What does cumin taste like

What Does Cumin Taste Like? It Has Been Around Since the Middle Ages!

Did you know that there are favorite spices in the world? And did you know that cumin is the second favorite spice all around the world? Although you might not have heard of cumin separately, cumin is an important ingredient of curry and chili powder. It has been present for more than the middle ages and it always had a significant role in people’s life. For example, some myths stated that cumin could bring happiness and love to a couple if they would carry it during their wedding. 

Cumin’s place of origin is thought to be the Middle East and India. Nowadays, however, you might find it all around the world. People use it for different purposes such as a spice to different dishes or as a side dish to various meals. Even though it is very popular, few people know the real taste of cumin. So, there is a common question surrounding cumin: what does cumin taste like? Well, let’s take a look. 

Everything you need to know about Cumin

Health Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is produced in a lot of places in the world nowadays such as the region of the Mediterranean, India, Middle East, and China. We actually use the cumin’s plant’s fruit which are the seeds of the cumin. Cumin has been used for its benefits to different organs in our body. Even since the Middle Ages, people knew the benefits of consuming cumin so they were aware of its high nutritional value. So, before asking what does cumin taste like, let’s look at the benefits it offers. 

One of the main advantages of cumin is that it provides a lot of antioxidants. These can help us in maintaining a healthy and radiant skin even for those who have a tired-looking skin. Additionally, antioxidants help us in attacking the damaging molecules in our body that might harm our cells. So, these keep our cells healthy and well-functioning. 

Cumin is beneficial as a cure for diarrhea. For a long time, people have been using it whenever they have symptoms of diarrhea and their symptoms ease up after they consume cumin. Additionally, it has great healing powers for those who suffer from high blood sugar level and it can help normalizing its levels. Cumin is a great source of keeping inflammatory levels at a normal level since it contains high levels of anti-inflammatory agents. 

Cumin has also the great advantage of contributing to the health of our memory and helping in keeping our memory for a long time. For those who love to maintain their weight at a specific level, cumin can help in doing that. 

What does cumin taste good with?

The most popular use of cumin is in the form of spice. You can use cumin spice to anything you want since it will add a delicious and exciting flavor to any of your dishes. For example, people love adding cumin spice to salmon which will create an extremely delicious dish out of salmon’s soft meat and the spicy taste of cumin together. Another popular use of cumin is adding the cumin seeds to the rice when you are preparing it. This will add a spicy flavor to the rice and it will make a delicious meal for you. 

The above-mentioned dishes are just two simple meals that you can prepare easily at home. Cumin, however, can be used in countless ways and it will add an exotic flavor to your food. Whenever you feel like you have prepared food that does not have an attractive flavor, you can change its taste by adding cumin to it. So, what does cumin taste good with? Well, you can experiment. The spicy, warm, and earthy taste of cumin will lighten your whole meal up. 

What does cumin smell like?

Before we start defining the smell of cumin, we must know that cumin is used for a variety of sprays. Firstly, people use cumin seeds for aromatic purposes and they put it inside the furniture, inside bags, travel bags or any other subject. However, they use them mostly when there is a strong odor they want to prevent with cumin seeds. The reason is that the smell of cumin seeds is so strong that, within hours, can replace any other aroma or smell that is being manifested in a room. This is why there are some people who love the smell of cumin seeds and some who hate it. There is no in-between. 

Are you wondering what does cumin smell like? Well, you can simply take cumin seeds and leave it in a small space for a while. As soon as you walk in, you can notice the pungent smell of cumin will hit your nose and you will notice the strong and spicy smell of cumin. Because of this strong smell, some people love to use cumin fragrances against body odors or sweat odors. 

Does cumin taste like cinnamon?

For some reason, people might think that cumin tastes the same as cinnamon. So they pose the question: does cumin taste like cinnamon? Well, no, it does not. Cinnamon has a much sweeter taste that cumin and cinnamon’s taste is far from spicy. You might, however, mix cinnamon and cumin together. Their separate taste may come together and balance the flavor of meals. 


Cumin has been around for a long time, more specifically since the middle Ages. Through the decades and centuries of its use, people have been using it not merely for its taste but also for the nutrients that it can provide for our body. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used to enhance the strength of the immune system. Additional benefits of cumin include having anti-oxidants, helping in diarrhea, abnormal blood sugar levels and so on. 

When people get to know that cumin is a spice, they ask: what does cumin taste like? Well, cumin has a strong flavor which can add a spicy hint to your meals. Some also describe it as having an earthy taste. You can add it to different meals to make them more delicious and spicy. Cumin might also be mixed with other spices to balance the flavor of your meals. It can also be used as a fragrance ingredient for different purposes. 

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