What does camel taste like

What Does Camel Taste Like? Apparently, Delicious!

Let’s start again with another exotic animal which meat is highly praised for its taste, its texture and other features. We are talking about an animal that has a hump (or more), lives in the desert, and it is a mode of transportation in some of those deserts.

As you may imagine, we are going to talk about today of camels. These dromedaries are not just relegated to transport duties everywhere. Sometimes they could serve humans as a source of food and for textile activities.

Speaking of food made of camel’s meat, we are going to be answering what does camel taste like? Is it any good? Is it forbidden in some places? We are going to be discussing those and more related questions about the possibility of being eating camel meat.

Are camels good to eat?

First up, let’s tackle the question what does camel taste like with another question: Are camels good to eat? In a good way, the surviving type of way. 

As many people of the Emirates (The United Arab Emirates) may tell you: Yes. The meat of a camel is a good meat to eat. Even better, it is their national food! Not a fancy exotic food. It is as normal as our traditional beef is to us in America.

The meat of a camel is highly praised for the amount of nutrients present on it. We are talking about lots of proteins, vitamins, iron and others. And the best part? While the hump has all that fat to it, it is not as unhealthy as your typical red meat.

You could try many dishes that include camel meat, including camel burgers! And the taste it has is said to be relatively fatty, sweet and gamey, after the meat is browned and without any spices added at the moment. Imagine a well-seasoned camel meat then?

And even if you are not looking to eat a camel, the camel’s milk is a really good drink alone, or if you want an ice cream even! In this case, the milk has vitamin C, vitamin B, lots of iron and it is tastier and with more nutrients than the cow’s milk.

Is camel meat tasty?

When it comes to taste, many people have their preferences. And, in this case, people around the Gulf would tell you about how good the camel meat is, even though you may do not know what does camel taste like at all. 

But in the search for this answer, you definitely would ask if is camel meat tasty? The answer is a resounding yes, and here is why: Habit.

People in the Persian Gulf would tell you that you can buy the camel meat directly from the markets you buy the rest of the food, just like you would do normally. You do not need to go to a highly specialized market or even clandestine ones (like those who supposedly made 2020 the kind of year it was)

And when we talked above about the taste being “gamey”, it really means it is one of those flavors that you can’t explain with words, you need to shove it in your mouth and test it yourself. It tastes like you are eating something very fancy, even though it tastes similar, or rather milder to veal. 

With the proper cook time, which is really slow, you could get a kind of meat that is tastier than traditional meat, without adding up spices at all. And when you include them, you can make it whatever you like, which is great.

What does camel burger taste like?

After discussing what does camel taste like and noticing that it is a pretty tasty meat to eat (depending on the condition, if it is old or young would have some influence on the taste), we need to ask how will be eating a burger with this meat. What does camel burger taste like?

Camel meat it is still suitable to be a burger’s meat. It is said though that this kind of meat is leaner, do not have lots of cholesterol (compared to your typical beef), and would have also more proteins and other nutrients.

Some sources also say that the taste of the camel meat is somewhat similar to that in veal, with a little bit of sweetness, and the hump would be fatty and tender but overall, very tasty. Easily the best part of the camel.

The truth of the matter is that the camel meat is normally tougher than beef, while having a similar taste. Nevertheless, there are many places around the world that serves this delicacy just like in most American places: Between two slices of bread and accompanied with fries.

Some places around the world use Australian dromedaries for making these dishes. This is why is possible to have packaged camel meat in a supermarket in London, or in the States. This is a way to reduce and control the population of wild camels in the Australian outback, just like Argentinians with the beavers.


Finally, we need to answer the question: what does camel taste like? To put it simply, it is not as differently tasting than your typical red meat, while being way healthier than it. However, some say it could be slightly sweet tasting at the very end.

If you think about the humps of a camel, they are not filled with water but by fat. This is easily the best part to eat from a camel. And also, you could try to eat a camel burger for that matter. It would be one of the most unforgettable burgers you may try.

People in the Emirates would tell you how good and tasty this special meat tastes since this is basically one of, if not the, national food of those countries (especially the United Arab Emirates). So, they do not only use the camels for transportation. They also use them for food and to do textile activities.

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