Side Dish for Chicken Pot Pie + Interesting Desserts to Go Along

If there is one thing that you remember about your grandma is her cooking, baking and frying prowess. If your grandma likes to bake chicken pot pie, well, this is your lucky day because in this topic, we are going to discuss side dish for chicken pot pie.

Side Dishes for Chicken Pot Pie!

Let’s say this scenario happens for you: Your grandma called ahead and wanted to drop by for a visit. She wants to catch up with you with what has happened with you, your work as well as any relationships you might have gone through since you last spoke. And in addition, she says that she’s going to bring along with her two pans of her delicious and family famous chicken pot pie.

You can’t contain your excitement! It’s been a while since you’ve had a slice of her chicken pot pie, so you begin to search for side dishes that may go well with it.

Without further ado, let us cite examples of side dishes that are perfect to go along with chicken pot pie.

What Dessert to Serve With Chicken Pot Pie? Number 5 Might Surprise You!

1. Ice cream

Wait, what? Yeah you read that right. Ice cream! No matter the flavour, you can never go wrong with having ice cream as a dessert to complement the chicken pot pie of your grandma. The coolness and sweetness of the ice cream will counterbalance the deliciousness and warmness of the chicken pot pie, which is the reason why ice cream is such a good choice.

2. Milkshake

Not exactly the healthiest of snacks, but you can never go wrong with having two cups of sweet, cool and delicious milkshakes for you and your grandma to go well with her chicken pot pie.

3. Ice cream sandwich

The same principle goes with ice cream; counteract the warmness with coldness, reciprocate the sweet and sour flavour of the chicken pot pie with the sweetness of an ice cream sandwich. Enjoy it as a side dish with your grandma’s chicken pot pie before it melts!

4. Fruit shake

Now this is a healthy option that will definitely go well with your grandma’s chicken pot pie! Not only refreshing and cool, but nutritiously healthy as well, that is if the fruit shake in question is made up of fresh and ripe fruit, and not the sort that comes from packaged tetra packs in powdered form.

5. Apple pie

Huh? Chicken pot pie goes well with apple pie? Well, not exactly. But the catch here is that if you were to pull off in making your own apple pie from scratch, not only would it serve as some sort of contest against your grandma’s chicken pot pie, but this is an opportunity for you to showcase your pie-baking skills to her and hopefully impress her with your baking.

…or you can buy a serving of apple pie from the nearest bakeshop and none would be the wiser.

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Best Salad to Go With Chicken Pot Pie – A Healthy Approach

It should not surprise you that one good addition to a chicken pot pie is a heaping serving of salad. Why? Salad fills in the gaps that are missed by the chicken in terms of nutrition. While chicken pot pies are not the most nutritious sort out there, you should not limit yourself to only one type of food, especially if you are concerned with your health and diet.

To continue, here are some ideal side salads that you might want to consider adding whenever grandma drops by and brings along with her some chicken pot pie:

Honey Mustard Spinach Salad

Ingredients Needed:

To prepare, all you will need for the Spinach Salad are the following:

  • Four to five cups of fresh baby spinach
  • A quart of sliced button mushrooms
  • A quarter of a head’s worth of thinly sliced red cabbage
  • One round piece of thinly sliced red onion
  • Half a cup of chopped walnuts
  • For garnish: cherry tomatoes and Blue and cherry tomatoes for garnish

For the honey mustard dressing, prepare the following:

  • Honey – A quarter of a cup should do
  • Mustard – two tablespoons
  • Lemon juice – two tablespoons
  • Apple cider vinegar – three to four tablespoons, depending on your preference
  • Olive oil – we do not need much of this so a quarter of a cup should be enough
  • Sugar – Now, this is OPTIONAL but if you want your honey mustard to be a bit sweet, a teaspoon should not hurt
  • Salt – Some might want to refrain adding salt, especially those who are watching their sodium intake, but if you must, half a teaspoon should be enough
  • Black pepper – for a bit of spice and pizzazz, half a teaspoon of this should do the trick
  • Garlic – one clove and chopped

How to Prepare:

If you have not prepared any salad even once in your life, doing so is very easy. All you have to do is to gather up all the ingredients listed in the Spinach Salad, put them in a bowl and with a ladle, toss and mix them until the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed,

The same goes for the honey mustard dressing. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, stir with a tablespoon and pour it over the salad as dressing.

Along with your grandma’s chicken pot pie, you will not only be able to enjoy its rich, delicious and overall warm taste and sensation, but with the honey mustard spinach salad on the side, you will also be able to have a nutritious and healthy meal to complement it.

Whether it is a sucrose-filled sugary dessert such as a milkshake, fruit smoothie, an ice cream or a healthy leafy salad such as the honey mustard spinach salad, basically any kind of side dish goes well with chicken pot pie.


It is only a matter of preference, creativity of one’s imagination and a pursuit of mixing and matching different tastes and flavours to satisfy the curiosity of your appetite, and that is what’s important about trying out different combinations of food in general.

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