Sides For Rotisserie Chicken

In this article, we are going to enumerate the best sides for Rotisserie Chicken which we highly recommend that you put into consideration, and eventually into your grocery cart once you go grocery shopping!

Whether it is to celebrate Thanksgiving. A family member’s birthday or simply a little get together with your close-knit friends. You can never go wrong when you are planning to prepare Rotisserie Chicken as your main dish.

Healthy Side Dishes – Rotisserie Chicken Edition!

First on the list should be…


That’s right, however you prepare or whatever kind of serving you have for potatoes. It is bound to go well with your rotisserie chicken and would definitely complement it in the taste department.

We recommend going for mashed potatoes. They’re soft, delicious and creamy, with flavours and textures. That blend well altogether to give you a feeling of satisfaction and contentment once you get to enjoy it with your rotisserie chicken

And if you do not particularly like mashed potatoes and would instead want it in some other shape or form. We recommend scalloped potatoes!

What are scalloped potatoes, you ask?

It is mostly potatoes in constitution. But it is most commonly referred to as gratin, in which it is baked and topped with a crust that is made with breadcrumbs, cheese that has been grated, some melted butter and egg. It looks a bit burned when glanced upon but is actually crispy and crusty like pie.

Scalloped potatoes eaten alongside your rotisserie chicken will definitely be a treat, as the savory flavour of the chicken will fuse well with the sweet and salty taste of either the mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes.


If you do not feel particularly comfortable with eating potatoes and would want to instead opt for a healthier option, why not cauliflower?

Did you know that cauliflower can be mashed the same way potatoes can? Of course, they can be mashed!

 Not only is mashed cauliflower a lighter alternative than mashed potatoes, but it is by far a healthier alternative, too!

Mashed cauliflower blend and goes well with garlic, giving it that zesty and creamy taste that is sure to blend and vibe well with the savoury flavour of your rotisserie chicken.


“What about squash?”

Heck yeah! Squash is most definitely a contender in this regard, for it not only packs a punch in the nutrition and wellness department due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals that reside within its orange fibres, it is easy to make as well!

It is already delicious on its own, all you need is to roast it with butternut, throw in some salt and pepper and voila, you will end up with a masterpiece of a side dish that is not only delicious to the palate, but healthy for your mind and body, too! Not to mention the fact on how easy it is to cook and how affordable it is as a vegetable. Heck, you can even grow some squash on your garden if you are into that sort of thing: gardening.


“What the heck is broccolini? Is that broccoli’s cousin that migrated from Italy or something?”

Jokes aside, broccolini is indeed the cousin of broccoli. What sets it apart from its cousin is that broccolini has a more subtle, softer and milder flavour. In terms of looks, broccolini has longer stems and tinier florets compared to broccoli. They are more akin to miniature shrubs than broccoli is to looking like miniature trees.

Broccolini can be eaten raw, provided that you thoroughly wash and rinse it properly so as to get rid of the grit that might have stuck onto its florets and stems.

Just season it a bit of squeeze of lemon juice and fried garlic, it will prove to be a crunchy, delicious and healthy addition to your rotisserie chicken.


“Ehp, what’s up, doc?”

Favourite of rabbits and horses alike, carrots are a favourite of many health nuts and enthusiasts due to it being so dense of vitamins and minerals, some would prefer eating it raw despite the clear lack of difficulty in having to chew it and swallow it.

Which is why for your rotisserie chicken, it is definitely a good idea to roast your carrots. And of course, chop it up to bite sized pieces for easier consumption.

Season your roasted carrots with coriander, honey and caraway and you will have a side dish that will definitely go oh so perfectly with your rotisserie chicken.

Garlic Rice

Of course, what is chicken without any rice?

Not only rice, but garlic rice! It just goes well with anything that is meaty, savoury and filling such as rotisserie chicken, as its protein just blends and vibes well with the starch of the garlic rice.

The garlic rice also accentuates the flavour and savoury taste of the rotisserie chicken, giving it that wonderful fusion of flavours that just catches you off guard; at first what seems to be a fiery clash within the mouth turns into a waltz of tasty wonder that just leaves you wanting more… And more!

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And last but not the least, Spinach!

Spinach in and of itself is healthy, plain and simple. Just ask Popeye what his secret is on why he can lift a locomotive and spit bullets from his mouth as if they were watermelon seeds.

It is a good filler, in a sense that it fills you up appetite wise without containing too much calories. Throw in some goat cheese, strawberries and red onions with your spinach alongside your rotisserie chicken and you will end up with a main dish and side dish combo that is to die for!

In closing, there are many sides for rotisserie chicken to choose from. You have potatoes and cauliflower which you can mash, not to mention garlic rice that is easy to make and replicate!

If you’re more of a leafy kind of person, spinach and broccolini will serve as the perfect side dishes for your rotisserie chicken!

And lastly, carrots! They’re crunchy and healthy, another perfect side dish to complement your rotisserie chicken!

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