How to Cook Sunny Side up Eggs easily At Home?

How to cook sunny side up eggs? Do you also have the same question? Are eggs your all-time favorite food? Yes, there is no doubt it is of the foods that one can eat in an abundance of ways. Moreover, be it poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or sunny side up eggs, every single dish has a unique flavor.

Furthermore, this yummy and versatile food has suffered a lot of criticism at a point about its nutritional value. But, they are back again in the market, and undoubtedly it has an abundance of nutritional value.

Your eggs are going to be healthy or not, totally depend upon your cooking style. If you fry your eggs a lot, then obviously it is going to lose its nutrients. The sunny side up eggs is one of the best ways to retain the nutritional value. Therefore here is a bit different way to cook your favorite dish.

How to Cook Sunny Side up Eggs with a Twist?

Avocado and Sunny Side up Egg Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast is usually the very first meal of our day, and that is why we want it to be satisfying enough. But eating breakfast to satisfy the tummy is not enough. You must ensure to eat something that has plenty of nutrition too. Therefore here is the super easy healthy sunny side up egg recipe with a twist of avocado.


Take a big avocado, finely cut cilantro one tablespoon, lemon juice one and a half tablespoons, salt according to your taste, home-made or ready-made pizza base, and around four eggs, cooking oil


Step 1

First, slice the avocado lengthwise, start removing the pit, and gently scoop the flesh into some bowl. Once you have entirely scooped the half avocado, add the lime juice to it with a bit of salt. Now start mashing it with the help of a fork till it becomes a smooth paste but with few avocado chunks.

Step 2

The second step is for the people who are going to use the home-made pizza base. Once your dough for pizza base is ready, cut it into equal four to five pieces. Now roll each dough piece one by one and make a 6-inch circle. Now heat a skillet and keep the flame on medium.

Once the skillet gets hot, place one dough circle on it, and cook for around one to two minutes, it should look nice brown. Keep repeating this step for every dough circle.

Step 3

After your pizza bases are fully ready, spread the mixture that you made with avocado on it. Now let it set and keep aside.

Step 4

Side by side prepares your fluffy sunny side up eggs.  Crack one egg into a well-greased pan and keep the flame on medium. Now do not flip the egg and cover it with lid. Let it cook until the egg whites are nicely set and yolks are still runny. It will take approximately two minutes to cook perfectly.

Step 5

The last step is to place the nicely cooked sunny side up eggs on top of the pizza base that you had already topped with avocado paste. You can also enjoy this recipe with a hot sauce. Now you can also easily prepare a perfect dish because now you know how to cook sunny – side up eggs.

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How Can You Make Your Egg Recipe Healthy?

Most of the people come across this query about how to cook sunny-side-up eggs or what healthy ways for breakfast? Yes, the nutrition value that you are going to get from an egg total depends upon the way you make it. Here are some of how you can prepare the fluffy sunny side up eggs full of health benefits.

1. Bake it!

Do you love baking? If yes, then it’s a plus point, you can quickly cook some healthy eggs for your breakfast within a few minutes. It is one of the fast and convenient methods to make eggs. Furthermore, in this manner, you also end up saving a lot of nutrition in the eggs. All you need is oven and eggs.

2. Scrambled Eggs         

Another famous method of cooking eggs to retain their healthy proteins and nutrients is scrambled eggs. Follow the super easy steps to make delicious scrambled eggs. Crack eggs beat them in a bowl, and add salt. Heat a pan and put some butter in it. Then pour the beaten egg mixture into it and let the eggs set.

3. Omelet

Yet another fantastic way to consume eggs is in the form of an omelet. Although many people might believe that food is unhealthy because of the excessive use of oil, it can still be a healthy dish. If ypu are using a non-stick pan, there is no need to use excess fat. First, beat the eggs in a bowl, add salt, and black pepper.

Furthermore, here you can also add veggies to enhance the flavor. Once the mixture is ready, gently pour it in a pan, which you’ve heated. Make sure you do not stir; let it cook like a pancake. Once the eggs set, flip it, and, when both sides are ready, enjoy it!


There are many different ways to cook eggs, and that is why it is known as the food gifted by nature to us. We must feel thankful for eggs that saved our lives when we were running out of time at some point in life. Most people have the same feeling because they also preferred to eat eggs in the morning hours of a hurry.

You can find many people who might criticize this food, but at the same time, no one can deny its advantages. One of the most common questions people ask is how to cook sunny side up eggs?

Yes, it is one of the best ways to cook this food so that the nutrients will not escape. The sunny side up eggs is an incredible dish because it does not require plenty of oil to the pan. Hence cook healthy and live happily!

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