Steam Fish Nyonya Sauce Recipe

Steam Fish Nyonya Sauce Recipe – Dishes With Nyonya

Are you a fan of Nyonya cuisine? Or it’s the first time you are going to make it here? Are you from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, or other Southeast Asia? In that case, I am sure you must be aware of this dish and might have tried different recipes. It’s such a delightful cuisine rich in taste and holds history within. Do you know that Nyonya came from the Indonesian language? Before talking about the steam fish Nyonya sauce recipe let’s learn a bit about it.

As I already told you all that it came from some respective states, some named it “Baba Nyonya” and referred to it as the term used for both men and women respectively. Its highly noticeable that if men are responsible for preparing and providing meals for others outside like in hotels and restaurants. Similarly women are also responsible for providing meals at home for the families. In this regard, they named this cuisine after ‘Nyonya’.

Dishes With Nyonya

As it is fish weather, so I will let you all know about the fish dishes with Nyonya in them. How it can bring change and taste to the plate. It totally depends on the person making dishes with Nyonya how he will make use of it and also on the eating person’s taste buds; that is, if he or she lays it as hot and sour or a little mild than making it wild.

Nyonya Fish Paste Recipe

Apart from having a lot of health benefits, one thing that I personally love about having fish in any meal of the day (mostly I take it in lunch and for dinner) is that whatever you add with fish it comes with more health benefits. It could be any sauce, paste-like Nyonya fish paste, vegetables (fried or baked), rice or any way of cooking it. Everything is enriched in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and whatnot.

Just like steam fish with Nyonya sauce recipe, you can make Nyonya fish paste at home. It requires just 10 to 12 minutes to make. This dish is suitable for any occasion like New Year’s Eve or any special day of the year. All you have to take care of the chilies in this dish because as it’s steamed fish adding chilies in the paste will be the yummiest thing to do but some people are nor chili friendly so for them, you have to take care of it otherwise Nyonya fish paste goes best with chilies. 

Nyonya Assam Steamed Fish Recipe

Want to have or serve your guests with restaurant-style fish at home, with the same taste and even with the same name that make them go wow with your choice of meal? Then Nyonya Assam steamed fish recipe is a must-try as its normal to cook at home and will take your 40-50 minutes in preparing.

All you have to do is collect the ingredient that this dish demands and heat oil to fry the fine blended paste until fragrant. Meanwhile, steam fish in a steamer when it’s done; discard the liquid that is left on the steaming plate. When it comes to serving, pour Assam sauce all over the steamed fish and enjoy eating.

Nyonya Style Fried Fish Recipe

Most of you all don’t go with frying fish at home and eating as well. As I cooking it takes more than simply grilling or steaming fish with the same sauces on it or rice along. Anyways, when it comes to trying Nyonya style fried fish recipe I always go with making Malaysian style deep fry fish and mostly chose the whole fish idea.

Whole fish easily serves 3 to 4 people on the dining table; it takes only 30 to 35 minutes to get ready. It demands hot water soaked dried chilies but drained and sliced. For this, you have to collect the entire main and spice paste ingredients separately.  Deep frying fish is the real task here, as you have to cook it well enough that no part of the fish left uncooked. And serving Nyonya style fried fish with steamed rice makes the eater enjoy its taste better.

List Of Nyonya Dishes

So many dishes can be made with Nyonya along. It is not just any regular ingredient or spice to be added, it is a cuisine, and you can call it a Nyonya cuisine. It is famous in Malaysia, Singapore, and China side, and it holds the same importance today as it had in past. Also, the history behind it makes it worthy to remember. But all these countries Nyonya foods do not taste alike, they differ in serving style and even eating.

Adding to your knowledge, Nyonya is not only used for sour and spicy food but for desserts too. It totally depends on the serving. It can be Pickle, Apam Balik, stir-fried vegetables, rice, sambal beacons, chicken curry, a vegetable dish like carrots, turnips cabbage or mushrooms, noodles, soup, fish… The list of Nyonya dishes is just too long and every dish is worth tasting.


Whether you are dining out or having dinner at home, you should keep experiencing things with your taste buds like trying Steam fish Nyonya sauce recipe at home. You all know how steamed fish taste like. Also, everybody is obsessed with making a quick meal with fish and adding sauces over it to taste it a little different. But sadly, some people do not with different ingredients or try new recipes with their regular meals.

Therefore you should not stick to one boring recipe and go for the Steam fish Nyonya sauce recipe. It will make your simple steamed fish a bit spicy, herbal, aromatic, and delicious. Be it any reason, either you want to cook for yourself or its friend’s night stay at your home, you should choose any recipe idea from above and give it a try. It is always good to go with the change.

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