Cooking With Fish


Steam Fish With Tau Cheo

In this article, we are going to delve into how we can cook steam fish with tau cheo with only a few and affordable ingredients which you can cook and replicate within the comfort of your own home! For those of you who might not be familiar with what “Tau Cheo” is, it is basically just fermented soy bean paste which can be purchased at any supermarket in your vicinity. However, the availability of it …

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Steam Fish With Leek

If you have some fish and some leeks lying around that you would want to steam and eat for dinner, well, you have come to the right site for steam fish with leek recipe! Fish is a healthy source of protein, not to mention Omega 3. Which is a substance that is good for the heart. Leeks are healthier in this regard, too! Leeks contain a lot of Vitamin A, Vitamin K as well as …

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Fried Fish Taco

In this topic, we are going to tackle a rather healthy and nutritious approach and finally be able to whip ourselves up some healthy, honest-to-goodness fried fish taco. When you think of tacos, you would imagine a mush of beef, cheese and grease oozing about in your hand, rendering it all oily and a bit unpleasant feeling in your hand. But when you eat it, all that oiliness is all but irrelevant as the taste …

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Air Fried Fish Recipe

For whatever occasion, you can never go wrong with preparing some fish & chips, be it for lunch, dinner or simply by having some friends around who are visiting, being able to whip up this classic meal is not only convenient but healthy, too! In this topic, we are going to discuss various air fried fish recipes that you can replicate and cook in the comforts of your own home, hassle-free! For the first recipe. …

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Cornmeal Fried Fish

Cornmeal is a common food staple that is prevalent and mostly found in some deep-fried food, ranging from pork chop to even chicken nuggets, cornmeal whether processed or organic can be found almost anywhere. But what if you wanted to incorporate cornmeal into fish? Can you cook the ideal cornmeal fried fish? With a little bit of ingenuity and tenacity. You will be able to whip yourself up some fried fish with cornmeal as a …

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Fried Fish In Oven

Early concepts of ovens have been there since cave people learned to place slabs of rocks to put their food in and place them on top of fire to cook their food. Over the countless millennia that have passed, mankind has learned to insulate the heat of these makeshift ovens by putting rocks around the slab, so that the food doesn’t only get cooked at the bottom, but at the top as well as the …

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Simple Recipes For Fish

In this topic, we are going to discuss some simple recipes for fish that you would be willing to consider replicating at the comfort of your own home. Fish is the sort of food that is not for the inexperienced when it comes to cooking, but as culinary prowess alongside technology and innovations have progressed through time in society, people have found creative ways and methods to simplify the experience as well as the necessities …

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Pan Fried Fish Recipe

Pan frying fish is never a pleasant experience, especially for those who are not experienced in cooking pan fried fish on an almost everyday basis. Fish, for one, easily breaks apart if fried incorrectly. However, such a detriment should not discourage you from frying fish. In fact, this topic will delve into various Pan Fried Fish Recipes you can try out in the convenience of your own home while learning a couple of tips and …

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Substitute For Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is the kind of condiment that you would find to be the perfect oxymoron. It smells terrible yet it makes food taste so, so good. In this article we will discuss about what are the substitute for fish sauce. You want that kind of condiment to be lathered onto some beef stew or some fish that your mother has brought along with her. But what other condiments can you use in place if …

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