What does caviar taste like? Does it taste expensive?

It’s easy to find it, but why is caviar so expensive? Is there anything less expensive you can use in place of caviar? Before we answer all your burning questions, why don’t we explore first the exciting flavor of caviar? So what does caviar taste like? Here’s what we know about this popular salted fish roe.

Caviar refers to roe or fish eggs derived from wild sturgeon. This fish lives in rivers and freshwaters. During ancient times, caviar was a delicacy for kings and aristocrats. It was first served during the time of Aristotle, who wrote that caviar was “heralded into banquets amongst trumpets and flowers.”

Now, caviar isn’t just for royals because you can find it almost everywhere. They are not limited to upscale restaurants, gourmet shops, and specialty food stores. You may not see them in your local supermarket, but you can order caviar online. There are many shops offering farm-raised caviar that you can purchase at a friendly price.

Caviar Taste

What does caviar taste like? If you haven’t tried it yet, you might be guessing it’s just like any roe or unfertilized fish egg you can buy elsewhere. Does it come in other colors and sizes? You might have seen orange roes. What does orange caviar taste like?

The flavor of caviar derived from sturgeon is unique in the sense that it has different notes depending on the source of the roe. Other roe may have a slightly bitter taste, but that shouldn’t be the case with real caviar.

Authentic caviar comes from different types of sturgeon. But the expensive caviar sold in restaurants came from beluga caviar. It may cost thousands of dollars per gram. However, it’s endangered species and its importation is now banned. The only way to taste it is to buy beluga hybrid caviar.

The taste of caviar is drawing a similarity to the taste of tobiko, which are the eggs of flying fish. People sometimes refer to it as the orange caviar. What does orange caviar taste like? It pops in the mouth, and the beads are usually larger than caviar. Despite drawing similarity with sturgeon eggs, you will still be able to distinguish caviar from tobiko.

The best type of caviar has an intense fishy flavor. You can get that superb quality from old and large eggs. Caviar with lighter color is slightly more high-priced because it has a stronger taste than the darker variety. The rare ones you can find have a slightly brown or grey hue. These eggs came from Osetra, one of the types of sturgeon.

What does caviar smell like?

The smell isn’t as luxurious as it is but it should not smell bad at all. High-quality caviar should have a fresh scent in it that will make you imagine the oceans. Eating caviar will make you reminisce about the aroma of the sea.

How to Eat Caviar

Caviar is often served as an appetizer and as an accompaniment to Champagne. How do you eat caviar without worrying about its possible side effects? The key is to consume the recommended serving per person.

For each person, the recommended amount of caviar should not be more than an ounce. Too much caviar can make your blood pressure rise. It has excessive amounts of salt, so if you want to order heart-healthy caviar, consider the least salted ones or the malossol type.

Aside from Champagne, you can try eating caviar with other drinks like white wine, sherry, and vodka. These drinks complement the flavor of caviar because they boast a crisp and clean flavor. You can enjoy it with a variety of accompaniments, from little buckwheat pancakes or “blinis” to cultured cream.

Caviar makes sushi and sashimi taste better. How do you eat caviar with Japanese dishes? It’s often placed in the middle of each sashimi. When preparing your sashimi, you will only need a spoonful of caviar to go with it. Pair it with sake for a more refreshing and truly Caribbean dining experience.

When tasting caviar for the first time, it’s recommended to use a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon. If you use a stainless steel spoon, there’s a chance you will taste something metallic and you may not enjoy your caviar to the full extent. Some people also use a mother of pearl spoon and serve ware when serving their caviar to make it appear more luxurious.

Caviar Benefits

Caviar has many amazing health benefits, including its ability to help the body create more red blood cells, thanks to its impressive Vitamin B12 content.

It contains selenium, which is necessary for defending the body from chronic conditions. Selenium is a mineral that naturally occurs in some foods and food from the water. It works like an antioxidant that protects the cells from free radical damage.

One study suggests caviar can help with depression. It’s because caviar contains high amounts of omega-3, which is known for its ability to enhance the mood aside from keeping your heart healthy.


People who delight in slightly salty and fishy flavor will love caviar. With its distinct and subtle taste, caviar is one of the most interesting flavors you can find. It’s best paired with sour cream and buttered toast or pancakes. It can be stored up to a month and often served chilled.

If you’re still wondering why caviar is so expensive, it’s because of the difficulty farming sturgeon. There’s scarcity in fishing sturgeons so businesses have to rely on farming and harvesting to obtain the eggs.

You might want to check out online stores selling caviar. You will be surprised that you will not have to break a bank to taste some. Sevruga caviar, for instance, is often served for commoners. Other budget-friendly options include lumpfish caviar and salmon caviar. While they are small than the other varieties, they can be just as good as beluga caviar served to aristocrats and rich diners.

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