The Question You’ve Always Wanted an Answer to: What Does Beer Taste Like?

Beer does not usually contain as much alcohol content as its other alcoholic counterparts, but what does beer taste like and why is it so loved by many for centuries on end?

One might assume that beer should taste as good as soda to be so well-loved by many. But they’d be surprised to find out upon first tasting it that it isn’t what they were expecting.

Beer, wine, cocktails and champagne are all some of the most common alcoholic beverages of our time. Some of these drinks have existed way before we have. This just goes to show that alcohol and flavored drinks seem to be a staple in most households. Drinks that contain alcohol tend to cause people to become drunk. Result in less control over our mental and physical thoughts, to a point. Because of these possible effects, alcoholic drinks regulated by authorities and serve only as “adult-only” drinks.

1. Does Beer Taste Good?

The answer to that question is: it depends. Beer is a drink that is made from harvested and processed barley. A certain grain whose sugar is extracted and combined with other ingredients to produce beer. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, drinks ever invented. Which means that more than one generation fell in love with the drink.

Beer is usually carbonated, and comes in a variety of flavors. A lot of beer companies have started creating flavored beer, such as lemon-flavored ones or strawberry-flavored. Which goes to show that its taste can really vary from brand to preference. But beer didn’t originally have as many varieties as it does today. Back then, beer was basically a strong-tasting drink that mostly consisted of a bitter taste with a malty flavor. It also tastes refreshing, because of having been carbonated, similar to sodas.

Some say that, like coffee, beer tastes better the longer you drink it. But does beer taste good? Beer can be labeled as something with an acquired taste. At first, it’s possible that beer does not taste as good as it sounds, and you’d be left wondering how such a drink could have survived the centuries it did over other drinks. But after awhile and with more bottles down, you might join the ranks of beer-lovers who can’t help but order another bottle after that first one gets chugged down.

You might ask, but if you had to compare it to something, what does beer taste like? Those who drink beer would say that beer tastes like malty bread, which is understandable since both are sourced from harvested grains at some point. Others might say that it’s close to coffee, since both are bitter but lovable after awhile.

2. Why do people love beer?

Love is a strong word. So why do people love beer? Those who do love beer definitely will not hesitate to use the word “love” to describe their favorite alcoholic beverage. Similar to being in love, drinking beer is known to emit the “feel-good” chemical dopamine into our brains that stimulate happiness. Thus, for those who get a bottle in, drinking beer easily correlates to feeling happy and feeling loved, albeit metaphorically.

Asking a person why he loves beer is like asking coffee-drinkers why they love coffee – there is no easy answer except that a taste for the bitterness and malty flavor that beer provides had been acquired and that it is impossible for them to forget the taste they have come to know and love.

Beer is also a drink that provides a sufficient “buzz” that wine may not have enough alcohol content to provide. It is also readily available in most clubs or supermarkets, which makes it easier to acquire.

The love for beer can also be attributed to the perception that the general population has placed on the drink. Most advertisements show beer as a drink that brings people together and is bought in gallons during a celebration. Having beer at a party shouts “fun and eagerness to unwind” which is why seeing one immediately gives a positive effect on a potential beer-drinker.

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3. What does beer taste like for the first time?

For those who haven’t tried beer but want to, the first question on your mind would be: what does beer taste like for the first time? Followed by: Does it taste like soda? Does it taste like bread? What does beer taste like?

If the beer you are tasting for the first time is a flavored beer, then more often than not the taste of said beer will be whatever taste it is advertised to be. Lemon-flavored beer tastes like a carbonated lemon drink with a bit of alcohol and malt as an aftertaste, while non-flavored beer will taste as normal beer does: bitter, malty, and sour. The bitterness can be attributed to the yeast and barley used to create it, while the sourness can be attributed to the style of yeast used.

Beer won’t be a walk-in-the-park the first time around, and it will definitely leave a lasting impression on you. For those that end up loving that bitter, strong taste that beer has, having more than one bottle will occur on most occasions. 


Beer is definitely here to stay, as proven by its centuries-old age and adoration. Its bitter and malty taste is something that makes this drink unique, and its integration in a life of enjoyment and unwinding makes it a drink that most would ask about once they come of age. As a first-timer wondering what all the fuss is about, the answer to the question, “What does beer taste like?” is something worth considering.

It is no secret that the first time most people drink beer they are left wondering what the hell beer-lovers found so great with the drink. But, like coffee, one cannot deny that with all the flavors available now, having a bottle of beer with friends on a lazy afternoon is something that seems enticing. What does beer taste like for the first time? It is a combination of flavors and experiences that only time can provide.

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