Steam Fish Gravy

Steam Fish Gravy: A Guide With And Without Oven

They say we should eat fish twice a week as it is heavenly good for our health. But how come they are best for our health? Why people of any age group should eat it? To know these answers, I questioned my dietitian when he handed me my new diet plan and said ‘don’t you miss fish in any week as it is super beneficial for your physical body and mind, eat it in any way, grilled, baked, steamed and you should have steam fish gravy too’ to this he answered me with a huge list of benefits a fish can provide.

Fish are a complete source of in taking proteins just like meat, it contains 1% fat only; Omega 3 which is extremely beneficial for a healthy brain and heart development. It is highly rich in vitamins like vitamin D, E, B, and A., and each mineral or trace element in fish have their own benefits which are highly recommended for a healthy body. 

The Healthiest Way To Cook Fish

As we all know how to treat a person when he is ill but doctors know the exact way and medications to do it better. Similarly, you just learned the benefits of eating fish but how to take it is the real question. So many ways to make fish, either it is at home or in any restaurant. Everybody has their own way to cook fish without knowing the healthiest way to cook fish and not all like the same taste and cooking method.

Fish can be prepared by grilling, frying, steaming, baking, broiling, and poaching. The easiest method of them all is baking, if you like grilling it can be fun but I take time and effort. But we have to go for the healthy one, so the healthiest way to cook fish is steaming. The best part about steaming is the flavor, fish do not lose its natural taste and nutrients, and even its texture remains the same. And you can go it quite easily at home. Let’s learn 2 ways to steam it on your own.

How To Steam Fish In A Steamer

Steaming food is quite easy and it has its own benefits. Steaming fish has a one big plus point and that is it does not require any oil to be cooked. No oil means any extra fat in the dish and this makes it the healthiest dish ever. Steamed food is everyone’s favorite because it is light in eating and digest easily. It gives you the satisfaction that no calories were added while steaming. You just have to be careful with the sauce and paste you use while steaming fish cause what’s the point of steaming fish if you are going to add full of fats paste and sauces to it.

To know how to steam fish in a steamer, you got to have a steamer in the house and 20 minutes approximately; it just takes 4 to 8 minutes to get ready, rest is for your side serving and topping. All you have to do is boil an inch of water in the steamer bottom and place your fish in the steamer basket. Cover it for a while and your fish is ready. Make sure to check fish to know you don’t have it half steamed. The best way to steam fish is not too it in rush; many people set the temperature higher to make it cook as soon as possible but that’s not a good idea. Better set an average temperature and wait a little longer than steam it in hurry.

How To Steam Fish In A Pan

Apart from technology, if you do not own any oven to steam fish at home, you can do it quite easily in any pan or food cooking pot. You just have to check fish if that’s steamed properly; get to know this, if it flakes easily means it’s cooked properly from inside out. If not, try steaming it a few minutes more. 

Even if your oven stopped working, you should know how to steam fish in a pan. You need to boil one inch of water in the pan properly; this is important because when we use the oven we preheat it so to do this part manually, you have to boil water. When it is done, place your fish in a steamer basket, do not over place fish pieces as it will not cook properly, after this, cover your pan tight enough that no steam came out. Now let it steam for 6-7minutes. And your steamed fish is ready.

Note: the best part of steaming fish in other appliances than the oven is that you can monitor it after max minutes as if it’s cooked completely or not. But do not make the testing period long; this will make you lose the steam of the pan. Once your fish is all opaque, it means it is ready to be served or eaten.


Forever heard everyone asking to use fish in the weekly menu but when my dietitian said you should have steam fish gravy, my mind questioned me all of a sudden. How am I supposed to steam fish as my oven was not in order that time. Thus, followed the pan method to experience how it will turn out and it was amazing. I was expecting a minor change in taste but no, it did not happen.

It is highly recommended to eat fish when it comes to health concerns. But be very careful if you have any disease or deficiencies; in this case, make sure to talk to your nutritionist or dietitian because not everything is for everyone. You all know how to make steam fish with gravy. But, even if you have an oven, try steaming fish in steamer. It will a bit different from usual cooking but worth the experience. 

Happy healthy eating y’all!

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