Ice Cream Drink? What Does Eggnog Taste Like?

Milk is one of the earliest drinks we come to discover as children, and continue to love even as adults. Milk coupled with other ingredients such as egg can produce certain drinks. That are known to be delicious, such as Eggnog. Eggnog is also called milk punch, since it sometimes contains alcohol. It is a well-loved drink by many, since the ingredients required to create such a drink are widely available. But why do so many people love eggnog? What does eggnog taste like? And is it really alcoholic?

Eggnog is usually associated with the holiday spirit, since it almost tastes like melted ice cream, but not quite. Having an Eggnog while feeling the festive spirit of the holidays brings about a different kind of joy. It is another unique drink that those curious about its taste would like to know more about. Who wouldn’t love an ice cream drink?

3 facts about eggnog – what does eggnog taste like?

1. Contents: what does eggnog have in it?

Eggnog can be described as a chilled and sweet drink that is, more often than not, alcoholic. What does eggnog have in it? It is an innovation to the normal glass of milk. Since it uses a mixture of dairy, cream, sugar, egg whites and egg yolks. Eggnogs are susceptible to multiple taste additions, such as added sugar, cinnamon or vanilla. The reason why egg whites and egg yolks are mentioned separately. Is because some recipes require that the egg whites are beaten and whipped until they form a foamy texture. This creates the thick and creamy feel to eggnog drinks, and creates a heavier and much more fulfilling experience. Much like a normal glass of milk. The number of possibilities to creating an eggnog glass that suits your taste-bud-needs at the moment are endless.

The alcohol that may be included in an eggnog mixture are drinks like rum, vodka, or whiskey. The amounts to be added vary according to the drinker’s preference. In its most common form, it contains alcohol to a certain extent. But eggnog without alcohol is also a common site nowadays. Especially when it comes to underage drinkers who are not allowed to have it.

Eggnog is generally an easy drink to create, which is why it is common to see a glass or pitcher of the drink in family gatherings during the holidays. Though eggnog isn’t branded as something you’d drink when sticking to a diet, the milk content in the drink still provides benefits such as calcium, magnesium and other vitamins.

2. Alcohol Content: Is Eggnog Alcoholic?

For a concerned person with under-aged drinkers, one might ask whether it’s safe to buy eggnog off the shelf. More importantly, is eggnog alcoholic?

The answer to the question is that it can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It depends on the eggnog being bought from the shelf, or created by the person making the drink. Again, it all boils down to the preferences of the drinker. Those who prefer not to have eggnogs with alcohol in it can opt to buy or create eggnog without using any bourbon, while those who do prefer a little kick to their eggnog can either buy eggnog with alcohol or add their own preferred bourbon. The commonly added drinks include brandy or rum, which are usually added after pouring all the other ingredients to a glass to create the eggnog.

This is great news for those who want to try their hand at tasting the so-called milk punch, since having a non-alcoholic eggnog has all the tastes and goodness of an alcoholic eggnog. The drink is so versatile that adding bourbon to it doesn’t really change its taste that at lot have come to love. Celebrating the holiday spirit in a variety of ways through drinking a good ol’ eggnog is another great alternative to your normal, everyday, glass of milk.

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3. Eggnog Recipe

For those who are curious about creating the drink and want to eggnog, numerous recipes are available that describe how to create the drink. It is a relatively easy creation, since it only requires a few common ingredients. Most recipes only take minutes to create because the only labor involved is whipping and mixing all the ingredients together.

For the eggnog recipe, the specific ingredients involved include egg yolks, sugar, whole milk, heavy cream, bourbon, nutmeg, and egg whites. The most important step to creating that creamy and thick texture is being able to beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Soft peaks are peaks that form after beating egg whites for a certain period of time, usually using a hand-mixer. Soft peaks hold a peak momentarily and then melt back towards the bowl after a few seconds.

Added ingredients can include cinnamon, vanilla, or even sugar, if you want a drink that is sweeter than your average glass of milk or cup of ice cream. With all this flexibility available, as well as its proven delectable taste, it’s no wonder that the eggnog is a crowd favorite come the holiday season. Everyone can have their own eggnog creation according to his or her own preferences. This definitely makes for a more joyous festivity wherein everyone can participate.


Eggnog can add to the experience of having a drink that is both comforting and delicious, especially during a time when the holiday spirits are high. It is a drink that can be modified in a number of ways, the possibilities being limited only by your imagination. The sky’s the limit when it comes to thinking of ways to create the best tasting eggnog you or your family has ever tasted.

When it comes to eggnog, the question of “What does eggnog taste like?” can be answered by saying that it can be anything you want it to taste like. But one thing’s for sure, eggnog can taste like the best ice cream drink you’ve ever tasted during the holidays, but on the other end of the spectrum, it can also taste like an adult’s version of a warm glass of milk before going to bed because of the alcohol and bourbon added.

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