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Cabbage And Ground Beef Recipes

If you are still wondering what you can cook out and whip out with your cabbage as well as your frozen ground beef before they go bad and spoil, well you have come to the right place! This article is going to discuss and talk about cabbage and ground beef recipes that you can replicate and do at the very comfort of your own home. Cabbage as a main ingredient in a dish is healthy …

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Crockpot Recipes with Ground Beef

Crockpot and ground beef make for great recipes. And it lies with the ease of cooking and the seemingly endless ways you can cook your ground beef in a crockpot. However, you might be asking yourself, is it ideal to cook ground beef using a crockpot? Well that largely depends on how you like your ground beef cooked. If you have no qualms having beef that isn’t browned or somewhat greasy, cooking your ground beef …

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How To Thaw Frozen Ground Beef

How to thaw frozen ground beef meat? We have been in this predicament before. You somehow forgot that you bought some ground beef from the supermarket. Because you were planning to whip up some burritos for the upcoming new series. That you wanted to binge watch over the long weekend. And as the days and weeks have gone by. You somehow have forgotten about the ground beef and it has been in the freezer. Chilling …

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Best Beef To Smoke

When putting into consideration as to what kind of best beef to smoke, it often would occur into your mind as to what kind requires the less amount of time, the kind of beef that will end up to be the most delicious and worth the wait, and many other factors. The aspect that is most apparent when smoking beef is the amount of time it takes to do so. It can range from five …

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Moroccan Beef Stew

Moroccan beef stew is the sort of dish that sounds foreign at first, but once you get a taste or even a whiff of it, the taste and scent that it emanates seems all-too familiar; nostalgic, even. It years you back to a time when you have been to a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern dishes. The sort that is so filled with sauces, flavours and all sorts of spices. That the overwhelming sensation can …

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Beef and noodle recipes

Beef and noodle recipes are a delicious combination. Whether it is your favorite takeout or you are yet to try this recipe, these amazing recipes below are a must try. It may be the reason you find a favorite dish or you start to cook yourself the beef and noodles instead of ordering takeout’s. Beef and noodle recipes are simple to follow through, the results are ever delicious and they take up a small amount …

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What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon

In this article, we are going to enumerate what to serve with Beef Bourguignon. Beef Bourguignon is not just your ordinary beef stew, as others who might not be familiar with the dish might attempt to dismiss it as a fancy way of saying beef stew. It is a French approach to what is seemingly an ordinary dish by incorporating stock, herbs, some vegetables, and red wine all braised. Mixed with beef meat, all situated …

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Korean Beef Bibimbap

If you are wondering what this dish is Korean beef bibimbap, all you need to know is what “bibimbap” means in Korean, which is “mixed rice”. There is no single and definite iteration and recipe of what bibimbap is, for there are a myriad of ingredients you can incorporate not just in any Korean dish with rice, but basically anything that has rice mixed and combined with it is bibimbap in the eyes of Korean …

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Frozen Ground Beef

One sunny Sunday morning, you planned to get some groceries later that day. As you go through your list of what you must buy for the week, you check the cupboards, the fridge, pantry and the freezer. You’re left with a few snacks, canned goods and frozen ground beef. You look at the cellophane that contains the frozen ground beef and you wonder how you can cook it. Hopefully being able to do so without …

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Corned beef for sandwiches

You may have had corned beef sandwiches at your favorite deli and can’t stop going back for it ever since. What if you could prepare the corned beef sandwiches yourself? And no, it isn’t that hard to cook corned beef sandwiches. And if you are wondering whether the corned beef sandwiches you prepare will taste like the one at the deli, they’ll taste amazing, or even better than the one at the deli. But it …

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