how to spice up scrambled eggs

How To Spice Up Scrambled Eggs To Make It Taste Different Every Time?

No one can resist the flavorsome scrambled eggs that slip off from the folk delicately into the mouth. Yes, there is no doubt that it is not just a mouth watery dish; instead, it is way more nutritious. The recipe is a breakfast staple; therefore, many people often eat it in the morning. Some even cooked eggs in microwave for a quick bite. But, sometimes it becomes annoying to eat a similar dish every day. Thus it is imperative to learn how to spice up scrambled eggs.

You should thank nature because it has gifted us with an abundance of delicious ingredients. One does not have to eat the boring version of a scrambled egg again and again. There are plenty of ways in which one can enhance its taste.

Hence if you are going to have scrambled eggs next morning, wait and learn some quick add on ingredients to upgrade the taste. These fantastic ideas will help you to get rid of the same and dull feeling.

How to Spice Up Scrambled Eggs with Different Ingredients from Your Kitchen Shelf?

When we hear of scrambled eggs, we think that it is no big deal to cook it. But in reality, it takes a lot to cook perfect eggs that are moist yet tasty. Making scrambled eggs with a twist is essential to make sure you do not get bored from eggs.

Therefore here are some best foods that were always available in your kitchen, but you didn’t know to use it with eggs.

Add Some Sauces

Have you ever tried sauces with scrambled eggs? If no, then you are missing the real taste. Yes, sauces are one of the most common options that are available in every home. Today we are surrounded by plenty of sauces in different flavors, which is a great thing.

Be it fish sauce, some spicy one, or a tangy flavored; there are lots of options available. The best part here is that the maximum types of sauce go well with scrambled eggs. Therefore all you have to do is to keep experimenting and find your best flavor.

Mayo Magic!

If you are a fan of scrambled eggs that tastes a little bit creamy and moist, then here is the best ingredient. Yes, mayo is one such food that is amazing if someone wants to make their eggs creamy, but not too runny.

Some people also add milk to make scrambled eggs creamy, but it can make them thin and runny. Therefore to maintain the right consistency, it is important to use something that adds an apt amount of cream. Mayo works the best here and makes the eggs perfectly moist and also adds extra fluff. Hence next time, when your tummy will crave creamy scrambled eggs, try this tip.

Boost The Taste With Beans

For many people, scrambled eggs are the source of getting protein. Undoubtedly it is full of nutritional value, but what about adding more nutrition to it? Yes, cooking healthy scrambled eggs is easy if you have beans in your kitchen.

We all know that pulses and beans are packed with protein and furnish our bodies with fiber, which is good for digestion. One can add beans to their scrambled eggs, as it tastes fantastic with it. Frying the beans before topping it on eggs is also an excellent option to add up some spices. Therefore, now you can quickly get your daily dose of protein just with beans and eggs.

Mix Some Ramen

Do you also fetch a packet of ramen, when craving for some spice? If yes, then how about trying it with everyone’s favorite scrambled eggs? Yes, ramen is one such instant food that works well when you are finding how to spice up scrambled eggs.

These are instant, and one does not have to put many efforts too. Furthermore, it comes with a perfect combination of spice powder, which magnifies the taste. You can try it with your scrambled eggs to have an ideal blast of spices in your mouth.

Tangy Tomatoes

Adding just a cup of veggies to your scrambled eggs can change the whole taste and increase its nutritional value. Tomatoes are vegetables that go with eggs. These are sour in flavor; that is why it brings out the best of eggs.

One can sautée the tomatoes with some spices according to the taste. Please put them in the pan and add salt, pepper, and other spices of your choice. Once done, you can add it to the regular egg mixture, and then scramble it.


Scrambled eggs with spinach are the perfect combination. You might think that how it can spice up the eggs, but here is the way out. If you want to have scrambled eggs that are super healthy yet full of flavors, then adding sautée spinach is the best idea.

Yes, it will correctly add the right amount of nutrition along with the spices you want to enjoy. The benefits list of spinach is too long. It furnishes fiber, protein, vitamin A, calcium, as well as iron. Sautée spinach in a pan with the spices of your choice and then add it to egg mixture. Lastly, scramble it in a usual way, and that it.


Experimenting with food is always exciting. Scrambled eggs are one of the favorite dishes that almost everyone loves to eat. It has loads of proteins, and that is why one can consume it regularly. But, eating similar food every day is not possible. One day eventually, we end up getting bored with that food.

Therefore it is essential to know how you can give a twist to your daily food. One must know how to spice up scrambled eggs. It will help you eat similar food in different ways, and you will never feel bored with it.

Spinach, sauces, mayo, and many other such foods are always there in our kitchen. All you have to do is to use is correct with the scrambled eggs. These can spice up your daily meal so that you can enjoy the same eggs every day but with different tastes.

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