Substitute for Eggs in Meatloaf

Best Substitute for Eggs in Meatloaf to Try

Meatloaf is one such dish that is irresistible. The rich flavor of meat has something special in it. It is simple yet delicious. Furthermore, eggs with meatloaf are just like adding a cherry on top of the cake. But sometimes it is not possible to add eggs in meatloaf due to several reasons. Therefore substitute for eggs in meatloaf are essential to learning.

Eggs play an essential role in meatloaf. It is just not limited to adding more flavor; instead, it is about giving a perfect structure. Majorly there are two reasons behind the addition of eggs to meatloaf. The first one is that it contains a lot of moisture. Whereas another significant benefit is that it helps in binding the meat, maintain its structure while cooking.

Although it has many uses, people still have their reasons for not using them. The reasons could be allergy to egg yolk or probably just personal preference. Hence if you are also one among them, then here are some fantastic replacements for egg in your meatloaf.

Perfect Four Substitute For Eggs in Meatloaf


Binding the meatloaf is one of the essential steps that one needs to follow. If it does not combine perfectly, then there are chances that the meatloaf might fragment while cooking. Therefore people use eggs in meatloaf. But what if someone does not like eggs? Yes, it is one important thing to learn how to bind meatloaf without eggs. Therefore here is the first substitute.

Mayonnaise is one of the perfect replacements that one can get. Yes, the creamy mayo can work in place of eggs if you are planning to make delicious meatloaf. Since mayo is also a product of egg, it wonderfully replaces them in meatloaf. It adds sufficient moisture and makes the dish taste juicy.

If you use mayo instead of eggs in meatloaf, you will never compromise with the taste. Yes, it ensures that the meatloaf tastes delicious. Lastly, always use the mayonnaise according to the quantity of meat you are using. Note that using the right ratio is essential to make the dish perfect.

Bread Crumbs

Every flavorsome dish takes efforts to cook, and a similar rule applies to meatloaf. It requires a perfect combination of ingredients to ensure that the meat gets perfectly combine. If your meatloaf keeps on falling apart, no matter how hard you are trying it to stick together, then surely you are not using the appropriate ingredients.

An egg is one of the key ingredients required to bind the meat, but if you do not want to use it? Which egg substitute for binding should you for combining? The simple answer to this is the bread crumbs. Yes, if you do not want the meatloaf to fall apart while cooking, it is one of the best ways.

It acts as a fantastic binding agent, and not just this; it will also add crunchiness to your meatloaf. Be it dried bread crumbs or the new ones; you can use both of them. Therefore next time, do not struggle to bind your meatloaf without an egg. Try the bread crumbs and add up a little munch to your dish.


Not a big fan of eggs? If yes, then you need to know some ways that can help you making perfect meatloaf. Finding an apt substitute for egg in meatloaf is a task because not all ingredients can entirely replace the taste of eggs. The flax seeds are one such option available out there for you in the market that can make your life easier.

The wonder food flax seeds have a long list of benefits. It holds an excellent medicinal value, especially for heart, breast cancer, and diabetes too. Furthermore, it is rich in protein, which is a fantastic thing. Hence if you want to know an excellent egg-free meatloaf binder, then it is the one.

A teaspoon of flax seeds can efficiently substitute the eggs in your meatloaf. Furthermore, it does a fantastic job of binding the meat. Therefore if you want your meatloaf to stop falling apart, use this omega-rich food, flax seeds.


You might have known much best egg replacer for the meatloaf, and most of them act as a perfect binder. But do you do the replacements of eggs that can add the moisture to meatloaf? If your meatloaf is moist, then only you can say that it is perfect. But without humidity, this is not possible. Therefore what foods can add the right level of moisture to the meatloaf?

The very unusual answer is applesauce. Yes, it is something that goes well with various types of meat. Applesauce adds the right amount of moisture to your meatloaf and makes it juicy. Furthermore, it also works as a binding agent. Therefore if you are searching for a correct substitute for eggs in meatloaf, then end your search here.

Applesauce comes with plenty of health benefits that is again a plus point. It furnishes you with loads of Vitamin C and Fiber. Therefore add the applesauce to your meatloaf and make it super tender to enjoy.


Instead of feeling afraid, try to substitute eggs in meatloaf, which will still be a fantastic dish. Although eggs are just amazing and there is no doubt about it, but if you do not wish to add it to your meatloaf, then also there are ways to do it. The market has a bucketful of fantastic foods for you to try instead of eggs.

The purpose of eggs in meatloaf is not limited to just adding flavor; you must know this. It also plays a vital role in a binding agent; moreover, it adds moisture to the meatloaf even when you reheat it in microwave. Therefore whenever you find a substitute for it, ensure that you are keeping these two points in mind.

Therefore, the next time you start making the mouth watery meatloaf dish, make sure that you have the right substitute for eggs. Furthermore, never forget to pick a replacement that is as nutritional as eggs.

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