What does almond milk taste like

What Does Almond Milk Taste Like? No. 3 Will Surprise You

We are living in times when you can find healthy alternatives to everything we eat. Among many products, milk has substitutes also. We are less likely to try these alternatives out unless we are vegan or we cannot drink the cow milk, thus, lactose intolerant. Some people might also choose to switch to milks other than cow milk to simply try it out. This is when we start looking for possible alternatives to replace the daily dose of milk we consume. 

When we go to the stores, we see different kinds of milks. Usually people get surprised when they see that almond milk exists and their first reaction is always this: “What does almond milk taste like?”. It seems so unimaginable that we can produce milk out of almonds that we always wonder about its taste. Well, let’s take a look at the ways almond milk tastes like alone and mixed with different drinks. 

Interesting Facts On The Taste Of Almond Milk

What is almond milk? 

Almond milk is a dairy-free and plant-based product which means that it is the ideal drink for vegans. There are only two ingredients that you need to prepare almond milk: water and almonds. You have to mix the almonds together with the water. You can also prepare it by using almond butter and water. 

If you want to prepare it at home, there are a few steps to follow. The process begins with leaving almonds in cold water throughout the night. In the morning, you separate almonds from the water and put them in a blender which already contains water. You can add many add-ins to the blender such as salt, sugar, vanilla, and so on. After mixing it for 2-3 minutes, you can separate the lids from the almonds and you are good to go. 

If you are wondering ’what does almond milk taste like?’, I have some good news. If you prepare almond milk at home, you can determine its taste since you decide which add-ins to use.

What does almond milk do for you? 

Whenever we talk about some kinds of foods or drinks, we always wonder about their importance in our bodies. The same situation applies to almond milk and so we ask, what does almond milk do for you? 

Almond milk contains high amounts of nutrients that are beneficial to our body and overall health. It has calcium to maintain the strength of our bones. It also has a lot of vitamins such as vitamin E and D which supply our bodies with antioxidants and to maintain the health of our muscles. Almond milk contains very low amounts of calories and contains high amounts of protein. Also, if you buy almond milk that is unsweetened, your blood sugar will remain the same. 

Almond milk is also beneficial to use for people who have lactose intolerance since they will not produce any negative effects. In addition, if someone has an allergy from dairy products, almond milk can also help. A lot of times, almond milk is a recommended drink when someone has a kidney illness. 

What does almond milk taste like in coffee?

Normally, almond milk can be described having a nutty flavor which can be not too desirable for many. This is why, a lot of people by sweetened almond milk which is much tastier and easier to drink. 

A lot of us love coffee. We drink it daily or multiple times throughout the day. Sometimes we drink it simple but sometimes we add different add-ins to it. Many people try adding almond milk to their coffee. 

But what does almond milk taste like in coffee? Well, if you are using an unsweetened version of almond milk, your coffee will taste nutty and it will leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. If the coffee is made of stronger roast then the aftertaste will be even bitter. Some people cannot stand this, so they switch to sweetened almond milk. This makes coffee have a much smoother and sweeter taste. 

What does almond milk taste like in tea?

Another popular beverage is tea. We love drinking it, independent from the time of the day. Many people drink tea without adding anything to it but many other people add things like sugar and milk. If you decide to add almond milk to it, you might be wondering, ‘what does almond milk taste like in tea?’. 

As was the case with coffee, almond milk adds a bitter taste to tea. This is only if the almond milk is unsweetened. When you ask ‘what does almond milk taste like?’, we get the answer that almond milk has a nutty and bitter taste. This applies whenever mixed with other beverages. Sweetened almond milk, however, makes the tea taste sweet and it is a pleasure to drink it. 

Of course, this all depends on people’s tastes. If some people like bitter drinks, they can choose unsweetened almond milk since this will not add any sweetness to their beverage. If others like sweet and smooth beverages, they can choose sweetened almond milk which makes all drinks taste sweeter. 


Whether you do not love dairy and other animal products or your body have has reactions to dairy products, you have alternatives to drinking milk. Even if someone just wants to taste other kinds of milks, you also may use milk’s different alternatives. One of these alternatives is almond milk. 

Since almond milk is made of almonds and water only, the common question is ‘what does almond milk taste like?’. Well, in these cases, we have to differentiate two cases: sweetened and unsweetened almond milk. The sweetened one makes beverages smoother and adds sweetness tot them. The unsweetened one makes them feel stronger and also leaves a bitter taste in our mouth. 

Much more people prefer the sweetened one. You have to be careful with this one since the sweetened almond milk contains higher sugar levels and much more calories. This may have negative effects in your body. You can add almond milk to different beverages such as coffee and tea, daily. 

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