What Does Anise Taste Like

What Does Anise Taste Like? Anise Is Different From Star Anise!

We all love spices. When we think about a world without spices, we might realize that maybe food would not be as delicious as it is today. There are some people who use a lot of spices, in almost every meal they eat daily. To them, a world without spices is unimaginable. Anise seeds is one of the popular spices in the world. Anise comes from Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. The plant itself belongs the family of Apiaceae and it is commonly referred to as aniseed. The plant is a spring one which means that it loves the slightly warm soil of the spring. 

Anise is many times mistaken with star anise which is a totally different plant. Today, star anise is more widespread due to its cheaper production costs. Anise might also be mistaken with fennel because they taste similarly and their plant is similar. Although they share the family, they belong to different species. Anise is used for different purposes across the world. But you might ask: what does anise taste like? Well, let’s take a look at that. 

Key Facts and Points on Anise Seeds

What does anise look like?

You have to be careful when differentiating between anise and its similar-looking or tasting plants. All parts of the plant of anise can be used for different purposes. In star anise’s case, for example, the plant itself cannot be used. This is why knowing what anise looks like is very important. So, if you do not know for sure, you have to ask: what does anise look like? 

The plant of anise has flowers in the color of yellow or white and its leaves are located towards the top of the plant. Its flowers are formed in groups that take a form of an umbrella. The plant is cultivated during the beginning of the spring. If you are planning to plant it, you should find a final location for the plant since anise’s root goes deeply into the soil and it is difficult to change the location of the plant. The leaves of the plant release a refreshing aroma, reminding you of licorice.

Anise seeds take the color of light brown and they are small. The seeds, also, release pleasant aroma that reminds you of licorice. 

Anise Benefits

Anise has many benefits for our body since it contains a lot of nutrients. It has high amounts of manganese which helps to keep the health of many things in our body. It helps to decrease inflammation thus making us more resistant to new diseases. Also, it has a positive effect to our red blood cells. This is coupled with the amounts of iron that can be found in anise which together help to keep the health of our blood. 

Other anise benefits are mind-blowing. As a lot of people suffer from depression, anise also has nutrients that help reduce depressive symptoms. This can be very effective since scientists showed that anise may be a replacement of antidepressants in some cases. Besides this, anise can also treat people who have ulcers in their stomach which cause different symptoms such as nausea and indigestion. Anise is also antimicrobial which can protect us from bacteria. 

What does anise taste like?

You may have heard a lot of people describing the taste of anise as being similar to that of licorice. Other people also claim that anise actually tastes like a mix of fennel and star anise. Well, all of these are true. Anise’s taste is rarely described on its own but it is always compared to one of the other similar herbs. Still, a person might still be curious about the question: what does anise taste like? When we read others’ descriptions on the taste of something, we become more encouraged to try out that thing. 

Anise’s taste has a unique characteristics and it is that its taste is very strong. Even a small seed can have a strong effect on our mouth. This is why, people are really divided on whether they like anise seed or not. Anise seeds are used in different ways all across the world. Some people, for example in Italy or Australia, use it in candies which gives a strong taste but they are ideal for people who love sweets. Different beverages also use anise in order to give a unique taste to the drinks. Another benefits of anise is that it does not contain calories so people love to use it in different things such as beverages. 

Anise is also used to prepare anise oil which is used in two ways. You can use it to add flavor to your food if you feel like your food is not tasty enough. You can also use anise oil for aromatherapy. 

What does anise smell like?

You might have heard it many times that anise smells almost exactly as licorice. Well, yes, but what does anise smell like? So, anise is considered to release a smell that is aromatic, refreshing and sweet which spreads really quickly in the environment. Its aroma is also very strong which can be felt easily in an environment. The aroma is released very easily not only from the anise oil but also from the anise seeds as well. Due to its refreshing properties, people have used anise’s aroma for different diseases in the past. They believed that anise could reduce the symptoms of insomnia, menstrual cramps, and for stomach aches. 


I am sure a lot of people are confused when they ask, “What does anise taste like?” The main reason is that anise seeds is very commonly mistaken for other herbs and spices. It is mainly mixed with star anise which is easier to produce so it is more popular. Additionally, it can be mistaken with fennel because their look and taste are very similar. So, you really have to make sure you are talking about anise seeds next time you talk to someone about this. 

Anise seeds have been used for decades and centuries due to its aroma that was thought to heal many illnesses. The aroma of anise is considered to be sweet and licorice but very strong which some people love while others hate. Even if you belong to those who hate anise, you should look out for its huge benefits. Its nutritional value is extremely high due to its high amounts of manganese, iron, and antioxidants. 

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