How to Cook Egg in Ramen Easily and Quickly With A Twist?

Do you know the number of total servings of ramen instant noodles across the globe? It was nearly 103,620 million in the year 2018. Yes, it is true, so if you are also a fan of slurping the noodles enthusiastically, then here are some tips about how to cook an egg in ramen. It is wheat noodles, and people usually serve it with eggs, meat, fish, and various sauces.

As the name suggests ‘instant noodles,’ this dish takes only a few minutes to cook. Every food that we can cook quickly and easily often becomes our favorite. It happens because each time we feel hungry, we grab that quick dish and eat it.

Similarly, eggs and ramen are two such foods that are very appropriate, when running out of time. Without compromising the taste, one can eat it. But it is also not possible to eat a similar style of egg in ramen every day. Therefore here are some of the best ways to give a twist to your regular egg in ramen.

How to Cook Egg in Ramen in Different Styles?

1.     Poached Eggs with Ramen

Instant noodles with egg go perfect together. Their natural flavors are great, but there are always some fantastic ideas that can enhance the overall taste. You can quickly transform the dish just by doing little experiments. Adding an extra layer of refinement to your ramen becomes easy when you add a poached egg to eat. Yes, you can prepare the straightforward yet yummy dish just by following a few simple steps.

Safely boil the water in a pot, and add the ramen seasoning to it. Let it boil until the spices get mixed well. After this, put your noodles in it and then reduce the flame to simmer. Once the noodle starts to soften, try to make an opening in the middle.

After creating an opening, gently add an egg into it. For making this dish more delicious and healthy, you can add some veggies and sliced meat chunks. You can cook for a few more minutes on low flame so that the noodle, egg, and vegetables get perfectly mixed.

2.     Ramen with Fried Egg

Crispy, spicy, and flavorsome fried eggs are everyone’s favorite. So can you think of a dish that has two of your favorite foods? Yes, it is the ramen instant noodle with a twist of fried eggs. It is something that will take your dish to another level. So if you want to make your slurping session a bit different this time, then here is the recipe of ramen with a fried egg for you to try.

The ingredients that you will require are four evenly fried eggs, frozen peas if you like, chopped capsicum according to your choice, ramen noodles, sesame oil, and onions. Start by only cooking the noodles. Once the ramen is perfectly cooked, make sure that before draining, add the peas, capsicum, and other veggies to it.

After draining, you can toss it with soy sauce and sesame oil. It quickly enhances the overall flavor of noodles. At last, you can add the fried eggs on top of noodles and enjoy.

3.     Scrambled Egg in Ramen

How to cook an egg in ramen is the most frequent question that people ask. The excellent flavor of instant noodles and eggs are the very reason behind it. Ramen is one of the foods that have now become a part of our lives. Be it any corner of the world; people love to slurp it.

Scrambled egg in ramen is one such recipe that is just perfect for a busy morning. Along with the protein of eggs, one can enjoy the piquancy of ramen noodles. Here is a convenient way to prepare this prepared dish at your homes.

The ingredients you have to gather are ramen noodles, vegetable oil, chopped onion as you want, two eggs, and salt. You can start with boiling the water, and then adding instant noodles to it. Let it cook for a few minutes, and then drain it. Add the seasoning that comes with the ramen, and stir it well. On the other side, take a pan, add vegetable oil, and add onions to it. Put noodles in it and stir for two-three minutes.

Lastly, whisk eggs and add salt in a bowl. Put the noodle mixture and then cook it for few more minutes until the eggs are correctly set.

4.     Soft Boiled Eggs with Ramen

Boiling perfect eggs are no less than an art. It is because, either its white portion remains uncooked, or the yellow one. Therefore it is always challenging to determine the exact time you have to keep boiling the eggs. It is essential to learn because, in most noodle dishes, people serve these on top.

Furthermore, if the boiled eggs will remain uncooked, it will not give the perfect taste with ramen instant noodles. That is why here are the simple steps that you can follow. Boil the water and make sure to have enough water to cover the eggs.

After one boil, reduce the flame to low and gently slide the eggs with the help of a spoon. After 10-12 minutes, you can get a perfectly cooked egg with the firm yolk. Now you can serve it on top of ramen and sprinkle a pinch of black pepper plus salt.

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How to cook an egg with ramen is a tricky business. But it is essential to learn if you are a fan of both foods. The common reason why people consider eggs and ramen instant noodles is that these are yummy, and gets cooked super quickly.

Furthermore, the nutritional value of eggs is just perfect for getting an everyday dose of energy. The twist of ramen with eggs makes a classic combo so that each day you can enjoy it. It is one of the perfect breakfasts, and one can give an excellent start to their day with such a delicious breakfast.

Therefore next time, when you will rush towards work in the morning especially, try out these ideas. Each time a new recipe with the same ingredients, but with some cooking style differences, will make your taste buds dance happily. So do not wait, fetch ramen and eggs to enjoy the watery mouth meals!

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