How to Cook Chicken Drumsticks

We are going to discuss a couple of different ways on how to cook chicken drumsticks. There is never a day that will come where cooking chicken drumsticks is ever a bad idea, except when your friends are chickens and you have asked a family of them over for dinner and you are planning to serve them deep fried legs of their kind when they come.

Jokes aside, chicken drumsticks are one of the most ubiquitous and most common types of chicken part to cook.

Healthy Chicken Drumstick Recipe – Is It Possible? Read More And Find Out!

Chicken drumsticks are not exactly what you would consider as “healthy”. But there are ways to cook it that it ends up being one.

Case in point, this next recipe that I will be sharing.

Chicken Drumstick with Peach Salsa

What Ingredients needed?

  • Dry white wine – half a cup
  • Orange zest – finely grated, one and a half teaspoons
  • orange juice – depending on how much you want, either one-half of a cup or one-third of a cup is adequate.
  • Olive oil/canola oil/cooking oil – two tablespoons
  • Rosemary – one and a half teaspoons of freshly snipped, or alternatively, half a teaspoon dried and crushed
  • Bay leaf – one leaf
  • Chicken drumsticks – two and a half pounds, or alternatively, drumstick-thigh piece of the same weight
  • Peaches – two medium pieces or alternatively, nectarines or one and a third cups worth of thawed out frozen unsweetened peach slices
  • Red bell pepper or green bell pepper – half a cup’s worth, chopped
  • Avocado – half a piece with its core and skin removed, chopped finely
  • Onions – two pieces of either green or yellow, chopped finely
  • Lime zest – half a teaspoon, grated finely
  • Lime juice – two tablespoons
  • Snipped cilantro – one tablespoon

How to Cook Chicken Drumstick with Peach Salsa?

First Step

Prepare and fuse rosemary, orange zest, wine, oil, bay leaf and orange juice on a dish. Preferably one that is shallow and that is not made of metal. Put in the chicken and rotating it to cover it with the marinating mix. Seal and put it in the fridge for about an hour.

Second Step

For the meantime, it is time to prepare the salsa.

Peel, pit and chop up in bits the fresh nectarines or peaches. Fuse the nectarines or peaches, green onions, avocado, pepper, lime juice, cilantro and lime zest in a bowl, either medium or large size. Seal and put it in the fridge until it is time to serve.

Third Step

As for the chicken, hold the drumsticks and drain the marinating mix down on a separate container. Next thing to do to the chicken is to grill it. Ensuring that the skin is facing side down on a grill. Without the lid covering it directly over substantial amount of lit coals for twenty minutes.

Rotate the chicken and let it grill for fifteen to twenty minutes more or until the drumsticks are tender and do not have those pinkish hues.

Alternatively, you can put the drumsticks on the rack of a broiler pan, unheated. Let it broil for about five to six inches from the heat for twenty-seven to thirty-one minutes while rotating it only once. Using a brush, dip it in marinade and wipe down the chicken drumsticks five minutes before the grilling or broiling is done. Afterwards, serve the chicken drumsticks. If preferable, add salsa.

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Baked Bbq Chicken Drumsticks – More Ways to Cook Chicken Drumsticks

A majority of us like chicken barbecue, but barbecuing is not something that everyone prefers to do, and is in fact inconvenient and a bit of a hassle for some.

But what if there was a way to have chicken barbecue without having the need to fire up a grill? If you are curious to find out how, read on and find out because we are going to discuss how to cook Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks IN THE OVEN!

What Ingredients Needed?

As for the ingredients, prepare the following:

  • Chicken drumsticks – two pounds with the skin on and the bones in
  • Salt – one teaspoon
  • Barbecue sauce – half a cup, as for what kind of barbecue sauce, it can be based from tomato or mustard, divided
  • OPTIONAL Liquid smoke: one teaspoon

How to Cook Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks in the Oven?

Step 1

First thing to do to the chicken is to marinate it.

Put the chicken drumsticks in a dish and scatter salt on either side. If you plan to incorporate liquid smoke, pour it and mix it with the barbecue sauce. Use a kitchen brush and wipe the drumsticks on all sides, nook and cranny with a quarter cup of the barbecue sauce, putting aside what was left.

Seal and let it chill to marinate at least thirty minutes or overnight if you plan to cook it the next day.

Step 2

As for the chicken, prep it up for cooking. Put the broiler on to high heat with a rack placed a few centimetres below. Put a baking sheet accompanied by an aluminium foil and place a metal cooling rack inside, or alternatively, you can use a broiler pan.

Position the marinated chicken drumsticks, ensuring that each piece of drumstick is spaced evenly in a line along the wire rack.

Step 3

For the third step on what to do with the chicken it is time to sear it. Slip the pan beneath the broiler and let the drumsticks broil on one side until charred spots of dark brown or golden brown appear, which should take about five to seven minutes. Turn the drumsticks and sear the other side until this side is also charred dark or golden brown which should take about three to five minutes or so.

Step 4

Crank up the convectional oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and move the rack in the middle of the convectional oven.

Step 5

On the fifth step on what to do with the chicken, it is time to finish cooking it. With a kitchen brush, wipe the chicken on all sides with the barbecue sauce, but make sure not to exhaust all the sauce and leave about a bowl or so of extra sauce. Place it back into the oven and let it bake for fifteen more minutes. Turn the chicken over the other side and wipe it with the remaining sauce if there are still spots that do not have yet any sauce.

Allow it to continue baking more for another fifteen to twenty minutes until the chicken reaches one hundred sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit when poking it in the middle with a meat thermometer.

Step 6

While it is still hot and with extra barbecue sauce on the side, serve chicken right away.


On a final note on how to cook chicken drumsticks, there are a lot more ways to cook it than what was mentioned above. Whether it is to cook it with peach salsa or to barbecue it through the oven, the possibilities are endless! But what most people look for in chicken drumsticks is that almost everyone can enjoy it, no matter how it’s cooked.

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