What does bath salt taste like

What Does Bath Salt Taste Like? Like Regular Salt?

We live sometimes stressful lives. We work hard, take a bus or the subway, endure long queues of cars in the highway and get to our homes made a mess. And in those instances, having a nice and long bath is always a way to detox from the city chaos… Or at least we did it before this health situation.

But your typical shower routine always has the same things: Lots of water, some soap, some shampoo and that is it! Maybe you may have also some creams, some products for your hair if you are a woman; or shaving products if you are a man.

What if you include something else like bath salts into the mix? And what would happen if you were to taste it for some reason? Let’s find out what does bath salt taste like? And what you should avoid that is called exactly the same.

How does the rock salt taste like?

Let’s start this topic of what does bath salt taste like by going over some of the different types of bath salts that exist in the world. So, how does the rock salt taste like?

We start with the rock salts. These ones are extracted directly from the ground, precisely from some underground deposits where they come from. You should also know that rock salts are yet another fancy name for sodium chloride, a mineral halite. 

It is your typical salt in a way since it includes the same chemical formula. The difference between common table salt and rock salt is the looks and the rarity. Your typical common salt is probably iodized whereas the rock salt would be more granular and would not taste so salty. Also, it would not be processed as the other would.

Since does not have to be as so processed as the regular salt, it is claimed to be way healthier than this one. Some of the uses apart from the health and body care is in making ice creams, helping the maker to keep the ice cream colder, and is the one used to maintain roads out of ice in winter months.

How does the sea salt taste like?

Continuing in the search for an answer to what does bath salt taste like, we need to check one of the most commonly used, not only for bathing but also cooking. We are talking of course about the sea salt. How does the sea salt taste like?

First up, the sea salt is just salt that comes after you evaporate seawater, simple as that. It is way different than your typical salt on its texture, the taste and the overall processing method to bring it to you.

Sea salt has some minerals that are rather beneficial for you as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and calcium, some of which are not present at all in the table salt since it needs to be processed to be safe to consume (and yet, it is not as healthy)

Other difference is the texture. Sea salt is visibly more granular than the fine table salt. This would be great on your salt baths since it can help you exfoliate your skin. It can also detox your body from some toxins you get from the day to day, and combat infections from fungus and other creatures.

Why some say salt baths are drugs?

In our research for what does bath salt taste like we encountered some information about “salt baths” that are called drugs, which is rather alarming. Does this mean your choices of real salt baths are doomed because of something people say? Why some say salt baths are drugs?

The truth of the matter is that some people is selling a product that is basically a synthetic drug that has similar effects to those of the cocaine and the amphetamines. In the United Kingdom they called them monkey dust, and that alone says a lot!

These recreational designer drugs are not entirely illegal since the manufacturers put in the packaging that these drugs are “not for human consumption”, just to avoid laws against drugs. Isn’t that funny that even these people can sell a product pretending to be another thing, when it does harm that the other would not do? And get away with it? This world!

You need to know than sea salt and rock salt are not drugs. They are taking from natural sources and the main thing with them is the little to none processing they have. Way different than these designer drugs that need all that chemistry in labs, to mimic other dangerous substances.

However, even though there are places that allow these products to be sold as bath salts like the UK; in others like the United States is entirely banned to do so. It is stated that having the bath salt name and the warning about human consumption is not enough to fool the law.


Finally, we reached the conclusion. So, what does bath salt taste like? It still tastes like typical table salt you use in your food; sometimes can be a bit less salty and way more granular than the one you use for cook your food.

There are various types of bath salt which includes the rock salt; sourced from underground deposits, and the sea salt that comes from the evaporation of seawater. Both of these kinds of salt can be used in the bath to give some relief for your skin; since they are not as processed as table salt, they are healthier and safe for use.

What are not safe for use are the “bath salts” that in some countries are sold like real bath salt; even though they are recreational designer drugs that can produce harm to you. They would try to be sold like other stuff, so beware: Normal, real bath salts are safe for human consumption. Do not be fooled by these products. 

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