steam fish for weight loss

Steam Fish For Weight Loss: Can Eating Fish Help Lose Body Fat?

Are you tired of eating your boring diet food and still not losing weight? Instead, you’re facing many other problems like deficiencies in particular nutrients? if that’s the case then you and I are in the same boat. But, my taste buds are happy and I am also satisfied with my new diet plan! Even if you are not on anybody shaping mission than you too can follow it. It’s not just about dieting, it’s about eating healthy. Time to tell the secret food and that is FISH; yes you read it right it’s the fish.

What’s better than having a dish that serves your taste buds with high-quality proteins, keeps your metabolism healthy even having low calories but healthy fats. Before you get confused let me clear, fats which are found in fish (omega-3fatty acids) are the healthy fats that help you to manage weight. So whenever anybody asks me which the best food for weight loss is, without giving it a second thought I reply, its steam fish for weight loss and then the questions start.

Can eating fish help losing body fat?

We all love to eat fish in no matter which forms that is served to us. It’s a fact having a fish dish in a menu brings the extra taste and happiness to the dining table. After telling people that I eat steam fish for weight loss, the very first question I get asked is? “How? Also how many times you eat it and which one? Daily / weekly or monthly? And how you prepare it, is there any special recipe?” The quick reminder I gave them all is that “Yes, it’s possible to lose weight with fish and there is a reason experts say to take fish twice a week.” 

How to steam fish at home

Working on keeping the diet chart routine work out, you got to skip oil and fats in your meals till you get the desired weight or the body shape that you are struggling for. I have reasons when I suggest anyone go for steam fish for weight loss. It’s just bad fats-free and you do not need to add oil to cook it which is a plus point of having this in your meal list. Fish itself have fats; healthy fats and steaming it does not require any extra fats. Also, it doesn’t demand salt for preparing as fish salt drips off while steaming (getting ready). 

People who do not belong to the kitchen like cooking food always pop up with a question; how to steam fish at home and then blabbering reason on not to do so. To them all, it’s just so easy, you need to have a microwave with a steamer or an appliance that you can use for steaming fish on a stove. Steaming can be done by keeping a steamer basket on a boiling water pot. See it’s just this easy and simple, this all just took a few of minutes to make it for dinner or lunch; depending on the type of fish you choose, each fish have different cooking/steaming temperature but none of it takes longer.

Best fish for weight loss

Every fish lover knows the benefits of fish in a meal and how essential it is to have it twice a week. All fish types hold special ingredients natural flavor and have miraculously healthy for our health; either it’s our physical body or brain. Fish does wonders to a body. All fish are full of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. So, it will be hard to classify fish into segments when talking about health care.

While listing best fish for weight loss, I personally tried Tuna, Halibut, Salmon – it can be wild or farmed – and Trout. They all taste naturally delicious. These are best to start your diet if you are not sure of which type of fish, to begin with. These are healthy and helps in losing weight so remake your diet plan asap.

Healthy fish recipes for weight loss

All fish have different flavors, talking about natural flavor here. In this regard they all go with different sauces, vegetables, and ingredients when it comes to cooking/frying/baking or even grilling. You just have to choose your favorite technique to make your diet fun just as I chose steam fish for weight loss.

Undoubtedly, fish itself is a completely healthy meal. If you want it to be more delicious and healthy, you can go for these healthy fish recipes for weight loss. I myself find these quite yummy and never get bored of any. And these are crispy honey Salmon, Salmon with tomato cream sauce, Steamed fish with Oyster sauce, Blackened Thai Salmon, I sometimes grill or bake it, tacos of fish with avocado, Baked fish with chips… Sometimes I bake potatoes when I crave of it and enjoy it with baked fish and any of my favorite sauce. Even when I started dieting I used to have boiled fish as it was less fattening. I used to eat it with salt and pepper with onions topping. This I also called steam boiled fish. 


We all know the good fish has in it for us but few know how to take advantage of the thing provided to us by nature and that all we need to go for. Everybody has their own favorite dish in their weekly diet plans for their body shaping, as mine is steam fish for weight loss. 

You just have to be concerned about your health and consult a dietitian or nutritionist, just to know how much fish you can consume on a weekly/monthly or daily basis. In the end, eating yummy but healthy food matters a lot because we have to take care of both mind and body.

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