How to cook black beans

How to Cook Black Beans: Healthy AND Delicious!

The black beans, also called black turtle beans, represent a sort of the common bean. Black beans are widely used and mostly popular in the cuisines of South America and Mexico. Also, they are quite beloved in Louisiana in the United States, in the Creole and Cajun cuisines respectively. They are descending from both South and North America. Due to its contaminants, black beans are used in vegetarian diets. In this article, we are going to explain in detail, and therefore, provide the reader with an answer to the question – how to cook black beans?

We believe that every reader knows about the delicious burrito, and it is worth mentioning that it contains black beans. They are also a part of the recipes of many soups. For example, in Cuba, one of the traditional dishes is exactly the black bean soup.

Black beans are incredibly healthy because of their proteins and vitamin B1.

The black beans usually are served as a side dish. In comparison to canned beans, the black beans that are cooked at home are more tasteful. Another trait the black beans have is the fact that they are cheaper than the canned ones, and more environmentally friendly, since, logically, you don’t have to throw their cans into the garbage. 

Nutrients In Black Beans

Black beans are also very healthy to eat. They contain fiber, proteins, vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorus, and other healthy elements. The only counter – argument to that one which favours the black beans as healthy is the fact that they have lectins, which are indeed, not nutrient. Having said that, you don’t need to worry about this, if you prepare the black beans as you should, since this way, the lectins will disappear.

The black beans are rich with flavonoids, a class of plant pigments found in plants, which makes them healthy and nourishing.

So, How To Properly Prepare Black Beans?

For the beginners, it would be wise to start to cook the black beans earlier. This is because it is difficult to be sure at what moment precisely they will be ready to eat. 

In order to prepare the black beans better, they must be accompanied by proper seasonings.

For those who want to eat meat, it is good to combine the black beans with some bacon.

Other desirable seasonings for the black beans would be: Olive oil, red pepper flakes (if you want some heat), ground cumin, orange zest, red onion and garlic.

Also, you should strongly consider bay leaves. They increase the beans’ taste, in a manner which the oregano does the same effect, for example. To this same effect, many of the mexican black bean recipes contain epazote.

How to Cook Black Beans From a Bag?

Since the black means are usually being purchased in a form of bag from the markets, we will provide you with a recipe to teach you how to cook black beans from a bag.

The bags of black beans are around half a kilogram (one pound) heavy. This means that you can cook the black beans the way you wish to do so, and therefore, you can eat them in a time of up to five days. Or, the remains can be salvaged for another day and stay frozen for a while.

Cooking the black beans from the bag will require one big pot. Make sure you ration the beans daily the way you think is most fitting.

How to soak black beans?

First off, you need to prepare the terrain for preparing the black beans. They can be a bit dirty, or even mixed up with little stones. You need to purge these unwanted elements and separate them from the black beans. After that, wash the black beans with clean water.

One solution to soak black beans is to do it overnight. If you go this road, rinse the beans in the aforementioned way we explained, put them in a big pot, and put some water.

How to quick soak black beans?

If you lack the desired time to soak black beans overnight, you can always quick soak them. In order to do this, you need to place the beans inside a big pan, put some cold water enough to cover (but don’t cover) by 7.6 cm (3 inches), and warm it just enough to a below boiling point. Go on like this for around two minutes, and after that relocate them away from the heat, cover them and let them be for an hour. After that, drain them.

How to cook black beans?

If you want to exclude a pre – soaking of the black beans, then the best way to do it is if you obtain a pressure cooker for the purpose. This will save you about half an hour. 

For cooking black beans in the oven, you will need to wait for up to three hours, with an added time for soaking. Boil them for around ten minutes, before you lower the heat down. Afterwards, shield the vessel with the slightly open cap, simmer, and blend them from time to time.

Let this process go on until you decide it is ready – by tasting it.


In this text we covered many interesting fields regarding the black beans and gave you an answer to the most important question – How to cook black beans? We learned that after the long process of preparing and cooking the black beans, the best way to tell if they are ready is when we taste them.

Therefore, we have a reason to believe that you will find this article very helpful before you decide to cook black beans.

Also, it is important to note that black beans are cheaper than the canned beans. Not only that, but they are logically healthier for the environment, because you do not add more cans to the waste.

The black beans are rich with proteins and vitamins, facts that make them healthy to consume. We contributed with some of the best black beans seasoning, as well as covering the area of soaking black beans in two manners. You can either do it overnight, or quick-soak beans.

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