Steam Carrots in the Microwave

Best Ways to Steam Carrots in the Microwave

Carrots are a weight-loss-friendly vegetable and they are a good source of many nutrients including fibre, potassium and many antioxidants. They can have a range of colours including orange, red, yellow and even purple. It can serve as a good aid in making your vision better as it is rich in vitamin A.

You can have carrots raw or cook them. For cooking, it is important to do it the right way so the vegetable does not lose too many nutrients. One of the healthiest ways of cooking is to steam the carrots. There are multiple ways to do this. 

The least time-consuming method is to steam carrots in the microwave. It requires only a few things like a bowl and a plate apart from the knife and cutting board required to cut the carrot. Next, we will walk you through some of these methods.

Steam Carrots in the Microwave and Other Methods

Steam Carrots Using Microwavable Bowl

Starting with the simplest methods of all to steam carrots in the microwave. Take a bowl that is microwave-friendly and add enough water in it to just cover the bottom of the bowl. Peel the carrots and cut them into circles. Add them to the bowl but make sure the bowl is not filled. There should be space for the steam to move about. 

Next, put a plate on top of the bowl or cover it with a plastic wrap. It is important to make sure the plastic is microwave-safe otherwise it might be dangerous. After that, place the bowl in the microwave and cook for three to four minutes. Check for tenderness by putting a fork through them. Cook it for a few more minutes until it is as soft as you like it. And you are done!

Steam Carrots Using Ziplock Bag

Another equally effective and easy method is to use a zip lock bag. For safety purposes, make sure it is safe to be cooked in the microwave. Also, make sure that the bag is clean. Wash and cut the carrots and chuck them into the bag.

In this method, we do not need to add water to the bag. The carrots own water will help steam it. To add flavour, we toss in butter and herbs. Next, seal the bag to three quarters. There should be a small space left open to allow some steam to escape. Pop the bag in the microwave and cook it for three minutes. You can cook it for a few more minutes if you want them more tender.

After it is done, leave the bag in the microwave for a few minutes to let it cool. Transfer them to a bowl and they are ready to be served!

Steam Baby Carrots in the Microwave

The recipe to steam baby carrots in the microwave is mostly the same as steaming normal carrots. Put two cups of baby carrots in a bowl that has a lid. The lid should have holes or space to allow some steam to escape. Add four tablespoons of water and close the lid.

Microwave it for five to six minutes. Let it cool for a while before opening. Check if it is as tender as you desire. Strain the water. Season it with salt and pepper. You can also mix it with unsalted softened butter.

Steam Carrots with a Steamer Basket

If you do not own a steamer basket, you can also use a metal strainer or colander. 

Take a pot in which your basket can fit perfectly. Pour water into the pot until it touches the bottom of the steam basket. Add salt to the water if you would like some flavour. Bring the water to a boil.

Wash the carrots properly and cut them. Put them in the steamer basket over the boiling water. Cover the pot with its lid. Cook it for five to eight minutes. If it is as tender as you like, take it out. Season it with salt, pepper and butter and serve it immediately.

Steam Carrots Without a Steamer Basket

As mentioned before, one of the ways to steam carrots without a steamer basket is to do it in the microwave. Another method is to do it in the frying pan. And yet another way is to steam them in the rice cooker. 

Take a wide frying pan and fill it with about one inch of water to cover the bottom of the pan. Add salt to taste. Wash and cut the carrots. Add them to the pan. Cover with the pan’s lid and cook for five to eight minutes. Check for tenderness and cook more if needed.

For the second method, fill the bottom pot of the rice cooker with water until it is half full. Add salt to taste and bring it to a boil. Fit the steamer basket the cooker and place the carrots in the basket. Cover the cooker and cook it for five to eight minutes. Open and check if it is as soft as you want. 


Carrots are an extremely important vegetable that has to be included in our diet for its several health benefits. Due to its range, it can be served as part of dry salads, become part of fillings, eaten raw, boiled, steamed or cooked. 

For steaming carrots, a steamer is not always the only solution. There are multiple ways to do it and some might even be easier than having to boil a whole pot of water. You can steam them over the stovetop in a frying pan which only requires only a bit of boiling.

Or you could choose an even simpler alternative which is to steam carrots in the microwave. You can keep zip lock bags with cut up carrots ready in the fridge and just pop them into the microwave whenever you feel like having them or if you want an instant side dish. 

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