How to Reheat Grilled Chicken

In this topic, we are going to discuss how to reheat grilled chicken. Reheating grilled meat, especially chicken the right way is not something that is easily achieved by most people.

Some would say that simply putting the chicken meat that has either gone cold or has been in the fridge overnight onto a microwave oven. Set it to heat and pull it out would be enough.

But the truth of the matter is such a course of action would not only result in the grilled meat being dry and coarse on the surface. But cold and stiff deep inside.

There are a variety of things to keep in mind and consider when heating grilled chicken. One of which is finding a way to retain the moisture that is within the meat and keeping as much of it there when reheating. If it can’t be helped, find a way to replace the moisture that would be lost due to evaporation.

Reheating Grilled Chicken Ain’t As Easy As You Think!

Here’s what you can do if you’re gonna heat it over the microwave!

When you eat chicken that is fresh from the grill, it is soft, moist, juicy and delicious. Yet the same cannot be said when you place it overnight on the fridge, reheat and eat the leftovers the next morning.

But, did you know that there are steps you can do to retain most. If not all of the deliciousness as well as the sensation of eating the grilled chicken as if it came fresh from the grill? Read more and see for yourself!

The key to reheating grilled chicken is keeping it moist. The component that gives chickens their moisture as well as their flavour is the sauce that is used to either marinate or brush it with.

It is a good idea to keep at least one bowl of the sauce that will be used to marinate the grilled chicken and place it in the fridge. Why?

Because if ever there would be leftover grilled chicken that is going to be eaten the next day. The sauce will help in keeping the grilled chicken as delicious as it was the day it was grilled.

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Reheating Grilled Chicken with Microwave

The first thing you must do if you intend to reheat it via the microwave oven is to get a microwave-safe plate.

Put the grilled chicken in there and pour the sauce over the chicken. Ensuring that all sides as well as the bottom part is poured evenly with the sauce.

This reason why this needs to be done is because without the sauce to absorb. The microwave radiation of the oven and evenly scatter the heat around the chicken. The oils, fat and water within the chicken would be mostly evaporated. If you were to carelessly reheat it without the sauce.

After the sauce has been spread evenly, use a microwave-safe wrap to seal the chicken. Do not use the kind of plastic wrap that is not for microwave ovens. As these have a high chance of melting and sticking to your chicken when it is being heated in the microwave oven.

Put the chicken in the microwave oven and heat for around three to five minutes. The time of which you will heat will depend on the volume of the grilled chicken you have.

After the time is up. Use a spoon and stir the sauce and spread the chicken some more so as to distribute both flavour and heat. Repeat the step by reheating.

A good metric to ensure that the chicken is ideally hot and safe for consumption. Is by using a meat thermometer and by checking the internal temperature of thickest grilled chicken. Heating it up until the meat in the core is around one hundred sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. About seventy-four degrees Celsius.

No Microwave? No Problem! Perhaps A Convectional Oven Will Help

If what you have access to as of the moment is a baking oven. The same principles can be applied, albeit with more steps.

The first thing to do is to pre-heat the oven to about three hundred twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit or about one hundred sixty-three degrees Celsius.

Get a baking pan and pull out a sheet of aluminium foil, the length of which should be enough to encompass and cover the baking pan, in addition to the chicken on all sides.

Put the grilled chicken in the baking sheet, and with a brush, wipe the sauce that was used to marinate the grilled chicken. If you do not have any of the sauce left, you can use olive oil or butter as a substitute.

Wrap the grilled chicken tightly with the aluminium foil and put it in the oven to heat. The ideal temperature to keep track of with the meat thermometer is one hundred sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit or about seventy-four degrees Celsius in the core of the biggest chunk of chicken meat.

Final Thoughts on Reheating Grilled Chicken

After reheating your grilled chicken, it is best to wait for around five to ten minutes for it to cool. The temperatures on the outside of the chicken will be blisteringly hot and might burn those who might take a bite immediately.

To recap and review, the key component in reheating grilled chicken is to keep it moist. The moisture within the chicken is what keeps it juicy, soft and delicious. Carelessly heating the grilled chicken without any means of induction and retention of moisture will render it dry, tasteless and coarse.

There are two common ways of reheating: via the microwave oven or via a convectional baking oven. Grilled chicken can be reheated over a pan and flame, although it might result in dry and callous chicken so this method is not encouraged.

If reheating via microwave oven, use microwave-safe materials. If using the convectional oven, use a baking pan and aluminium foil. In both cases, it is best to brush with sauce, olive oil or butter prior to sealing. And lastly, the key temperature to look out for is 165 degrees Fahrenheit or about 74 degrees Celsius.

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