Sides for Baked Chicken

Sides For Baked Chicken

When the aroma of a scrumptious chicken that has been baking in the oven, spreads through the house, it just gets harder to wait till it’s done and ready to be served. So why not occupy yourself by making a side dish near the source of the ‘aroma’ while you wait. 

There are so many creative ideas of preparing sides for baked chicken that can change the whole presentation and help please a crowd at a family dinner party or any festive occasion. There is no need for a special gathering you can just serve sides with baked chicken because they just go so well together and complete the meal. What to make? Think of it as selecting the right color to perfectly contrast the other for balance. You are choosing to create a symphony of flavors. 

To help you decide here are some short-listed side dishes for your convenience.

5 Categories of sides for baked chicken

1. Vibrant vegetable side dishes

Veggies help balance the meal containing any protein. They are a must have sides for baked chicken. 

If you are looking to spice things up then maybe you would like stuffed and baked pablano with a filling of mince meat, corn, tomato, onion and cheese as a side for your maple syrup baked chicken. 

An already flavorful and spicy baked chicken wouldn’t want something too strong, but a rather milder and simple side such as a roasted butternut squash with just garlic, salt and pepper or sautéed broccoli with garlic and maybe just toss in some corn and carrot for an extra flavor and color.

 Some other stuffed options are capsicums or eggplant stuffed with a filling of any choice. 

A simple cucumber salad with a piquant dressing would serve perfectly for refreshing and cooling the palette from the richness of the chicken.

2. Complementary sides for baked chicken thighs

Baked chicken thighs are usually cooked with thick and thin gravies and juices and need to be the served with a base that can absorb the sauces and give it volume.

Pasta salads are so versatile and can be customized in so many ways to match any chicken recipe.

A simple, basic risotto is like a blank canvas on which anything and everything finds its place. It does not over power and lets the main dish be the star by just giving it a little needed substance and depth.

Rice recipes that are plain like garlic rice, herb rice, and mushroom rice are fulfilling and satisfying when paired as a side for baked chicken thighs.

3.  “A piece of art” but easy side dishes

Why not add a little color, just a bit of a pop to brighten up the table with some easy side dishes. Watermelon strawberry caprese salad will just bring a blast of freshness and balance out the savory flavor of the main entre. 

Egg plant pizza is a creative and easy to prepare dish. Just cut the eggplant in circles and top it with tomato sauce, olive oil, cheese, fresh basil and bake, so simple, colorful, healthy and delicious.

Baked potato is the best complimentary dish. Its earthy flavor just goes so well with the rich juiciness of the baked chicken. A simple baked potato with butter would be fine but shave some cheese over it and that elevates its flavor to perfection. Of course there are so many options for toppings on it, bacon, sour cream, tomato, avocado, corn, etc.

A summery salad of grilled peach and halloumi can be wonderful and an quick side dish. For the easy version just grill some peaches and haloumi and add the simple dressing or make a caprese salad. To take it up a notch add a pack of mix greens and pine nuts.

4.  Classic, simple sides for baked chicken

Sometimes sticking to the typical standard recipes and cooking them flawlessly is all that is needed.

So why not try some creamed corn or sweet potato chips? Or go with a coleslaw  or potato salad. 

There is also nothing compared to the aroma and taste of buttery, cheesy, garlic bread and the crunch of its crust with a soft and juicy piece of chicken. 

And lastly, let’s not forget, mashed potatoes with good gravy on top. Now that is a combination of comfort food that anybody is going to want.

5. Flavorful and healthy sides for baked chicken

Healthy can sometimes be boring but these recipes are fun to put together and the result leaves you with healthy sides for baked chicken.

Ratatouille with a sauce base and veggies like zucchini, tomato, and eggplant, are baked together. A healthy recipe that is full of nutritious vegetables.

Zucchini noodles are served in many ways; simply with olive oil and seasonings or with some bright green pesto sauce. It is also served along with other veggie noodles like carrot and sweet potato noodles. This is healthy for people who choose a low-carb diet.

But for some a healthy option is to have protein served with a carbohydrate by its side. Nutty rice pilaf is a recipe with a rather distinctive flavor and crunch.

Now a wide variety of options are available including; baked, roasted, fried, tossed, mashed, stuffed or creamy, nutty, zingy, fresh, to be sides for baked chicken on your dinner table. So, whenever there is chicken baking in the oven and you have time on your hands, be sure to try these out and enjoy how well they complete the meal. Always remember to maintain a well-balanced diet but be creative and never run out of options again by adding your own innovation to these side dishes.

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