Steam Fish In Air Fryer

Can You Steam Fish In Air Fryer? How To Use Air Fryer

Air fryers are the smart cooking appliance that has made life easier, since the day they were introduced in this global village. They are famous because of their less usage of oil for cooking; call it a gadget for food sellers and important kitchen equipment for houses. Air fryers have made their value in the market a lot due to its advantages. 

Depending on the company and model of an air fryer, one can see how many things their little oven can make. For example, some models of air fryers offer baking, roasting, steaming, and grilling food. If you are a food lover and want a very less amount of oil in your potatoes and fish then you can use an air fryer; it demands patience in return though, as mostly I steam fish in air fryer so takes a little longer than other ovens.

Fish & Air Fryer – Learn Using Air Fryers

I have seen almost every house using a microwave oven for daily life. But, when it comes to air fryers, not everyone owns it. But if you are a foodie I’m sure you have it for your regular meal of potatoes. One of the best things I like about using this machine is that it does not smell of oil. Plus, it takes time in cooking food but does not make your place smell like oil the way deep frying does. When I steam fish in air fryer it works silently. Mostly I steam it for one person serving because of the little space it offers.

If you tell anyone, that you bought an air fryer for home the very first thing that I know, they will think is that it must for potatoes as most people buy it for making French fries as it made wonderful fries and way better than deep frying pan-fries, you must have eaten different potato dishes made in an air fryer. But in my case, I bought it for cooking fish.

How To Cook Fish In Air Fryer

What if you are a fries lover and prefer an air fryer over a microwave oven and any other steam appliance at your mini place and out of nowhere you crave fish? That’s when you look for answers on how to cook fish in air fryer. The same happened with me when I was shifting and prefer taking air fryer at my place before it was small in size and cook food in minutes, not only potatoes but I have tried many food items in it and believe you me, everything tasted so yum. 

So many ways to cook fish just like hundreds of recipes to go with, as per demands and cravings; similarly so many appliances and instructions are available on the internet on making it. You just have to preheat the air fryer and add it into the basket and let the air fryer do its magic for a few minutes. When your fish flakes easily and a bit golden in color then it’s ready to eat (use a fork to check if it pressed down easily) fish can be grilled and steamed to it.

Steam Fish In Air Fryer

Steaming fish in an air fryer is just as easy and quick as in any other steaming appliance. You just have to apply the salt, pepper, or any ingredient of your choice to your fish and place it in the air fryer’s basket. Let it cook for a few minutes, better to set the time on the machine, busy yourself with your minor works so that the weight of a few minutes doesn’t seem of hours to you. 

When it’s done, gently check if it’s steamed properly from inside or outside. Eating steam fish is just so healthy for your body. Serve it with the sauce and vegetables of your choice; this is how you steam fish in air fryer.

Grill Fish In Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love grilled food? I feel like food is grilled to make moods happy. But we all know the struggle and time it takes. The flips it takes to cook all the sides of your food is the constant effort you have to give while grilling any type of food and when it comes to grilling fish, we have to keep eye on the grill stands.

Air fryers have made this easy, when you grill fish in air fryer, no need to flips it for equal heating as the hot air flows all around it, balancing all the sides of the food. Grilling in it is not a great idea as it slightly changes the taste of food.

How To Cook Frozen Fish In Air Fryer

The air fryer is one of the best equipment for getting ready frozen food instantly. It does not demand oil and let you eat low-calorie food. As fish are already low-calorie food items, the question is how to cook frozen fish in air fryer. It’s just simple.

The very first thing to cook frozen fish is to preheat your air fryer when it’s done. Put fish in the basket making sure that pieces are not overlapping; this may cause a mess later. Set the temperature and wait for a few minutes. And your frozen fish is ready to be served with sauces.


Cooking food is getting easy day by day. Remember the struggle our grandparents did to made food for the family? It’s just easy, if your microwave is booked in making any other dish, simply steam fish in air fryer meanwhile. But going with the steamer cooking method is what I think, should be prioritized. Air fryers come with their own cooking list menu.

Undoubtedly, air fryers are the best for daily use. Sometimes it changes the taste of food and also you cannot use butter or cheese type items in it while baking or cooking anything in it because it causes a mess. If not urgent then use air fryers for potatoes more!

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