Fried Fish with Flour: Try These Different Coats to Add a Crisp

A quick fried fish with flour coating is something perfect for any occasion. The taste of delicious fried fish is unbeatable. It is a versatile food because one can enjoy it with salads, curries, sauces, and different kinds of pasta. 

Quick recipes are life saviours, and fried fish is also one such easy yet satisfying dish. It tastes fantastic, and all one needs to do is to dust some flour over the fish and let it fry until it turns crispy. If you prefer steamed fish, then you should check my post on Authentic Chinese Steamed Fish.

The use of fish does not limit just to making it crispy, and it also gives a nice golden-brown texture to it. It only enhances the aesthetics of the whole dish and also takes the flavour to another level. There are several flours available that one can use in their recipe, according to their tastes and nutritional values also. Therefore here are some best available flours for fish for you to try.

Fried Fish with Flour (Chickpea Flour)

If you think that all flour tastes the same in the fried fish recipe, then you are wrong. Different powders add different flavour and texture to your fish recipe. It is not only about adding colour and taste but instead, it also differs in the nutritional value. 

The first type of flour that goes amazingly well as a fried fish batter is chickpea. It adds more texture and nutritional element to the fish, which is a plus point. Moreover, it is one of the common types of flour that one can quickly get from anywhere. One more health benefit of using this is that it is gluten-free. 

The batter that you will get by using the chickpea flour will come out light. In case you do not find chickpea flour around you, fetch fry chickpeas and blend it until it becomes an even powder to make the batter. Here is a straightforward recipe that you can create using this flour.


Take 2-3 fillets of white fish, garlic-ginger pastes around three tablespoons, chickpea flour ½ cup, some lime juice for flavour, turmeric powder ½ tablespoon, salt, and pepper.


  • Mix all the ingredients except fillets. Once the smooth mixture is ready, gently dip the fillets into it. 
  • Now heat some oil in the pan to fry the fish.
  • Safely place the coated fish in the pan and let it cook. Do not forget to turn it over so that it will cook evenly from both sides. It will take 2-3 minutes.
  • Now you see a golden texture, take the fillets out and serve them with sauces.

Fried Fish with Rice Flour

If you ever have Asian cuisines, then you might know how much importance rice flour holds in the dishes there. Yes, rice flour is a prevalent ingredient used in Asian cooking and especially in Japan, Southern Asia and India as well. The crispy fried fish fillet recipe requires rice flour.

It is one of the best-fried fish flour as it is lighter if compared to all-purpose flour. It just adds perfect crisp to the fried fish. Moreover, it tastes amazingly awesome. If you are on a gluten-free diet, then also you do not have to worry, because it is free of gluten.

It is not just a perfect option for the fried fish batter. Instead, it also goes well with other seafood’s. Therefore here is a quick and convenient recipe using rice flour that you can try at your homes.


Take the fish of your choice, ½ tablespoon salt, ginger garlic paste ½ tablespoon, turmeric powder half tablespoon, fish masala ½ tablespoon, take rice flour one tablespoon, oil for frying the fish


  • Mix salt, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, fish masala, and rice flour to make a sweet smooth batter for fish.
  • Now marinate the pieces of fish in the mixture and set it aside for around one hour.
  • Take a skillet that is appropriate for frying the fish. Pour some oil and let it heat on medium flame. Once the oil gets hot, put the marinated fish safely into it once the fish turns its colour to beautiful golden brown take it out.
  • Your fried fish with flour is entirely ready to serve with salad, or you can also have lemons with it.

Semolina Fried Fish

Are you going to make fried fish with flour of your choice? If yes, then here is the best option that you can try. Yes, semolina is an apt choice if you want to make an incredibly tasty fried fish batter. Therefore if you are seeking to cook fried fish with some extra crisp then here is the best recipe for you. 


Take fish of your choice, ½ cup semolina, coconut oil for frying, salt according to taste, chilli powder if you wish, ¼ tablespoon turmeric, two tablespoon lime juice,


  • Take the fish and give cuts on it with the help of a knife. On the other hand, take a bowl to make fried fish batter. Mix chilli powder, salt, turmeric, lime juice, and then stir well to make a nice mixture.
  • Now start marinating the fish in this batter and then coat it in semolina. Now take a pan and add coconut oil to it, and let it heat. After this add the marinated fish to it and let it cook until cooked thoroughly. Serve it hot!


The purpose of adding flour to the fried fish dish is to make the flavours better, and even more mouth-filling. Fried fish with flour is one of the best and stomach satisfying meals that one can cook rapidly and easily at homes. All one need is to have the right flour and some ingredients to give more flavour.

The usage of different flour in fish is vital to upgrade the taste as well as the nutritional value of it. One type of meal doesn’t have to match the taste of every person. Sometimes people are even allergic to a specific kind of flour.  Therefore it is essential to learn about various flours available for a fried fish dish. The rice, chickpea, Barley flour are some options that are widely available for all. So next time try the best crispy fried fish fillet recipe.

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