How To Cook Kielbasa

How To Cook Kielbasa

The kielbasa is from Polish origin and it represents all types of meat sausage that come from Poland. It is an important part of traditional Polish cuisine. Here, we’ll talk about the different ways on how to cook kielbasa as well as what other ingredients and foods go well with these delicious sausages.

The literal meaning of the word kielbasa is sausage. The origins of the word are not entirely certain, with some giving it Hebrew, Turkish, and other roots. In North America, there are different types of spellings of this term. However, they all sound similar and there can hardly be a misunderstanding about what exactly kielbasa means.

Initially, the kiełbasa was found in Polish rustic areas. Afterwards, its usage was spread more widely into the country, and today, it is all over the world. There exist many types of recipes for cooking the popular kielbasa.

After all, sausages are generally a delicious sort of food, and there are hardly any meat – lovers that would miss on a well-prepared kielbasa.

Now let’s dive into the subject together and learn how to cook kielbasa.

The kielbasa is a Polish specialty and it stands for “sausage”. It can be made from a variety of meat, like chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, veal, or a combination of these. In Poland, this is a traditional food and they honour and respect this dish a lot.

The different types of sausage have their own description. For example, “kielbasa krakowska” stands for a sausage made in Krakówian fashion, while “kielbasa myśliwska” stands means literally a hunter’s sausage.

In the international meaning of the term kielbasa people refer to big, smoked chains of sausages, packed in vacuum, in order to make their edibility even longer. 

Is The Kielbasa From The Stores Already Cooked?

This differs from one type of kielbasa to another that is purchased from the stores. If you are buying a kielbasa in any other country than Poland, then probably it is pre-cooked. Mostly, it is bought preserved or smoked. When you buy it in this state, it can be eaten right away. 

However, in case you come across a deli where they are selling a fresh kielbasa, then you are going to have to cook it yourself. This is the true, Polish way of preparing kielbasa.

If you buy a dried kielbasa, you should know that it is being served cold, and it can be eaten in sandwiches or given as a first course.

How to Cook Kielbasa?

Obtain some big pot and fill it with water for the purpose. The water needs to be previously saltened, because if not, the kielbasa will lose its taste inside the water. After that, put the kielbasa inside the pot, and start boiling it. Lower the heat down to a simmer after some time and keep this up for about half an hour, and leave the lid exposed.

After you are done with this, the kielbasa is ready to be served. If you wish, in addition, you can roast it, in case you want to make it more crispy.

In case you are preparing a white sausage (Polish: biała kielbasa), you can strengthen its taste if you put some bay leaves, allspice berries and garlic clove in the water.

How to Cook Kielbasa in Beer

We will now describe how to cook some kielbasa in onions and beer.

Obtain a heavy and bigger skillet, and put some melted butter inside. Also, add the onions in and start heating them moderately, till the moment they become pellucid. Afterwards, put on the kielbasa and flip them to prepare for around three minutes on both of their sides. Spout the beer out directly onto the onions and the kielbasa.

Start boiling them, then bring the heat down to a simmer, leave the skillet unsheltered and keep it that way for twenty-five minutes. Finally, separate the onions and the kielbasa away from the pot, then place them on a plate, and bring them inside an already heated oven. Then, decrease the beer to two cups over high heat, pour it on the kielbasa, which is then ready to be served.

Is Kielbasa Pink When Cooked?

When the kielbasa, or other meat, is cut up into small pieces, it can happen to be pink when it is cooked. On another note, it may turn into brown.

How to Cook Fresh Kielbasa and Sauerkraut?

You can cook sauerkraut and kielbasa in the following manner: Chop every kielbasa in four pieces of the same size. After that, cut them in length, so that they can lie level.

Warm the oil inside a big skillet without a stick, from average heat till it turns to hot. Prepare the kielbasa sausages on each side for around four minutes. When it’s done, pull them out from the pot and make sure they stay warm.

Carefully throw in the sauerkraut (which is a German recipe, and contains chopped pickled cabbage), mustard, thyme and brown sugar. This way you create a wonderful mixture from all of these components. Add some sliced apple inside the pot, and put the kielbasa on top of it all. Shield the skillet with lid, cook the containment inside it for about five minutes of simmer, or wait till the apples look soft. Afterwards, you may put some pepper and salt to strengthen the taste.


We believe that this text was helpful for you, the readers, since we provided you with many important information about the Polish sausage that is called kielbasa.

As promised, we answered in detail to the question – how to cook kielbasa?

There are many ways to prepare the Polish sausages. More often than not, when you decide to purchase them from the stores, they are being sold already cooked, smoked, and ready to eat.

This happens mostly when you are buying them out of Poland. For a fresh kielbasa, it is easier to find when in Poland. However, certainly there are local shops where you know they sell some fresh kielbasa.

In this article, we learned many ways to cook the kielbasa. For example, we provided you with some guidances in order to prepare the sausages in beer and onions, and how to cook fresh kielbasa and sauerkraut.

Do not hesitate to ask for some tips on how to cook kielbasa from the people that sell them in your local shop.



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