What does aloe vera taste like

What Does Aloe Vera Taste Like? Good Question!

Today’s topic is all about one of the most ubiquitous plant in the entire world. We are talking of course about the aloe vera, the one with the meaty leaves with the spikes, the same one that many people use for many things.

However, this time we are talking about one interesting question: What does aloe vera taste like? This question is actually quite interesting given the multitude of uses you could give to this plant’s leaves, especially when it comes to health (which would suggest you would ingest it at some point, right?)

Let’s check out that and some other questions related to the taste of aloe vera, to see what it is like before you go around biting, chewing and swallowing plain aloe vera without knowing this info. It could be also surprising to know something you probably would not do normally.

What does the aloe’s gel taste like?

Let’s start answering what does aloe vera taste like question by taking into account that, like many plants, aloe vera has different parts, some of which could be edible. One of the most used ones is inside the leaves of the plant, and this is the gel. So, what does the aloe’s gel taste like?

First up, you should not be eating the gel raw like it is. Or at least according to the State of California in the United States. Aloe has this chemical product called aloin, which could be potentially dangerous and give you a bad time since has some laxative properties. 

When it comes to taste, aloe vera by itself taste most like a plant: slightly bitter, very jelly like and with a bit of an acid and sweet touch in the very end. Depending the origins of said plant, you could get more strong taste from it or a softer one. 

Also, age has an important role in the overall taste as well. Younger sprouts of aloe vera could be potentially less bitter than more mature ones. But generally, the crystal has a taste that is mostly bitter.

Can you change the taste of aloe vera?

After hearing a rather disappointing (or very much expected, depending of who is asking) answer for what does aloe vera taste like, you may be relieved to know that it is not necessary you should eat or drink the aloe vera gel in its raw state. Does that mean that can you change the taste of aloe vera?

The short answer is YES. There are many ways you can avoid the bitterness of the taste of aloe vera raw gel, and even avoid the toxicity aloin is known for. You can find in the market aloe vera capsules or an aloe vera gel extract, to mix it with your favorite food and smoothies (if you are into that).

The aloe vera capsules are quite easy to drink, they are concentrated and normally do not have any flavor. Since it is basically a bag with the contents, it is a good choice for those in the move. Just imagine taking the aloe vera apart and doing all the needed steps to carry it with you… Well, you can also buy it!

You can also buy a concentrated aloe vera gel to mix with all your recipes. Again, is all about convenience (you do not need to cut the aloe vera yourself and process it). Being an already made gel, you can expect aloin to be removed almost entirely to avoid its toxic effects. 

Something that many people in gyms or running around the parks is the aloe vera water. It is like a juice, a kind of tea sort of speak made with aloe vera. It is amazing for those kinds of people that are getting exercise, but also for those going to work or to study.

Why the aloe vera juice can be bitter?

There is not surprising the fact that, after having the “what does aloe vera taste like?” question answered, you may assume that the taste of aloe vera juice would be bitter, right? You may be right, but why though? Why the aloe vera juice can be bitter?

Obviously, the aloe vera is a bitter tasting plant and thus, any of its parts would taste similarly. The presence of aloin would also boost that taste, as well as other factors like age, the species of aloe it is, and the amount of processing, if any.

However, when you cut the plant leaves you could also produce a more bitter taste in some ways. One of which is the cleanliness of the gel. If you do not clean the gel properly, or if you cut the leaves to get juice but not enough, leaving the shell in contact with the gel, you may encounter a taste that is not as pleasant as you want.

Also, if you cut a leave that is not in its best conditions (too mature, too young or with anything interfering, like bugs), you could get that disgusting taste. The way you cut the leaves and the way you store them is something you need to think about as well for the same matter.


To wrap things up, what does aloe vera taste like? Well, normally it does not taste like anything, nada, zero. But we would be talking about the crystal in that case. The gel you get after cutting the leaves and said crystal would taste bitter, with a bit of acid and sweet at the very end.

There are many ways to improve the taste of the aloe vera, avoiding that nasty bitter taste it is known for. One of which would be getting aloe vera capsules, concentrated aloe vera gel, and aloe vera water (or juice, like most people would call it)

But beware of drinking or eating the thing like so (raw in other words). The presence of aloin is a thing and it can cause you to have a very bad time on the bathroom. Also, very processed aloe vera drinks or extracts could easily remove all its benefits, so check before consuming them.

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