What does fondant taste like

What Does Fondant Taste Like? You Can Actually Change Its Taste

Have you seen the beautiful cake decorations for different events? That is all possible thanks to the fondant layer. You might remember the base of all cakes which then is further decorated with figurines, drawings or any other artistic expression. Thanks to this icing, we can write on cakes the different messages we want to convey. This icing layer is called fondant. 

I am sure you have seen fondant taking different shapes and lengths. This is possible due to the ingredients it has such as gelatin, water, sugar, glycerol and vegetable fat. Fondant may take different tastes such as vanilla or lemon, based on the additional ingredients that the bakers add to it. You may also think of it as the layer that gets removed before you eat the cake. Some of us chose to eat the fondant too while some of us simply remove it. But what does fondant taste like? Well, let’s take a look. 

All you need to know about Fondant

Why do we use fondant?

There are several types of fondant that we can use in cakes and other sweets. These differ based on their shape or texture and the way they can be formed. The most common fondant that you can see covering the top of many cakes is called rolled fondant. This one has a smooth texture and takes the look of a dough. It is mainly used to cover birthday, wedding or any other cake and then they can put decorations on top of them. Additionally, they can also cut the rolled fondant in strips which then can be used for different forms and decorations. 

Another kind of fondant is the poured one. This one differs from others in its texture and consistency in that it is fluid. This can also be used for coverings on top of the cakes but it can also serve as a filling for cakes or other deserts. Sculpting fondant is another kind of fondant but this one is the stiffest one. Usually, they use this kind to make sculptures or other figurines. 

Why do we use fondant? Well, it has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can use it to make countless designs based on the wishes and dreams of people. You can request almost any kind of cake for your event that is going to make it even more special. Additionally, if the cake is prepared by a professional, amazing artwork could come out of that. Secondly, it is extremely convenient since the fondant keeps the cake safe from different external pressures. For example, it protects the cake from the heat, external pressure and any other disturbances. You can take it from one place to another easily and conveniently. It does sound amazing, right? Does this make you ask what does fondant taste like?

What does fondant taste like?

When we discuss about the taste of the fondant, we should look at two different scenarios. One is when you make home-made fondant and the other is when you buy commercial fondant for your cake. In the first case, the fondant is made out of marshmallows. In order to create home-made fondant, you have to melt the marshmallows and you will get there. But what does marshmallow fondant taste like? Well, the taste of marshmallow fondant is much better than the commercial fondant’s taste. When you add marshmallows, you are actually adding a flavor of sweet and little vanilla to the fondant. So, this will taste so much better. 

Most professionals that we order our cakes from use commercial fondant. The reason is that it is much easier to achieve different shapes with it and it dries slowly. But what does fondant taste like? Many people describe it as being awful. So, people simply do not like the flavor of commercial fondant. Whenever you get cakes with this kind of fondants, you might notice people taking the top layer off and then eating the cake. 

Why does fondant taste so bad?

You might have gone to an event and they served you cake with a fondant covering. You decided to try the fondant too just to give it a shot. After you try it, you might be asking: why does fondant taste so bad? If the fondant was not home-made (most likely made out of marshmallows), then I am sure you had an awful experience. It is a widely accepted fact that fondant’s taste is awful. Some people even claim that its taste is similar to plastic. Some others also suggest to be careful due to the different chemicals it contains. All of these together, make the fondant taste bad. People, in general, stay away from it and they all prefer different kinds of coverings such as buttercream. 

How to make fondant taste good?

There might be a lot of people who are so frustrated that fondant tastes so bad while we still have to use it due to its huge benefits and pleasures it offers for us. They ask how to make fondant taste good. There must be some kind of way. Well, there is some ways and that is to prepare it manually, at home. Although this takes much more time and might limit your artistic creativity, you might want to do that option if you favor the flavor more than the sight of the cake. There are different recipes that you can follow in order to make fondant taste good. 


Fondant is among the most beneficial discovery for people who love to create different shapes in cakes. With this icing, you can use your creativity in a limitless ways and bring your imagination to reality. Fondant is the covering you can see on many cakes in different events such as weddings, birthdays, gender-reveal parties, etc. It protects the cake from different external disturbances such as temperature or pressure. It also helps creative bakers to shape different forms or figures in the cakes of people. 

Although fondant provides a lot of benefits, people still ask what does fondant taste like. The answer to this question varies since it depends on the way the fondant was created. If it is a fondant created manually by someone with different recipes such as melted marshmallows, the fondant tastes great, sweet and it might add a vanilla flavor as well. However, if the fondant was from commercial sources, then its taste has been compared to a plastic’s taste.

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