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Ways to Steam Fish in a Steamer – Learn the Quick Tips

How you steam fish in a steamer? There are two ways of making fish, one is to cook it whole, and another one is the fish fillets. Both methods are different and have varied reasons behind their usage. If you think that the same dish is going to taste similar no matter in which style you make it, then you’re mistaken. 

If you make a whole fish, then it will have the bones, and it has more flavour. Furthermore, it stays juicy and moist. But this does not mean that the fillets are not suitable for use. A fish fillet is also a good option as they do not have the bones and are more convenient to eat.

Therefore it depends upon you which one you consider the most. But the method to steam fish in the steamer is different, and it depends upon whether you are using whole or fillet. Hence here are both the methods of steaming that you can try safely at your homes.

How to Steam Fish in a Steamer?

1. Steaming Whole Fish in an Electric Steamer

Are you a big fan of Thai food? If yes, then you should know that authentic Thai fish recipes mostly have the whole fish. They consider this style of eating fish more and enjoy it with steamed rice. Therefore here are the simple steps to cook a whole fish in an electrical steamer.

Step 1:

Start by filling an electric steamer with water and plug it in. Now slowly and safely empty it into the base. Keep on pouring until the water touches the maximum fill line. Then you have to place the drip tray on the water tank and turn on the machine.

Step 2:

Now season the whole fish with pepper and salt and make the diagonal slits on both the sides. You have to make around three diagonal slits. You can use any of the white fish here there are no compulsions. Scoring helps in even cooking while you steam fish in a steamer. Moreover, it allows the path for flavours to enter the fish.

Step 3:

So, now you can put the fish over the steaming tray and season it with the ginger slices. Ginger helps in eradicating the foul smell of the fish, which people usually don’t like. In an electric steamer, you need to keep on checking after five minutes as it cooks quickly. 

Step 4:

Once you cover the steamer, you have to wait until the fish turns flaky and no more opaque. You can use a fork to check the opaqueness. Insert it in the centre and see if it’s ready or not. If you find it’s not opaque, then let it steam for a few more minutes. 

Step 5:

While your fish is steaming, you can prepare the sauce to spill over it. For that, you have to whisk the one tablespoon of water, soy sauce, ¼ cup of light soy sauce, and one tablespoon of rice wine if you want. Now, whisk these well and set aside until the fish steams.

Step 6:

Once your fish is ready to take out from the steamer, arrange the scallions and cilantro for topping. Place the steamed fish on a platter and scatter the scallions and cilantro over it. 

Step 7:

Now take a skillet or a pan and pour some canola oil and let it heat, once the oil becomes a shimmery turn off the burner.

Step 8:

The last and the most important step are to spill the hot oil and sauce over the steamed fish. Now your delicious steam fish with the use of an electric steamer is ready to serve.

2. Steamed Fillets in a Bamboo Steamer

How do you steam fish? It is an important question to ask so that you do not end up spoiling your meal. How to cook steam fish fillet is one of the usual problems that people come across, and here is the solution in few easy steps.

Step 1:

Start by boiling the water on the stove and fill the pot about half and keep the flame on high. Make sure to place the lid to boil the water rapidly. 

Step 2:

 Now you have to sprinkle a pinch of salt and black pepper on both sides of the fillet. Season both sides of the fish fillet and adjust both the ingredient according to your taste.

Step 3:

Now lay the fillets on a dish and put the chillies, lemon, and ginger over them. Make sure to use the heatproof bowl that will fit perfectly inside your bamboo steamer. You can also add the seasoning according to your choice such as ginger- soy sauce, etc.

Step 4:

After that, keep the plate into the steamer basket and place it on the pot of water. Then fit the steamer basket with a tight-fitting lid and put it on the container of boiling water.

Step 5:

On medium flame, steam the fish for approx. 8 to 10 minutes. After that, check whether the fish is ready or not by dragging fork over the fillet. If it’s not prepared, steam it for another minute.

Step 6:

Transfer the fish into the serving platter and serve it with hot vinegar sauce.      


Steam fish in a steamer is one of the famous cuisines across the Asian countries. Steaming is a far better option of cooking if compared to frying, as it helps in holding the nutrition of the food. Moreover, it requires minimum efforts if compared to other ways of cooking. Here are some steamed fish recipes:

Furthermore, one exciting thing that you must know is that Thai people consider steaming as a minimalist form of cooking. It is an authentic way to prepare fish in many Asian countries as it has many health benefits.  Therefore if you are fond of fish or Asian food, then trying steam fish is a must for you. It will bring out the best taste of your fish and will make it tender. So if you are craving for a burst of fish juice in your mouth, don’t sit back, get started with the best steam fish recipes around you.

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