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Beef roast in the oven

Who doesn’t love roast beef? Now with an oven, yes you read that right, an oven, you can cook roast beef and it is very easy any one can do it. I know right, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t love roast beef, save for vegans. Which brings up the next point. You may be asking yourself, with such an ambrosia for a meal it should definitely be complicated or difficult to cook, …

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Beef Ravioli Recipe

Ah, beef ravioli recipe. Basically, it is pasta that is stuffed with meat, vegetables, cheese or any other filling that you can think of. What makes ravioli so appealing not just for the Italians is that they are easy and so simple to make. Not to mention they are a compact sort of snack which you would not have any difficulty eating. They are best served as appetizers or snacks in most arrangements; from birthday …

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Beef stew in the pressure cooker

Cooking beef stew in the pressure cooker is extremely simple that anyone can do it. You too should try cooking beef stew in the pressure cooker. “Shouting come eat me” That’s what beef stew actually does. This mouthwatering delicacy is a meal that you’ll relish for days after you’ve cooked it, and before you know it, it becomes one you can’t do without. While it is true cooking beef stew is very tiresome and takes …

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Beef with broccoli recipes

Beef with broccoli make for one great meal. Partly due to the fact that beef is a choice meat while broccoli as a vegetable is equally loved. Easy and fast to cook, the beef with broccoli recipes below are so simple anyone can make them. So do yourself a favor and try these amazing beef with broccoli recipes. It’ll be worth your while and maybe, if you do it right, save you the trouble of …

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Corned beef instant pot

In this article, find out how to cook corned beef in an instant pot and maybe some variations you can try. A staple for St. Patrick’s day, corned beef sure tastes yummy. Apart from being a mouthwatering delicacy, this fine dish is also timeless. Do you know the origins of corned beef? To bring you up to speed, this amazing meal has its origins in Ireland more so in the period during and after the …

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Beef Cheese Ball

Ah, yes. Beef Cheese Ball! No matter the occasion, whether it is to celebrate a co-worker getting promoted, having a small get together with your closest friends or even just chilling alone by your own room and unwinding, whipping up a serving of Beef Cheese Balls will never be out of place, or even out of anyone’s appetite! They are that good! Although not as healthy as you would want  them to be. Beef Cheese …

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Beef stroganoff in slow cooker

Winter is approaching and the weather is getting cooler. All you want, is a warm, hearty comforting meal. But that food isn’t going to cook itself. This is where slow cooker beef stroganoff comes in. It is easy to prepare, simply delicious and the cooking comes with less hassle. No more worries about checking on the food as it cooks or so many pans or dishes to wash after. Nothing of the sort really. This …

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Beef And Mushroom Recipes

If you have been living under a rock for the better part of your life, you would not be able to conclude that beef goes well with mushrooms. Beef and mushroom! From your everyday fast food burger steak with mushrooms and gravy to even the most luxurious dishes out there, beef and mushrooms are almost inseparable. Because of this, cuisines from all over the globe have started to incorporate both ingredients into their respective dishes …

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Three Ground Beef in Crock Pot Recipes to Try At Homes

Ground beef in crock pot recipes is unique because one has to have the patience to cook this. The dish gets slowly prepared in the crockpot, ensuring that the meat remains tender and delicious. With each bite of beef made in the crockpot, you will realize that it is one of the best ways to cook the meat. Furthermore, if you are seeking to cook beef in bulk, then it is again one of the best …

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