Steamed Fish Fillet with Oyster Sauce Recipe

Benefits of Ingredients in Steamed Fish Fillet with Oyster Sauce Recipe

Are you a seafood person? If yes then I am sure you must have enjoyed experiencing different recipes of fish and fell in love later. Sometimes being diet conscious we don’t like having oil, also can’t stop the craving for fish, right? This is when I look for; steamed fish fillet with an oyster sauce recipe.

Do you know? You don’t need to add fat when it comes to steaming fish; it is simply done by using hot water vapor that cooks the fish. Going through a few steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce recipes I learned that fish will cook more quickly by choosing high-pressure steam cooking.

Being diet conscious, out of curiosity I started looking for a few of the main ingredients used in making steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce. In doing so, I found each ingredient filled with benefits that keep one healthy. Therefore, let’s talk about a few.

Four Beneficial Ingredients Used In Steamed Fish Fillet with Oyster Sauce Recipe

1. OYSTER SAUCE - Used in Steamed fish fillet Recipe

Starting from the oyster sauce used in steamed fish fillet recipe. This is from where the craving of having fish started cause like all seafood, oysters are particularly good for your health. They are rich in vitamins like B12, B3, or A and also contains essential minerals such as iron, phosphorous and zinc. This is why just a tbsp. (tablespoon) of oyster sauce contains enough amounts of copper and zinc that work for your health and season your dishes too.

Let me tell you an exciting thing about the oyster sauce, it was created accidentally by a Cantonese named Lee Kum Kee. He had forgotten his oyster dish on the fire and when he returned, he realized that the broth had turned into a very fragrant sauce. Obviously, some of the nutrients lost during the transformation of oysters in the sauce; however, thanks to him for providing us with one of the yummiest sauce ever. Low in calories, without any fat, you can without guilt continue to spice up your dishes with the oyster sauce without feeling guilty!

2. LEEKS - Used in Steamed Fish Fillet Recipe

Whether its shallots, garlic, cream, cheese, ham, chicken leeks can be a partner with any and taste delicious. One of the ingredients used in the steamed fish fillet recipe is leeks, a light food but extremely satiating I must say!

Call it a protective food with an excellent diuretic because they have a great capacity to eliminate uric. Like garlic and onion, it’s also rich in sulfur substance. Its main asset is the high fiber content, call it an undeniable asset. Mainly the fiber of leeks is a lodge in the green of the leek; that’s in the leaves. It promotes urinary excretion and uses in the treatment of cystitis and various urinary disorders.

3. Ginger - Used in Steamed Fish Fillet Recipe

It’s being so long that ginger is used everywhere to relieve common ailments, such as rheumatism, headaches, colds, or even nausea. The ginger has promising benefits to better prevent cancer. It helps in relieving nausea and lowering blood sugar levels.

It’s one of the main ingredients used in steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce recipe; you have to use approximately 15g of ginger as I have learned in steam fish fillet recipe. You have to top fresh fish fillet, scaled and wash with slices of ginger. When its done, ginger is used to garnish as well. It adds more taste. But it can cause a few complications in pregnancy. Therefore, take care of it if you are serving it to someone expecting or yourself (talking here to my lady audience, obviously).

4. FISH -  Used in Steamed Fish Fillet Recipe

Coming to the most important part of the steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce recipe. Starting from the steaming method, so many ways to make your steamed food; using hot water in appliance or designed pot would be quite easier. No need to add oil or any fat to the fish.

Low in saturated fat and cholesterol, an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and natural source of vitamin A, B, D, E, rich in minerals, such as selenium and iodine and many more minerals, yes that’s the most beneficial meal of all the time when it comes to healthy eating and what’s better than having steamed fish. It can be any type of fish of your choice that you can cook while following the steamed fish fillet recipe.

Whether you have to arrange a family dinner or fulfill your craving of having fish or the child in your home crave for fish and you want to make sure they eat what’s best for their health and of course yours too then you have to look for a steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce recipe and make it quickly.


We all need to be more practical, I must add it here because what’s better than cooking food without you need to touch it and if you are busy with other things it will cook automatically. You just need to check the steamed fish fillet with oyster sauce recipe and give it a try, undoubtedly. Preparing a meal after knowing its benefits and feeding it to the loved ones and making for ourselves, gives some different kind of inner satisfaction that one can never deny!

As it is advisable to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day or starchy foods with each meal it is also recommended to consume fish twice a week. Fish just makes you happy and it’s also good for the heart and limits the risk of asthma in children. All you have to do for now is follow the steamed fish fillet recipe and share your meal and all the benefits that you learned above with your homies. 

Happy eating and sharing y’all!

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