What Does Geoduck Taste Like

What Does Geoduck Taste Like? – Looks Odd but Tastes Wonderful!

Are you a big fan of seafood? Are you currently craving some? Sure, just go to your favorite market and buy some fishes that you usually buy but why don’t you want to try something brand new? Something exotic like geoduck? You probably might wonder what is even a geoduck. What does geoduck taste like? Worry not as we will answer these questions you have in mind and explain why we are suggesting geoduck for you to try!

First of all, geoduck is pronounced as “gooey duck” and it is not related to any types of ducks at all. In fact, they are renowned as the biggest burrowing clam in the world and one of the longest living animals that has an average life span of 140 years. On the other hand, they might look really strange for a clam but remember that there is always an important function behind it. Read on as we expose more facts about geoducks!

What Is Geoduck?

Native Pacific Northwest and Western Canadian coasts, geoducks are described in anatomy as a large burrowing clam that inhabits muddy coasts where they dig deep into the sand with the help of their small foot. Geoducks are known for their long neck or siphon which they use to suck planktons, vitamins, and minerals deep down the sand while they squirt out the excess and unnecessary water or dirt along the process. These are large clams that their shell can measure from 7 to 9 inches while their siphons can measure up to 4 feet. Their siphons or necks can be long and stretched from a banana to baseball length, which usually is attained whenever they feel the safest (the deeper they are, the longer their siphons are). The hole they dig deep is also believed the same one spot they will ever be in their entire life. 

What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

If you have tried tasting an oyster before, you most probably will like the taste of a geoduck as well. As described by some people who dared to try this one before, say geoduck tastes like freshly out of saltwater except that it does not contain any dominant marine taste, unlike other clams. Geoducks are surprisingly clear and sweet. In contrast to how it looks like, geoduck should give you that first good impression. The texture is also juicy and chewy. You can also cut the neck or its siphon too thin, depending on your desire as it is not too tender, which is perfect for more cooking ideas. 

Anyhow, geoduck does not taste strange at all. We are certain that you will love it on your first try and you may even ask for more. All you need is that little courage and try this one precious thing from the ocean!

Geoducks Look Strange! – Why Do Geoducks look like that?

Oh, we already know what you have been thinking from the start. Indeed, they look strange for a clam, but why do geoducks look like that? The name itself came from how it looks like – genitals, but they simply do not look like that for no reason. If you look at them closely, their long necks or siphons have two tubes: inhalent and exhalent tubes. Geoducks use their inhalent tube to take water and absorb the nutrients needed and expel out the excess and unnecessary intake through an exhalent tube.

They may actually look a little strange to human eyes but geoducks are designed like that for specific functions and contribution to our ecosystem. Be not quick to judge by its appearance as it tastes so flavorful!

Geoduck Recipe Ideas

If you have mustered up the courage in you and decided that you want to try one at home, we have prepared some good recipes for you to start with. However, first thing first! Before proceeding with cooking, it is important to know to properly clean the geoducks. Remember, they live in muddy sand! 

To clean geoduck, blanch the geoduck first by preparing boiling water and dipping the geoduck in it for 30 seconds and then transfer to bowl full of ice and submerge the boiled geoduck. This is done to make blisters on its skin and loosen it. Then, proceed to slice it along one side of the shell and pull out all its meat, discard the shell. Now that you have the meat, cut the black edge of the neck and slice it lengthwise to clean out any sand and dirt inside it. Rinse well with water. You can also choose not to slice it lengthwise and just cut it thinly into pieces then rinse afterward.

Sashimi and Sauteed Geoduck Recipes


  • 1 geoduck
  • Soy sauce and wasabi for dipping
  • 3 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tsp. white wine, vermouth, or sake

Sashimi Geoduck


After cleaning the geoduck, simply slice the neck into thin pieces. Then serve it with soy sauce and wasabi as dips!

Sauteed Geoduck:


Once you already have the thin slices out of siphons, melt the butter in a medium heat pan and sauteed the geoducks until golden brown. Pour the wine and season with salt and pepper to taste. 


Geoducks may look oddly different from the common clams that you know and we understand if you are still skeptical about trying one out. However, what does geoduck taste like? We assure you, it is nothing like how it exactly looks like! Geoducks are sweet, chewy, and as tender as abalone. It is indeed a wonderful gift from the ocean. They are only native to few parts of the world so if you have the opportunity to see one, consider yourself lucky!

Hence, there is no need to be doubtful! If any case, have the recipe mentioned in this article done by another person so you would not have the reason to look at the clamp and see it on your plate in a more appetizing way! So what are you waiting for? Get a taste of this precious giant clam now!

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