Steam Fish Using Oven

Steam Fish Using Oven: A Healthy Guide

7 billion people in the world and more than 7 billion ways to eat food items, isn’t it so? Whether it’s making an egg in the breakfast or cooking fish for dinner, ask the one who is cooking that: how to make a certain dish and believe you me, he or she going to tell the whole new way to make it. It’s not always unique, but they all differ one-way or another. Talking from experience, I am not talking about recipes here; obviously, they vary from person to person, I am sharing with you all the process of making any dish. 

Once I asked my friend with impressively good cooking skills that how to steam fish using the oven. And he not told me how to use the oven but also the recipe and gave a few tips too. Later in this conversation ended with the health benefits of fish. I found every single word he told me, quite informative and helpful which I thought to share with you all. To get to know everything, make sure to give it a read till the end. So let’s begin:  

How To Steam Fish Using Oven

Most probably, office workers like me try to eat such well-cooked meals at restaurants because we do not get enough time to prepare everything at home. But he told me how to steam fish using oven, it literally surprised me with the fact it just takes 6 to 8 minutes. It was a wow moment for me. It is on the top of my menu now, I often used to rush to the corn flakes, salads, or even frozen food but now I just put my fish in the oven and do my minor tasks like cleaning my room, meanwhile, my healthy steamed fish dish gets ready.

To steam fish using oven, you just have to apply the sauce (depends on the recipe) and preheat your oven at a certain temperature. When it’s done, evenly place fish on the steamer basket and put it inside the oven, avoid overlapping. Set the timer and wait for it. The best part is that steaming does not demand oil or butter or any fatty item. Super easy to make and quite healthy to eat!

Steamed Fish Recipe

When my friend, whom I mentioned above and from where this all started, was telling me the making of steam fish using oven, with no intentions of making any fish dish, I asked him to tell me his go-to steamed fish recipe. Since then, it mines go-to recipe too. Do you want it too? Then read below;

This steamed fish recipe does not demand any long list of the recipe; it’s just a few gingers, oyster sauce, and leeks. You just have to apply oyster sauce on the fish slice upside down properly with some gingers placed on it, place it in the oven, and set the timer to steam it well. When it is done steaming properly, try to check with the back of the fork, make sure it flakes easily. The steaming part is done. 

Now add some gingers and leeks on it for garnishing, this adds more flavor to the dish. Eat it with baked potatoes or rice or vegetable, anything of your choice. And here we are done with the steamed fish recipe. Make sure to try it, it tastes yum. 

Health Benefits Of Steam Fish

As you have already read above, all benefits of eating fish. And why steaming it is a better option? Because makes fat free food. There are so many health benefits of steam fish and other food items. Steamed food is always preferred to people with old age and who are following any specific diet plan because of its health benefits.

Nowadays, steamed food is trending, people of each age group enjoy eating it because it does not demand salts, extra oil. It does not produce any smell in the food also do not let the steamed food item lose its nutrients. In fact, it lowers the calories already present in food, dissolves all the fats, extracts the unwanted water, and makes it so light and easy to digest. If you ask me, I would say the gentlest food on the plate is the steamed one because it is just healthier as much as it is lighter. Steaming fish and vegetables is the ideal way to cook them. Even my cooking expert friend told me that how much people are fond of eating steamed food as cooking in steam ovens is getting popular as it is a healthy and quick method to prepare food. 

But you have to be careful about one thing when it comes to steam fish using oven and that is the type of fish as no all kinds of fish are suitable for steaming. Instead of creating any mess later, better go for salmon, snapper, sea bass, halibut, grouper, and cod type of fish.


Nobody can deny the health facts of eating a fish. Be it fried, grilled, broiled, or steamed, fish never loses its charm and taste. You must have eaten fish in different cooked ways, all you have to do for now is to try steam fish using oven via all the instructions mentioned above. I am sure you are going to be a big fan. 

Mostly we stay so stuck in our daily life and hectic routines that we do not go out of our comfort zone to try different things. We should make time for things that bring joy to ourselves only. Be it anything, reading a new book, calling a close friend, changing your room setting, applying to face masks, or trying a new recipe, little things matter for self-growth. I learned this little lesson while eating steamed fish that how joyful it was to get out of the same routine and try something new. 

Make it for yourself cause you and your health matters.

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