What does hummus taste like

What Does Hummus Taste Like? Around Since the 13th Century!

In whatever continent you live in, you might be a consumer or you, for sure, know consumers of hummus. Hummus is loved and eaten all around the world, and although its place of origin is uncertain, it has been consumed since the 13th century. It is among the few dishes that is similarly prepared all around the world except for a few ingredients that can be exchanged. 

Hummus belongs to the categories of dips and spreads. They are prepared by mashing chickpeas together and adding different ingredients such as garlic, tahini and lemon. Based on many references, hummus most likely came from the Middle East but it has become popular almost everywhere recently. You can buy it anywhere and with different flavorings. 

Hummus can be a great complementary dip or spread for different dishes at home such as for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as snacks throughout the day. Since there are many varieties of the dip out there, what does hummus taste like? Well, let’s look at the different facts surrounding hummus and its taste. 

Different Facts on Hummus

Is hummus good for you?

Since hummus is consumed widely around the world, is hummus good for you? Answering in a short way: yes. Hummus contains a large amount of nutritional value for people who consume it. It has high values of proteins and all of protein amount comes from the plants which is an ideal way to gain proteins for vegans and vegetarians as well. It is important to consume foods with high protein amounts since they can contribute to the growth of our muscles and strengthening of our immune system. 

Hummus is an excellent source of antioxidants that contribute in regenerating damaged cells in our body. It also helps us with inflammation which lasts for longer than normal time. The main ingredient that aids in the anti-inflammatory process is the olive oil. Tahini, also, helps in keeping the overall health of our body. 

Hummus is rich in fibers which contributes to a healthy digestive system. It can help keep a bacteria in your digestive system that is healthy for you and your digestion. Hummus has ingredients that do not increase the sugar levels in your blood. In addition, all of these contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system which decreases the chances of heart diseases.  

What is hummus made of? 

Depending on where you live, hummus can have different ingredients despite the similarity that the hummus has all around the world. So, what is hummus made of? The most important ingredient of hummus is chickpeas which are produced in Middle East. Chickpeas require low amount of water to harvest and they have been around for almost 8,000 years. They contain high amount of proteins which are beneficial for our body. 

Another ingredient of hummus is tahini which originates from sesame seeds and it is healthy for our body. Tahini is mainly used as part of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Extra virgin olive oil is another ingredient of hummus. This is the most important ingredient that determines the quality of the hummus. It also adds great nutritional value to the hummus which benefits our body’s overall health. Other ingredients are garlic, lemon and salt. 

As you can see, all of the ingredients are healthy for our body which makes hummus beneficial for our body as well. Apart from the hummus being delicious, you will also get a healthy dip or spread as part of your diet. 

What does hummus go with?

There are a lot of people that ask: what does hummus go with? The great news is that you can eat hummus in countless ways, paired with countless veggies, breads or chips. This is what people mostly love about hummus: it is extremely healthy but also can be eaten with anything you want. 

Firstly, you can use it together with different vegetables. The favorite vegetables that people love to pair with hummus are broccoli, carrots or cauliflower. You can slice these veggies and simply dip them into hummus, and you can eat them. You can either eat them during a dish or as a healthy snack. Secondly, you can use it as a dip for different kinds of chips. This is a great snack for movie nights or simple snacks throughout the day. Some even use hummus as a dip for different fruits, mainly for apples. 

You can use it as a spread for toasts and sandwiches. On top of toasts and sandwiches, you can put veggies and other ingredients. Sometimes, people can use it as a sauce such as for pasta.

What does hummus taste like?

There are a lot of people who cannot stand chickpeas so they stay away from hummus as well. Well, you should ask what hummus tastes like so you will be informed that hummus’ taste is so much different from chickpeas. Hummus is creamy which means that it will melt in your mouth. The texture itself will remind you of other dips such as mayonnaise but hummus is more nutritional than mayonnaise. 

Hummus will have a strong taste in your mouth mainly due to the garlic ingredient in it. This, however, can change. If you mix other ingredients together, the whole flavor of hummus will change. This makes it exciting since if you do not like plain hummus, you can buy hummus with other ingredients. 


The world’s most popular dip and spread, hummus, has a very long history. It has existed since the 13th century with the base ingredient, chickpeas, being around for almost 8,000 years. Hummus can be found all around the world, independent of the culture or continent you live in. The biggest advantage of hummus is that you can find it in different flavors and all of them have high nutritional value for our body. You can find huge amounts of protein, antioxidants, and other nutrients in hummus which contribute to a greater overall health. 

Many ask: what does hummus taste like? Well, hummus changes its flavor based on the ingredients that are mixed in it. So, even if someone does not like chickpeas, you can actually eat and enjoy hummus since its taste changes when you mix ingredients together. You can use hummus in different ways such as dips for vegetables, chips or as a spread for sandwiches, toasts. Some also use hummus as a sauce for different dishes. 

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