How to Reheat Egg Rolls? Know All the Helpful Tips for Beginners

One of the very famous Chinese cuisines, egg rolls are now everyone’s favorite. The perfect flavors attract the eyes and nose towards it. There is no doubt that it is just a fantastic combination of crispy coating and flavorful filling. But many people are still curious about how to reheat the egg rolls?

Reheating the egg rolls sounds an easy task, but it is not that convenient. One needs to ensure that the outer layer of the roll remains crispy, and from inside, it is soft. If you lack the knowledge of reheating the egg rolls, then there are chances that you might end up ruining all of them.

Therefore you must know how to reheat the egg rolls, which you have stored. Hence, stick here and get some master tips related to egg rolls. By following these helpful instructions, you can conveniently reheat your precious egg rolls.

Tips about How to Reheat the Eggs Rolls

The egg rolls are undeniably one of the most favorite foods among people of all age groups. Our modern life is not complete without the crispiness of this fantastic dish. Sometimes we do not have the proper estimate about how many rolls we need to cook, and in such cases, we end up with many leftover rolls.

Furthermore, we need to know how to fry egg rolls again? It is imperative to maintain this recipe’s crispiness, or else it will lose its authentic taste.

The significant task here is how you should reheat egg rolls to help retain their crispy exterior? In addition to this, you also have to ensure proper interior temperature. Yes, it seems quite tricky. Therefore, here are the simple ways that can help you with how to reheat egg rolls.

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1. Make Use of Oven

Retaining the same crispiness and crunch of the egg rolls is not that easy. Therefore if you are seeking to eat reheat eggrolls without losing its authentic crispy taste that you adore, then using an oven is an excellent idea.

Yes, there is no doubt that it is not the fastest way to reheating, but it is among the better choices. Here are the easy steps that will help you in how to keep egg rolls warm and crispy.

Steps to Reheat

  • Start by preheating the oven to 350°F.
  • Take a cookie sheet and gently place your egg rolls on that.
  • Now let them heat up for around 10-15 minutes nicely.
  • If you think that they are not adequately heated yet, leave for a few more times.
  • Now take out egg rolls from oven and enjoy.

2. Warm Egg Rolls Using Stovetop

It is not crucial that everyone has the facility of modern kitchen equipment available. Therefore some people are curious about the ways to reheat the egg rolls using the stovetop. Yes, one can also crisp the egg rolls on the usual stovetop.

Furthermore, it is another most used method that people use. All you need is a pan or a skillet, and the plus point here is that it is a fast way of reheating the egg rolls. Here are the easy steps to follow if you want to learn how to keep egg rolls warm and crispy.

Steps to Reheat

  • Use a skillet or a pan; mount it on the stovetop with some olive or cooking oil. Now let it heat.
  • Secondly, put in the egg rolls carefully, ensuring that you do not spill the hot oil out of the pan and now allow the rolls to heat up thoroughly from all the sides before flipping.
  • Once you find that egg rolls are ready, take them out form the skillet.
  • Place them on tissues, or towel paper to soak out the excess oil that is soaked.
  • That’s it; now you can enjoy your finely crisped egg rolls.

3. Reheat the Rolls Using Microwave

How to fry egg rolls using a microwave? Do you also want to know this? Microwave is nowadays a fundamental kitchen tool. Therefore if you are also searching the ways to reheat the egg rolls that you preserved, using a microwave, then here is how to do it. Although heating the egg roll with the use of microwave is tricky, but here are the steps to help you.

Now without losing the perfect crisp in the egg rolls, you can reheat them using the microwave. Here are the steps that you have to follow. Make sure you do not skip any essential instructions.

Steps to Reheat

  • The very first step is to place the stand on a microwave-safe plate or in a microwavable container.
  • Secondly, you have to set the rolls on top of the stand gently.
  • Now start reheating the rolls for almost 30 seconds on high. One thing that you should note down is that if you have frozen the rolls, then it may require more time.
  • Once you reheat the egg rolls for the first time, roll over it and set the microwave on high for few more minutes.
  • Now, if you find that the rolls are nicely crisp, remove them from the microwave. Tadaa! Your egg rolls are now ready to enjoy.


There is nothing more annoying than eating the egg rolls that are not crispy. Yes, the crunchiness of the rolls is essential. It is one of the reasons why people adore this dish a lot. It is a combination of a very light crunch outside and softness inside. Therefore it is essential to maintain this flavor.

But if you cooked too many rolls and store them in a refrigerator, then do not worry. Yes, now you do not have to stress about how to reheat the egg rolls, maintaining its crispiness. Just follow the right steps, and you will not waste even a single roll.

It is also essential to learn that always keep the egg rolls in the refrigerator when you mistakenly cooked too many. Wrap them in a foil and put in the freezer. Now you can enjoy the authentic crispy yet soft egg rolls anytime you wish.

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