Steam Fish Using Microwave

Steam Fish Using Microwave – Learn More Methods To Cook Fish

Throwback to the time when I moved to a new city and started my hostel and job life. It was my first ever experience of living alone without my family and friends. Obviously, I had to make new friends survive in a new place. Well, it all started with sharing my room with a girl, she was living here for a year and more. In this case, I was the newbie in all aspects of the city. But now we are the best of mates and I truly count on her.

Long story short, let’s talk about how it all started. Believe you me, it started with the microwave food which I made and offered her and then the journey begins, because she loved it. Yes, it all started with the dinner when I made steam fish using microwave.  It was a cold night and I had to make myself food and I wanted my dinner on the table within an hour. I chose this quick dish then and it still really does wonders for me.

More like steam fish using microwave recipes

Starting from a wonderful appliance known as Microwave Oven, yeah so many of you like to address it as microwave or simply oven but I call it the king of cooking. Do you know it does anything like, reheating food, preparing dishes, steam cooking, drying food, drying? Well yes, you read it right, drying… I sometimes use it to dry mushrooms, herbs, baby bottles of my cousins, and even once I tried toasting dry fruits in it. You all need to try these all out, this wonderful appliance is just going to make your workload lesser than ever.

Above mentioned things is a bonus which I shared with you all and I do know, you’re going to remember me after trying all. Anyway back to the point, what are more ways to make fish fast using microwave just like I had steam fish using microwave? For this below are a few points;

Method No. 1 How to cook fish in microwave

To try this method of cooking you really need to understand that this machine aka microwave is so fast so you have to take care of the time so it may not overcook and also don’t cook it in rush, obviously, it cooks/fry fish fast than stove but try to keep oven minutes a bit less, making it work on minimum power, I know it will extend the cooking time but it will highly safe your fish from overcooking. Better wait than dislike the taste later!

Don’t confuse yourself with how to fry fish in microwave question because I have seen people be confused between fry and cook words, both of them are the same method to make your fish ready to eat. Clear! The second important thing which I want you to know in how to cook fish in the microwave method is that prefer choosing equal thick fish along the entire length when it comes to cooking or frying in the microwave and uses suitable dishes for this process. Also do not add water cause it’s naturally moist but for the taste you can add a knob of butter on the top or spices and aromatics, it will enhance the taste.

Once the microwave is done with cooking your fish, don’t serve it frequently, let it rest for a few minutes like 3 to 5 and if you want a uniform temperature of your fish before serving it then try covering it with an aluminum sheet while it rests.

Method No. 2 How to steam fish in a microwave steamer

You have loads of work to be doing or have an assignment deadline but you are unable to focus on anything because your hunger does not let you. In this case and shortage of time, get yourself steamed food. Eating steamed food is highly recommended because it’s healthy, tasty fat-free, and also takes less time in getting ready. And if you are on diet, can’t grab junk food then steaming is the best option as it does not absorb all the water of food so the nutrients, vitamins, minerals remain the same.

Whether it’s your favorite vegetables, beans, zucchini or fish just set the microwave and wait for a few minutes to enjoy a plate of healthy food because it’s extremely quick. If you have a microwave with steamer and a fish too, now the question is how to steam fish in a microwave steamer, all the parents in hurry make us steam fish using microwave because it gets ready quickly and healthy enough that they don’t have to worry about this part.

You just have to add the vegetables or the sauce you want on the fish and cover your whole dish air tightly that everything is close using cling film. Place it in the oven and set the time according to the thickness of the fish, when you get the desired results open its hermetic film, carefully. Use the back of a fork to check is it soft and spongy by pressing it down and enjoy your steamed fish with rice, vegetables, or sauce.


Undoubtedly, technology plays a vital role in our lives whether it’s about communicating with and loved one living abroad, traveling to another state, working from home, or getting your food ready, it’s just a matter of minutes. All you have to learn the potentials it offers because I have seen people overlooking so many things an oven can do just because they don’t know about it.

Microwave is surely a king of cooking and the best part of this is that I do not change the taste of any dish if you use it carefully by taking care of the instructions it came up with. With a little bit of imagination, you can try out new recipes in it and share your experiences with others, just like I shared with you about making a new friend and having steam fish using microwave.

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