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Scrambled Eggs with Cheese: A Guide for Beginners

What do you cook when running out of time? Yes, everyone does have something in their kitchen that is available 24/7. It is because when we are short of time, we instantly cook it. Scrambled eggs with cheese are also one such delicious dish that gets cooked quickly. Furthermore, it has a lot of nutritional value, which is why you consider this as your instant meal.

It is not just a quick meal; in addition to this, it is also an instant source of energy. Cheese has many health benefits; it has an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and loads of vitamin A.

Furthermore, you can never feel bored with this dish because there are plenty of various ways to cook it. So, stick here and know the recipe of scrambled eggs and how to cook it differently every time, plus what is the best cheese to use in scrambled eggs?

Deliciously Cooked Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Recipe

What is better than a quick meal which has the goodness of cheese and eggs? If you are still not aware of this most fantastic dish, then here is the best recipe that you can follow. So do not wait, learn the rapid and easy method to cook fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese.


Two eggs, cheddar cheese ½ cup, one tablespoon of olive oil, or you can also use butter, pepper, and salt.


  • Start by preparing a niche mixture of eggs, crack them, and add salt, pepper, and other spices. Then beat it well by using a fork. On the other side, keep the cheese ready, grate it evenly. Now grease the pan with butter or olive oil, and gently put the mixture into it.
  • After this, you can also add cream if you want and then stir it well. Now add cheese and then mix it, keep on adding the cheese slowly and stir. Once you add all the cheese, scramble it usually. Now you can enjoy your delicious scrambled eggs with cheese.

Twists You Can Add To the Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Recipe

1. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Bacon

Have you ever felt an explosion of flavors in your mouth? There is nothing better than a dish that gives you creamy, smoky, and salty taste at the same time. Yes, there exists a meal that will make you feel precisely the same. It is the scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon dish that you can prepare at your homes to enjoy the perfectness.

There are several bacon dishes, but this is a versatile dish. Here you cook the egg in some of the bacon fat and then add some cheese to it. The final results are just excellent, which no one can resist. Therefore here are the simple steps that you can follow to cook this dish conveniently. You should also read our previous post – Pork Roll Egg with Cheese.


Take slices of bacon as per your wish and take the same quantity of eggs, salt according to taste, grated cheese of your choice, and light cream 3-4 tablespoon.


  • Start by cooking the bacon until it becomes crispy. Once done, drain it, and keep on one side. Make sure you do not remove all the fats, leave almost one tablespoon for the next step.
  • Secondly, take a bowl, beat the eggs along with cream in it, and put it aside.
  • Third, take the same skillet that you used for frying the bacon, and add some butter in it. Once the butter melts, pour your well-beaten eggs in it.
  • Fourth, keep the flame on medium and let the eggs cook in the bacon fat, and keep on stirring it occasionally with a spatula. Once the eggs will set, add the scrambled bacon and cheese then move it.
  • Continue cooking for some more minutes and then enjoy the perfect combination of flavors.

2. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Spinach

One can cook scrambled eggs with cheese in many ways, and one of them is by giving it a touch of spinach. Yes, if you want to add more nutritional value to your cheesy scrambled egg, then you can consider this recipe. We all know that spinach is one such veggie that is strong in flavor and has an abundance of health benefits.

Therefore if you want to have a fantastic keto breakfast, then fresh spinach is something that you must use. Here is the recipe for incredibly flavorful scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach for you to try.


Two eggs, salt according to your taste, black pepper, olive oil, baby spinach three cups, two tablespoons of parmesan cheese grated, and pepper flakes


  • The first step you need to follow is to whisk the eggs in a bowl and add salt plus black pepper as you want.
  • Secondly, heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and keep the flame medium. Then add baby spinach and let it cook. Do not forget to toss it.
  • Third, add the whisked eggs into the pan and stir it gently until the eggs start to set correctly. It will take approximately one minute on medium flame.
  • Fourth, add the grated parmesan cheese then give a gentle stir. At last, add some flakes of pepper to enhance the taste.


One more recipe that you can try is the scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. Yes, it is also as delicious as the other meals you learned. The steps are similar; all you have to add meat to the well-stirred egg mixture in a pan. Once it starts to set, add cheese and mix it well. Do not forget to add the spices according to your taste.

So now you are well aware of the necessary scrambled eggs with cheese recipe, and also about the twists that you can try. Each time you will try your cheesy eggs with some flavorsome ingredient, you will realize the versatility of this dish.

It is one of the staple meals, which is why it is vital to learn new ways to cook. Furthermore, if you want to make this dish even healthier, add veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, etc.

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