetable but with other characteristics such as juiciness and crunchiness. This is why a lot of people believe that it is very similar to potatoes. 

The reason jicama is widespread is due to its high nutritional value. With its huge amounts antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fibers, it is the ideal vegetable to consume that strengthens our overall health. You can it in raw or together with sauces and spices that add more taste to it. If you put it in the refrigerator, cold jicama becomes a very delightful snack. So, next time you are in the Americas, you know which vegetable to try. 

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