Steam Fish on the Grill – How to Cook Food in Foil Properly?

Fish is one of the intimidating seafood to steam using a grill. It enhances the overall flavour of the dish, and you get to enjoy two tangs in one meal. Along with the taste of steam fish, you can also experience the touch of the grill to it. Steam fish on the grill is one of the best choices for family get-togethers.

There is nothing better than the tender fish with the best seasoning all over it. Moreover, the addition of some veggies can bring out more flavours in your fish. In addition to these vegetables also increases the nutritional value of your meal.

Although steaming fish on the grill seems complicated for the beginners, but once you know the tricks and tips, it becomes easier. Therefore without wasting time, let’s get started with the steam fish on grill recipe along with some helpful advice.

Steam Fish on Grill Recipe 


Take 1 ½ pound of cod/halibut/snapper/fillet and then cut into four pieces, half tablespoon salt and black pepper, and artichoke heart about 14-15 ounces(well-drained), one and a half cup shredded carrot, nicely chopped ½ cup basil leaves, halved pitted kalamata olives ¼ cup, freshly grated lemon two tablespoons, melted butter ½ cup, lime juice ¼ cup


Step 1:

Heat the grill on medium flame until the coals become ash white. Now tear off the aluminium foil and place one fish in the centre. Add the grilled fish seasoning such as salt, pepper, carrots, artichokes, halved olives, basil leaves, and lemon zest. Now sprinkle lemon juice and butter. Lastly, seal the foil from the top.

Step 2:

Now place these foil packets over the grill. Then close the lid and let it grill for about 10-15 minutes or until you see the puffing packets. 

Step 4:

Do not open the fish packets immediately or else the steam will escape. Open your steam fish on the grill and enjoy with veggies and sauces of choice.

Tips for Steam Fish on Grill for Beginners

1. Always Use a Packet

Although people usually do not steam any other food on the grill but steaming the fish is okay to maintain the moisture inside it. You can keep the fish moist even if you use the grill for cooking, but using the foil packet.

You can layer your fish fillets or even a whole fish in a foil and can also add thinly sliced ginger, and other veggies to give more flavour. For this, you have to bring ends of foil together, and even leave sufficient room in foil for steam.

2. Make Use of Plank

There is no doubt that planks are a much better option to fish over the grill, instead of the grates. Remember if you are using a wooden plank, and then soak it in the water for two hours before using it. 

3. Do Not Remove the Fish Skin

There are many recipes names ‘skin removed’ or ‘skinned’, and that is okay if you are going to bake your fish. But in case you are planning to steam your fish on the grill then keeping the fish skin is a better idea. 

Yes, it is helpful especially, when you are steaming the fish fillet. It helps to keep the fish together in one piece and holds it from scattering. In cooking, you do not have to worry even if you do not want to eat the skin. Once the steaming process is over, you can easily remove the skin. Therefore it is a plus point in steaming that you can save the fish from falling apart and at the same time you can remove the skin!

4. Make Use of a Fish Basket

How to grill fish at home? If your query is same then here is one more crucial tip to remember. Fish basket is essential equipment for the people who want to steam fish using the grill. Yes, the fish basket helps to keep the fish from falling apart. You can select the shapes as well as sizes as there are many types available in the market.

The principle here also stays the same that you place the fish in the basket. Moreover, rather than flipping the fish, you have to turn the basket without worrying about the falling of fish.

5. Never Overdo It

The one more crucial tip that you must learn is about the amount of marinating you are using for your fish. It would help if you acquired the fact that seafood lacks the muscle structure, and therefore they are delicate and cannot hold so much marinate over them.

Fish is not that much firm, and that is why you have to stop making it mushy with the excess marinade. It is essential because overdoing the fish can instantly break it down while you will steam it on the grill. 

Moreover, it will become difficult for you to flip the fish to cook the sides. Also, it is not good to keep on turning the fish again and again, as it increases the chances of sticking. Therefore make sure you do not end up ruining your whole fish dish.


How to cook fish on the grill? It is one of the most common questions that newbies ask. Although there are many ways to cook seafood, the steam fish on the grill is just another level meal. If you have not experienced, it yet, go and try out the best meal.

Make sure that you use the aluminium foil as it is going to help you a lot. You cannot use a steamer or the skillet for steaming the fish on the grill; therefore, in such cases, the foil is an excellent option. It works fantastic as a non-flammable system. It just entirely replaces the steamer.  It takes very fewer efforts to make the fish using the grill, and the results are just excellent. Therefore if you are in a mood to make your weekends healthy yet delicious, then follow the simple tips and enjoy the best food at your homes. 

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