What Does Amaretto Taste Like

What Does Amaretto Taste Like? Question Answered!

To be honest, I am not a particular fan of alcoholic beverages; so, I do not know many types of such drinks that are served in restaurants and discos. The other day I went out to lunch with a friend of mine whom I had not seen in a long time and I noticed that she ordered amaretto. I have never encountered this drink before in my life. So, it was logical that the question kept running through my head what is amaretto and what does amaretto taste like?

I honestly did not want to ask and admit that I am not familiar with this drink. So, as soon as I got home, I started doing research that gave me answers to my questions. I decided to share the answers with you, so if you have ever wondered what amaretto tastes like then you have found the right text. This article will offer you real answers to this question.

A Definite Answer to the Question What Does Amaretto Taste Like

What is Amaretto?

Let’s start from the beginning. Amaretto is actually a liqueur that originates from Italy; more precisely, it comes from a place called Saronno. There are different types of brands of this liqueur, and this is due to the different ingredients used in the production of this drink. So, depending on the brand this drink can be made from peach stones, bitter almonds, apricot kernels or just almonds. In terms of origin, we know that amaretto comes from Italy; but, there are also a huge number of myths and legends associated with how this drink was made.

One of the favorite legends I found while researching was the legend of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s students. His name was Bernardino Luini and he had the task of painting frescoes for the church in Saronno. He was supposed to paint Madonna, but he needed a model and inspiration. So, he found a woman who, according to legend, later became his mistress. That woman wanted to give Luini a present, but she was poor and had limited opportunities. Thus, she steeped apricot kernels in brandy. And it is believed that this is how the idea for the drink called amaretto was born.

What Does Amaretto Taste Like?

And now comes the answer to the question that I believe you have been looking forward to. In general, amaretto has a sweet and nutty taste. But there is a small twist here. The name amaretto is actually a diminutive of the Italian word amaro, which means bitter. The name is quite adequate because amaretto has a bitter taste; this taste blends perfectly with the sweet shades offered by this drink. This liquid is usually served in combination with other liqueurs; i.e a cocktail is made from it, because if amaretto is served as a drink in itself, then it has a syrup-like density and that density is quite thick. 

Depending on the brand of amaretto you want to try, the sweetness of the drink will vary. Some brands have a stronger thread of sweetness; while some have a weaker thread of sweetness. Some brands even use certain ingredients that give the drink both herbal and spicey flavor. But what we can say for sure is that the more expensive types of amaretto are not so sweet; their taste is actually dominated by the taste given by the almonds.

What Does Amaretto Smell Like?

It is logical that once we give an answer about the taste of amaretto, we should also give an answer to the question of what does amaretto smell like; taste and smell like the senses go hand in hand. The first scent of this drink is the smell of freshness, mixed with the smell of almonds, and a discreet cherry scent. The scent is perfect for those who like sweeter scents.

The sweetness of the taste of this drink also turns into the sweetness of the scent; this scent can very easily take you back in time in the spring and summer periods when the streets are filled with sweet scents of blooming flowers. Depending on the brand you want to taste, additional scents will vary. If you decide to try amaretto that has an herbal and spicy taste, then expect that in the smell you will feel the same threads that will fit perfectly with the sweet smell of the drink.

What Does Amaretto Coffee Taste Like? 

I was a little surprised that amaretto can be used as an additive in coffee, but after seeing the positive reviews I decided that it is something I have to try, so what does amaretto coffee taste like? People’s testimonies say that coffee mixed with amaretto is a unique taste that can not be compared to anything else. People say that the taste is a mixture of almonds, with discreet strands of peaches and cherries. The taste is described as nutty and sharp at the same time. Given the taste of coffee, you can imagine that its sharpness is further increased; at the same time, it is softened by the sweet threads that carry peaches and cherries. A real contrast of flavors that work great together.


So, we answered the question of what does amaretto taste like. I hope that you, like me, will be motivated to try this drink which is a perfect composition of sweet and bitter tones. A perfect composition of discreet shades of peach and cherry, mixed with herbal flavors and spices that further emphasize the original taste of amaretto. What you need to keep in mind is that despite this balance of this drink, it is still an alcoholic beverage with the amounts of which you should be careful. You may be fooled by the mild taste and think that there is not a huge amount of alcohol inside, but still, the next thing you will feel is how you start getting drunk. Due to its syrup-like texture, it is recommended that this drink be consumed in combination with other liquids, such as bourbon or coffee.

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