What Does Guava Taste Like – You Will Never Guess the 4th One!

What does guava taste like? Fruits are one of the most important types of food that are important for nutrition. They can be a nutritious source of potassium, vitamin C, and other antioxidants. That are good for the skin and body. They also have a range of colors, tastes, and shapes. Are available in fruit stands, markets or even in trees growing in someone’s backyard.

Guava is a green-colored fruit that is known to provide a lot of benefits to whoever loves eating them. It has a lot of vitamin C, which means that it can boost your immune system and keep your cells healthy. With all these benefits, is Guava something that should be included in your daily diet? And more importantly, what does Guava taste like? Does it taste like Papaya? Or something else entirely? Getting know what Guava tastes like can open possibilities to getting the benefits from eating this fruit.

4 Things To Answer The Question: “What Does Guava Taste Like”

1. Basic Facts of Guava

Fruits, in general, are highly nutritious and beneficial to those who want to stay healthy, since they provide more than just one type of vitamin or nutritional value, all while maintaining a low caloric count. Fruits can also be eaten during any time of the day, since they always taste fresh and sweet – of course, provided they are ripe for the taking.

Guava is a fruit that mostly grows in tropical countries, and is green in color with a red center. Like all fruits, Guava also comes with seeds in the middle of a smaller size as compared to seeds of fruits like Mangoes and Avocados. When ripe, Guavas smell sweet and fruity, and are soft on the nose. However, unripe Guavas don’t smell as good, and have been described to emit a musky smell similar to the smell in locker rooms.

Guava also lowers the risk of cancer, since it provides cells with the amount of vitamins and oxidants it needs to grown into healthier cells. It can also be an added benefit to healthy hearts, since it helps regulate blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Despite its benefits, the question still remains, what does Guava taste like?

2. Dragon Fruits and Papayas – What does Dragon Fruit Taste like?

Fruits are known to taste similar to other fruits, since most of them taste sweet and fruity. Oftentimes, rare fruits are compared to more common fruits for people to get an idea of how rare fruits taste like. Comparing Guava with another fruit to determine what Guava tastes like is a good way to describe its taste. One fruit that is usually compared to guava is the Dragon Fruit. What does dragon fruit taste like?

Dragon fruits are similar to Guavas since they are also considered tropical fruits. They originated from Mexico and America, and are known to have a sweet and tropical taste. Dragon fruits are red in color from the exterior, and white in the interior. They also have the same nutritional-packed benefits that fruits commonly provide.

It’s common to ask whether fruits like Dragon Fruits and Guavas taste sweet or sour, since everyone has a preference when it comes to tastes. Dragon Fruits are likened to Guavas and vice versa since they are both found and grown in tropical islands, and are sweet and fruity.

3. What does Papaya taste like?

Another comparison that may come to mind by those who eat fruit is that of Papaya. Papaya also originated from the Americas, and has a yellow or green exterior with a yellow interior. Papaya also has numerous small seeds in the middle, similar to Dragon Fruit. But, what does Papaya taste like? Unlike Guava and Dragon Fruit, Papaya has a milder flavor to it. It cannot really be likened to either Guavas or Dragon Fruits, since Papayas have a creamier and less sweet flavor. Despite its less flavorful description, Papayas have a distinct smell that some may describe or liken to feet.

However, Papaya also has a lot of health benefits. It is also a low-caloric snack or dessert, that boasts vitamin contents of Vitamin A and C. It also contains Potassium and contains a lot of antioxidants that are said to reduce stress and even liver disease. Similar to Guavas, Papayas also provide heart benefits by protecting the production of good cholesterol.

All in all, in comparing fruits such as Papayas, Guavas and Dragon Fruits, it is clear that their sweet and tropical tastes coupled with their health benefits provide good sources of nutrition coupled with good taste.

4. Guava Tastes like Vomit

Despite its description being a sweet and tropical fruit, some would still say that Guava tastes like vomit. Using the taste of vomit to describe a certain taste means that the particular food being described is definitely not one you would want to taste. Like most food on the market, the taste and preference of each consumer will definitely differ, as in the case of Guavas.

A description such as, “Guava tastes like vomit” is also something that other would disagree upon, since those who love the fruit would describe it as something sweet and fruity that tastes better knowing that it adds a lot of nutritional value to your system.


Fruits like Guava, Papaya and Dragon Fruit are common fruits that most people have eaten or heard about. But for those who have never had Guava, comparing it to Papaya and Dragon Fruit – or even vomit – helps in answering the question, “What does Guava taste like?” It may taste sweet and delicious to others, but it may also taste like vomit to some. It really is a matter of opinion when it comes to fruits. Luckily, no matter the taste of fruit you choose, most, if not all, provide a lot health and nutritional benefits which help in boosting one’s immune system, such as Vitamins A and C. The taste of Guava is something to consider, and being able to describe its taste may help in convincing others to try it. Guava is almost readily available in most stores, and is a fruit that provides numerous benefits to the consumer.

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