Steam Fish With Leek

If you have some fish and some leeks lying around that you would want to steam and eat for dinner, well, you have come to the right site for steam fish with leek recipe!

Fish is a healthy source of protein, not to mention Omega 3. Which is a substance that is good for the heart. Leeks are healthier in this regard, too!

Leeks contain a lot of Vitamin A, Vitamin K as well as Vitamin B6, Manganese and Iron. These promote overall benefits that are essential for your health and wellness.

With the two combined as well as other ingredients. You can rest assure that the meals that we are going to discuss in this article are going to be healthy and nutritious for you.

Steamed Fish Fillets In Creamy Leek Sauce

For this recipe, we are going to need not just leeks and white fish fillets. But seasonings and other additional ingredients as well.

This recipe will take a significant amount of time to prepare. So if you are constrained in terms of time and would want to opt for a much faster way of doing, we apologise but this is not the recipe for you.

Steamed fish fillet is a work of art in and of itself. So utmost preparation and keenness to detail is of great priority.

Without further ado, prepare the following ingredients so we can begin cooking your Steamed Fish Fillets in Creamy Leek Sauce:

  • Cod fillet – one pound should suffice. If cod is inaccessible or you do not particularly like cod specifically. Then it is also a good alternative to pick any firm white fish fillet of your choosing.
  • Leeks – two stems that have been rinsed of grit and mud, trimmed and sliced. It is also worth noting that leeks may have spots that have begun to rot. However, all you need to do is to cut those parts away and discard them
  • Butter – one tablespoon. If you are on a diet that consists of consuming as less sodium as you can due to health concerns and reasons. You can opt for unsalted butter
  • Olive oil – one tablespoon. Feel free to substitute this with any other kind of cooking oil such as vegetable oil.
  • Dry white wine – one half of a cup. If you do not have white wine. You can alternatively use a combination of one half a cup of water mixed with one teaspoon of white balsamic vinegar. If you have no balsamic vinegar, fear not! Mixing a cup of water with the juice of one half of a lemon should suffice
  • Pepper, paprika and salt – a pinch or so should do. But feel free to add more or reduce as these are only to taste.

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Instructions on what you should do to cook your Steamed Fish Fillets in Creamy Leek Sauce:

Step 1: Get a large skillet or wok and place it on the stove and turn up the heat to about medium. Place the butter and olive oil and allow it to heat and smoke up a bit

Step 2: Throw in the leeks and fry them until they start to turn into a tinge of golden colour. With pepper and salt, season the leeks to taste.

.Step 3: For the meantime while the leeks are still cooking. Season and sprinkle some pepper and salt on both sides and ends of the white fish fillet. Thoroughly applying the seasonings in every nook and cranny of the fillets.

Step 4: Get the wine/water/balsamic vinegar/lemon juice and pour it on top if the leeks. Place the the seasoned white fish fillets or cod fillets carefully on top of the leeks as well.

Step 5: With the lid, cover the skillet or wok and decrease the heat to low. Just enough for the contents within the skillet or wok to simmer. Closely observe that the liquid does not disappear and evaporate, adding more liquid as well as decreasing the heat even more if needed. What you are looking for in this case is the white fish fillet if it is cooked or not.

Step 6: A good tip to keep in mind in order to know if the fish has been cooked is when its colour is not transparent anymore and can be penetrated easily by the tip of a knife. Another tip to look out for is that the fish will flake to the prodding as well. Try not to prod it too hard as it may break apart and ruin the firmness of the white fish fillets.

Around eight or so minutes, start checking for a half an inch of fillet. An outcome of having an undercooked fish is more preferable over having your fish overcooked as it will become very tough to the taste and eating experience, and should therefore be supervised keenly.

Step 7: After the fish has been cooked to perfection, place the contents on a large plate or baking pan and if preferred, you can drizzle some paprika to add a bit of smoky flavour as well as some colour onto it.

In conclusion

You can steam cook your favourite white fish fillet and throw in some leeks and other seasonings to complement the flavour of your dish.

Leeks are a healthy addition for steamed fish, and given that the dish is steamed, much of the nutrition is retained within the vegetables and the fish meat as well.

Steam fish with leek comes in many variations, and not just the recipe above can it be done so. Many others have incorporated some exotic ingredients such as cornflour, thickened cream, parsley and even eschalots! (if you have no idea what eschalots are, they are basically onions but are reddish purple in colour and are quite strong to the senses, especially sight as they make you tear up when you chop them up)

With such many interpretations and other creative means to experiment with steam fish with leek, you will almost never run out of delicious and nutritious ingredients you can either add on or substitute from the recipe that we have given you above.

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