What Does Goose Taste Like

What Does Goose Taste Like? More Like Chicken Or Turkey? Or None?

Many people cannot believe that we can eat goose. Some other people also mix it with a duck since they look awfully similar. But what is a goose? Goose belongs to the group of birds that are waterfowl so they love and use water often in their life. They can belong to either the Anser group or Branta group. Anser refers to white and grey goose while Branta refers to black goose. Their bird family is called Anatidae

How do we differentiate goose from duck? Well, there is one visible and one non-visible difference. The first one is that goose has much longer neck than ducks. The other one is that goose has fewer bones in its neck than ducks. Another difference is, of course, their taste. Although they are extremely similar in appearance, the way they taste is much different. Let’s see what does goose taste like. 

Facts On What Does A Goose Taste Like

Goose Meat Facts

A lot of people describe goose meat as being similar to chicken meat in taste. However, it is the contrary. The goose meat is actually much darker in appearance. It also is much tastier than turkey or chicken meat. When looking at its components, we can say that goose meat has more fat and calories than turkey or chicken meat. So, it is more similar to red meat. 

Goose meat contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that benefit our body. It has a lot of protein which helps us strengthen our muscles. Goose meat gives us iron which is very beneficial to keep our blood healthy which determines our overall health. It also has a lot of vitamins such as vitamin B6 which helps us maintain the health of our skin and hair. 

What does domestic goose taste like?

Domestic goose refers to geese that people keep at their home as a source of food for different purposes. They can prepare meet out of it but they also keep them for their eggs. On the contrary, geese that are not kept by people are referred to as wild geese. According to some people, there is a difference in the way these two taste. 

Wild geese is much harder to prepare since its collagen amount is much higher. This collagen makes the meat chewier and harder to prepare. When you cook it, you will need a lot of hours to prepare it in an ideal way. Also, to make it flavorful, you need to add a lot of spices and herbs so that you can enjoy it. The meat still resembles to red meat more than chicken or turkey meat.

If people taste wild goose meat as their first time, they become reluctant to try the domestic goose meat. They wonder what does domestic goose taste like or differ from the wild goose meat. In the case of domestic goose, the meat is much smoother. The preparing time is shorter and you do not need to mix many add-ins to make it tastier. Additionally, domestic goose has a natural juicy texture which makes the meat much more delicious. 

Roast goose: how do we do it?

Interestingly, roast goose is not very popular in the US while it is widespread in European countries. For example, in Great Britain people eat roast goose as a symbol for a victory of their navy during the 1580s. Also, in Germany, people roast goose and eat it during Christmas. Overall, in Europe, roast goose is a regular dish on the tables. 

The key things that make goose meat different from others is that it takes more time to cook than, for example, chicken or turkey. The general principle when choosing goose is to find a younger one since its meat is more delicious. It is a good idea to plan ahead and leave your goose in hot water for some minutes and leave it on the fridge for up to two days. 

You may also prepare different stuffing if you want to prepare it together with the goose. Another good news is that you can use the fat of the goose as oil to roast the goose in. When you want to roast it, make sure to remove the fat of the goose and put salt and pepper on it. Afterwards, you just have to put it in the over in a high temperature. Wait until it is cooked and until you can eat it. 

Why don’t we eat geese?

When people ask: why don’t we eat geese?, there may be many reasons. If you live in Canada or near Canada, you might see less geese due to trials to reduce their numbers. Canadian geese are a threat to airplanes since they are a cause of many airplane collision when they fly. Due to the huge population, Canada was forced to reduce the number of geese for the safety of people and airplanes. 

If you are in a household that does not eat goose meat, that might be due to the huge amounts of fat it contains. This fat can be very damaging to your body, especially to your cholesterol levels. Other reasons might be that in some cultures, there simply is not a tradition to eat goose meat. 


Although not widespread in every region of the world, goose meat can be very delicious and full of nutrients for our body. It is mainly present in the dishes of European countries, especially Germany and the United Kingdom. Those who have not tasted goose meat so far always wonder: What does goose taste like? There is a popular belief that goose is similar in taste to chicken or turkey. However, this is far from true. It resembles to red meat’s taste much more than chickens or turkeys. 

When selecting what kind of goose to roast and eat, you must go with the younger ones since their meat is much juicier. Additionally, domestic goose taste much better than wild goose due to its meat being darker and juicier. A thing to be careful of is the amount of fat goose meat contains. This can be very dangerous to our health, especially if the fat is not taken out properly or goose meat is consumed commonly. 

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